Rookie Blue (2010) - S03E02 - English subtitles

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Date 01.06.2012 @ 22:30:32

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Season 3

Episode 2

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[translation] Rookie Blue


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00:00:03,030 --> 00:00:04,790
Yeah, the kids are really excited.

00:00:04,800 --> 00:00:08,100
Zoe's gonna take 'em up to her parents' cottage
for the rest of the month. Maybe even longer.

00:00:08,110 --> 00:00:12,000
I mean, the word is Izzy's got a little
boyfriend up there. But I don't know, man.

00:00:12,010 --> 00:00:14,670
If it's the kid I'm thinking
of, she could do way better.

00:00:14,670 --> 00:00:18,170
Here, you know what? Hang a left here,
and we'll take a spin down Queen Street.

00:00:18,180 --> 00:00:20,800
You know, I'm thinking
about joining the squad.


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