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ID 50598

Date 03.05.2004 @ 22:16:55

OMDb 32745

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Language English

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{2165}{2204}Mathematicians won the war.
{2239}{2295}Mathematicians broke the|Japanese's codes
{2314}{2346}and built the atom bomb.
{2366}{2427}Mathematicians... like you.
{2465}{2543}The stated goal of the Soviets|is the global communists.
{2569}{2601}In medicine or economics.
{2616}{2656}In technology or space.
{2671}{2699}Battlelines are being drawn.
{2735}{2792}To try on, we need results.
{2805}{2864}Publishable,|applicable results.
{2880}{2948}Now who among you would|be the next Morse...
{2985}{3007}the next Einstein.
{3035}{3153}Who among you would be the|Van Gogh of democracy, freedom and discovery.
{3183}{3279}Today we bequeath the Americans|future into your able hands.
{3328}{3370}Welcome to Princeton, Gentlemen.
{3798}{3852}Is not enough that Hansen won|the Conesky scholarship?
{3852}{3897}No, he has step it all for himself.
{3932}{4001}This is the first time the|Carniment prize hasn't been split.
{4013}{4072}He has got his sight set on|Wheeler Lab.
{4072}{4115}the new military think that|he could done it in MIT.
{4126}{4169}They are only taking one this year.
{4184}{4223}Hansen used to be pick first.
{4233}{4304}He is wasted on that. He should|be running for president...
{4560}{4606}There shoul be a mathematic formulation...
{4606}{4641}about your ties.
{4778}{4806}Thank you.
{4847}{4893}Nelson, symbol-cryptography.
{4899}{4998}Nel's here broke the Jap code.|Help with the world efficient.
{4998}{5046}These are what he tells|the girls things.
{5046}{5093}My name is Bender, atomic physics.

posted: about four years ago

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