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Poster for subtitles' movie Fairy Tail (2009) S01E01.

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Title Fairy Tail (2009)
Type TV Series
Season 1
Episode 1
Episode type Ordinary
Episode title N/A

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ID t8kU
Created Nov 13, 2011, 7:48:19 PM
Contributor Asiagroup
Language Slovenian
Format AdvancedSSA
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————————————<br />
Epizoda 1: Fairy Tail<br />
————————————<br />
Prevod in priredba: Andrej Zupanič<br />
Tehnična obdelava: Zuppy &amp; Co.<br />
————————————<br />
Format podnapisa: ASS




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Asiagroup Translator 100.0%

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by Asiagroup » Nov 15, 2011, 11:30:43 AM

Ker se mi je pisava zdela malce premajhna, sem še podnapis enkrat preletel in povečal ter malo spremenil pisavo pri govoru. Verzija 2 podnapisa je tako dobavljiva TUKAJ.