I, Claudius (1976) - S01E02 - Family Affairs - כתוביות עברית

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Date 04.04.2011 @ 22:51:08

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Season 1

Episode 2

Title Family Affairs


Robert Graves - I, Claudius (BBC - All Episodes)


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Subtitle preview
00:00:06,133 --> 00:00:09,933
# צפיה מהנה #

00:00:20,158 --> 00:00:26,058
תרגום מחודש וסנכרון

00:00:36,504 --> 00:00:38,814
?איפה זה

00:00:39,301 --> 00:00:41,001
מערכה שניה
"בעמדת המתנה"

00:00:41,160 --> 00:00:42,560

00:00:52,240 --> 00:00:55,780
.זה לא שם
?איפה זה? איפה זה

00:00:59,573 --> 00:01:01,243
?הו, איפה זה

posted: about four years ago

this subtitle is for chapter 2 in the new DVD release version called :
"Robert Graves - I Claudius (BBC All Episodes .

this version consist 12 chapters and not 13 as the other releases
in this version chapter 2 called "Waiting in the Wings" and not "family affairs" as appears Automatic in the subtitle title name.
in other release chapter 2 called "family affairs"
i notice this mistake also appears in the English subtitle file in this site
posted: about four years ago

Global moderator
Sorry, but that can be solved only by importing that new release in OMDb as a new series.
That's the only way to see the appropriate episode names instead of these for source series.


It's better to burn out, than to fade away!
posted: about four years ago

THX for your immediate response.
How can i import new release in OMD?
or at least give them notice to that info?
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