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{5216}{5309}-Who are you?|-A legionary of the Emperor.
{5309}{5388}-What do you want?|-I have a plea.
{5388}{5481}You must avenge all those|who tell in Syria
{5481}{5558}because of|Quenn Zenobia's treason.
{5801}{5842}Quenn Zenobia, who rose|to the throne of Syria
{5852}{5926}following the death|of King Odenathus.
{5926}{6006}her spouse and our|most loyal ally.
{6006}{6106}began showing signs|of intolerance towards Rome.
{6129}{6191}With the help|of the Assyrians
{6191}{6280}she served the sacred bonds|which tied her to the Empire.
{6302}{6402}Our garrisons were taken|by surprise and annihilated.
{6402}{6505}Their banners dragged|along the desert sand.
{6505}{6588}That woman's crazed ambition|must be suppressed.
{6599}{6675}Perhaps we should entrust|the fate of that far province
{6675}{6751}to negotiations rather than|to military force.
{6751}{6813}Negotiations would serve|no purpose.
{6813}{6877}Zenobia rebelled|when she realised
{6877}{6951}our troops wouldn't be moved|from the northern borders.
{6976}{7083}Revolt is rife|in Gaul and Germany.
{7094}{7194}Withdrawing one single legion|could spell disaster.
{7194}{7235}What about the disasters
{7247}{7309}which could be caused|by that arrogant queen?
{7322}{7381}We've confronted|that arrogance
{7381}{7455}with the bravery|of one of our best generals.
{7455}{7504}Marcus Valerius.
{7510}{7593}Marcus Valerius is a man,|not a god.
{7593}{7642}No matter how courageous,
{7642}{7726}his cohorts are insufficient|to hold back those hordes.

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