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Date 12.02.2005 @ 14:08:24

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Van God Los 2003 English subtitles Van God Los (2003)    English subtitles 55 1 jdinic3 27.02.2013
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{1072}{1196}This film was inspired by|the true story of the "Venlo gang"
{1203}{1254}The Dutch South in the 1990s
{1260}{1360}Where I come from, people|show themselves once a year.
{1467}{1567}For 3 days and 3 nights,|they show their true colours...
{1662}{1724} putting on a mask, that is.
{2329}{2432}You should see them tomorrow|on Ash Wednesday...
{2446}{2478}...when it's all over...
{2522}{2641}...and they'll do as|they're told for another year.
{2720}{2766}Christ! Shoot!
{2792}{2875}Shoot, for Christ's sake! Shoot!
{3173}{3298}But now, briefly they can be|who they really want to be.
{3327}{3426}Partying until they're blind drunk.
{3532}{3600}Now the town is theirs, just for today.
{3616}{3665}They can do as they please.
{3967}{3985}Not us...
{4112}{4154}We took the whole year.
{4254}{4418}GODFORSAKEN !
{4826}{4890}I was still at school when I met him.
{4960}{4990}High school.
{5012}{5083}I'd rather have done|a technical course.
{5089}{5158}But my mother wanted me|to get on in life.
{5204}{5231}Big deal...
{5251}{5358}I didn't care which school|I dropped out of.
{5667}{5708}Look after that for me.
{5782}{5812}I knew who he as.
{5861}{5943}Everyone in town had heard|of Mike Verheije.
{6578}{6602}Get in.
{6813}{6837}Count it.

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