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Subtitle preview
{254}{355}{y:i} unprecedented meteor shower|{y:i}falling off the coast of Tokyo.
{358}{466}{y:i}The entire city is mesmerised|{y:i}by this incredible sight.
{469}{512}{y:i}Two hours after the first contact
{515}{590}{y:i}an unidentified enemy|{y:i}has reached our coastlines
{593}{688}{y:i}in a swift and militaristic attack.
{751}{852}{y:i}Right now, one thing is clear:|{y:i}The world is at war.
{1144}{1223}{y:i}At 14:46 Pacific Standard Time...
{1226}{1307}{y:i}12 different locations|{y:i}across the globe were breached...
{1310}{1410}{y:i}in what appears a coordinated|{y:i}attack by an unknown enemy.
{1413}{1473}{y:i}All breaches were|{y:i}along the coastline...
{1476}{1553}{y:i}in what is a campaign|{y:i}of rapid dominance.
{1556}{1631}{y:i}This is a textbook military invasion.
{1634}{1699}{y:i}There are massive casualties|{y:i}in New York.
{1702}{1778}{y:i}Defensive lines|{y:i}are being set up in Boston.
{1781}{1871}{y:i}And at 13:15 Zulu time,|{y:i}we lost communications
{1874}{1930}{y:i}with San Francisco and San Diego.
{1933}{1982}{y:i}Their status is unknown.
{2001}{2057}{y:i}What we do know|{y:i}is that we are the last
{2060}{2128}{y:i}offensive force on the West Coast.
{2131}{2209}{y:i}We cannot lose Los Angeles.
{2288}{2387}{y:i}We have five birds down|{y:i}two klicks west of CP Victory.
{2390}{2457}{y:i}We're hit, we're hit! Tighten|{y:i}your asses, we're going down!
{2460}{2501}{y:i}Command and control is down.
{2504}{2561}{y:i}Civilians in need of support|{y:i}two klicks northeast.
{2564}{2629}{y:i}Cables inbound.|{y:i}Engage your sectors of fire, over.
{2632}{2717}{y:i}Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.
{3414}{3466}{y:i}Good wednesday morning.|{y:i}It's 94.5 with the
{3469}{3532}{y:i}Surfrider Foundation|{y:i}Morning Surf Report.
{3535}{3598}{y:i}Surfers, hard northeast conditions|{y:i}blowing out there,
{3601}{3648}{y:i}the ocean slopping|{y:i}and chopping things up.

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