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ID 1721080

Uploader jdinic3

Date 12.06.2012 @ 11:40:28

OMDb 443639

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Parada 2011 English subtitles Parada (2011)     English subtitles 330 1 12.03.2014
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Subtitle preview
00:01:19,980 --> 00:01:23,480
Chetnik,derogatory term for a Serb.
Used by Croats,Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians.

00:01:27,760 --> 00:01:31,323
Ustaha,derogatory term for a Croat.
Used by Serbs,Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians.

00:01:34,396 --> 00:01:37,844
Balija,derogatory term for a Bosniak.
Used by Croats,Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.

00:01:42,260 --> 00:01:45,696
Shiptar,derogatory term for Kosovo Albanian.
Used by Bosniaks,Croats and Serbs.

00:01:47,963 --> 00:01:52,212
Peder,derogatory term for a homosexual person.
Used by everybody.

00:02:01,032 --> 00:02:18,492


posted: about two years ago

Thnx for the upload ! But subs are slightly out of sync. I tried with Parada.2011.DVDRip.XviD-RAKiJA and Parada.2012.XViD.AVi.-MaXLinE.divx ; Thanx for the help !
posted: about two years ago

Awful subtitle, long and messy lines, elementary school grammatical errors, lines starting with small letters, incorrect punctuation, incorrect line division, etc... Doesn't meet basic rules and standards.
As for the translation, lousy at best, sometimes doesn't even makes sense, as if it was "translated" using Google Translate.

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