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Date 15.05.2012 @ 01:24:20

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Crazy/Beautiful 2001 English subtitles Crazy/Beautiful (2001)   

English subtitles 1134 2 marinch 10.02.2010
Crazy/Beautiful 2001 English subtitles Crazy/Beautiful (2001)    

English subtitles 182 1 15.06.2012
Subtitle preview
{1}{100}-= ***** =-|Created and Spell Checked by|HxHPRC
{101}{202}Thanks for ROROR!|HxHPRC: Enjoy your hours!
{911}{974}NICOLE:|I remember most of 17.
{1060}{1134}I remember the day we met.
{1177}{1246}His smile, his touch.
{1313}{1371}You could be anywhere|when your life begins...
{1412}{1482}when the future|opens up in front of you...
{1483}{1586}and you may not even|realize it at first...
{1587}{1634}but it's already happening.
{1736}{1769}All right, guys,|let's roll, man.
{1770}{1839}- What, fool?|- Man!
{1840}{1873}I got some shit to do, man.
{1874}{1910}Fool, you always|got shit to do.
{1912}{1942}BOY: Man, you got to|learn how to kick it.
{1943}{1998}It's a beautiful day|on the beach, man.
{1999}{2051}Why, you afraid|of getting too brown?
{2052}{2108}Some fool might think|he's Mexican.
{2109}{2139}CARLOS: Shut up.
{2140}{2207}[ All talking at once ]
{2208}{2243}BOY: Hey, guys,|check it out, man.
{2244}{2329}Hey, hey, hey.|Look at the juanita.
{2330}{2391}ALL: Yeah! Whoo!
{2392}{2427}Come on, baby.
{2428}{2462}Hey, we got some trash|over here.
{2463}{2510}- It's starting to stink.|- Hey, hey, hey!
{2511}{2547}Hey, don't let me go.
{2548}{2604}- Should I drop him?|- Let me go, please.
{2605}{2647}Aah! Unh!
{2648}{2692}Yo! Hey, you all right?
{2693}{2727}BOY: Yeah, I'm all right.|Don't worry about me.

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