Crossing.Lines.S02 English subspetjax026219.10.2014petjax
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Request Penoza subs PolishRequest subs Dutch to PolishXtraloveable0116920.09.2014Xtraloveable
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Two rivals to take gloryTwo rivals to take glorylimolijakf20188113.07.2014limolijakf2
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Pls. delete an old version of my subtitle?For Bad Words (Yify 1080p)iansheng042527.06.2014iansheng
Pls. delete an old version of my subtitle?For Bad Words (Yify 1080p)iansheng039427.06.2014iansheng
Modern Family Compleet seizoen 2 Modern Family, CompleetWOOSHY054221.06.2014WOOSHY
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Miért nem találja?missyblogja087617.03.2014missyblogja
Tradução de Legendascarliinhaa088514.03.2014carliinhaa
Japanese clipJapanese English translationprince6775078012.03.2014prince6775
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Velódromo/VelodromeSubtitle Requestrajendra267075227.01.2014rajendra267
Lilyhammer sinak0113922.01.2014sinak
zamaknjeni podnapisikako dobiti pravo obliko?adios357094419.01.2014adios357
Molba za prevod Wire in the Blood (2002) Wire in the Blood (2002) cupe220104104.01.2014cupe22
Elementary - duplicate?Two hit in search for same serierakpodnapisi0102404.01.2014rakpodnapisi
Greek subs for tv shows if anyone is interestedmelina23870135512.12.2013melina2387
Film löschenhab falsch getananoli3078504.12.2013anoli3
Subtitle Workshop 6ćirilicaSlavijaFILM088904.12.2013SlavijaFILM
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Breaking Bad in Japanesejapanese substokyopaul0237708.10.2013tokyopaul
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REQ Snow Doesn't Melt Forever aka снег не тает навсегда
Please delete the following subsPlease delete the following subsmarba10650122026.08.2013marba1065
Request SubtitlesEscobar, el patrón del malprevaks0168205.08.2013prevaks
Clasificación por país de la películasPeticióngatopeluso0349016.07.2013gatopeluso
Harry (2013)TV Miniseriesfamousredhead0139807.07.2013famousredhead
Request Person of interestSpanish subt Web Dl S02E22artcecu0165820.06.2013artcecu
Need subtitlesTweety100165514.06.2013Tweety10
English subtitle for Lisa (1990)crosuperman0110709.05.2013crosuperman
the reef hihg tide ondertitelingsmolleke730101703.05.2013smolleke73
Hebrew subs are gibberishg2c0159428.03.2013g2c
REQ: Kommissar Rex - German subsSubtitle requestovcka3330212726.03.2013ovcka333
REQ: Kommissar Rex - German subs - season 1Kommissar Rex - deutsche untertitelovcka3330306226.03.2013ovcka333
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