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Date 31.05.2012 @ 00:28:36

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Puzzlehead 2005 English subtitles Puzzlehead (2005)   

English subtitles 150 1 sanowa 19.10.2011
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{605}{722}{y:i}The Anti-Federalists and the Luddites forced|{y:i}the closure of all biomechanical laboratories
{725}{807}{y:i}and began replacing them|{y:i}with fertility clinics.
{815}{927}{y:i}Funding ceased for everything|{y:i}not directly related to repopulation.
{974}{1047}{y:i}Quite ironic now|{y:i}that I think about it.
{1086}{1191}{y:i}Walter managed to salvage most of the|{y:i}equipment that wasn't nailed down.
{1230}{1342}{y:i}The most important of which|{y:i}was DIM-TAC, a brain scanner,
{1345}{1430}{y:i}which he used to scan his own brain|{y:i}to provide the blueprint
{1433}{1537}{y:i}for the neural net-map of my|{y:i}artificially intelligent mind.
{1788}{1973}{y:i}During the initial burn-in, he programmed me|{y:i}24-hours a day, for several days at a time...
{2234}{2338}{y:i}It was painful.|{y:i}I would get exhausted.
{2341}{2405}{y:i}But he was impatient and wanted|{y:i}to give me all the information
{2408}{2508}{y:i}he thought most relevant to my|{y:i}primary human development.
{2676}{2727}I've done it.
{2752}{2785}I've done it.
{2788}{2868}I knew it could be done.
{2899}{3037}There, there, my little Puzzlehead.|You've made me very proud.
{3078}{3153}Everything's gonna be|alright now.
{3213}{3272}That's a good boy.
{3317}{3375}You can rest now.
{3419}{3498}{y:i}I became an interactive|{y:i}humanoid life form,
{3501}{3610}{y:i}with sensory faculties that enabled me|{y:i}to be a conscious being with emotions.
{3613}{3750}{y:i}Enormous cognitive capacity,|{y:i}and no sense of mortality.
{3756}{3945}{y:i}A robot, created in the image -|{y:i}or self-image - of Walter.
{5103}{5164}- M...|- M.
{5172}{5220}Not too slow.

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