Poster for A come Andromeda (1972) E03.

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Title A come Andromeda (1972)
סוג מיני סדרה
פרק 3
סוג פרק רגיל
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נוצר 10 בספט 2018, 17:03:25
תורם SpinyNorman
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By beastless.


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שם הקובץ
A Come Andromeda - Puntata 3
a come andromeda - puntata 3
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# התחלה סיום Metadata שורות
1 00:00:0.000 00:00:6.000
  1. A signal from the constellation of Andromeda, millions of light years from Earth,
2 00:00:6.200 00:00:12.000
  1. is intermitently captured by a new, very powerful radiotelescope constructed in an English location, Bouldershaw Fell.
3 00:00:13.000 00:00:21.000
  1. The team of scientists who have constructed the radiotelescope, physicist John Fleming, engineer Dennis Bridger and the astronomer Reinhart,
4 00:00:21.200 00:00:31.000
  1. identify in the signal a message which contains, in arithmetical language, a design for a very powerful electronic brain, much more evolved than existing ones.
5 00:00:33.000 00:00:41.000
  1. Judy Adamson, a secret agent of the security services, seeks to discover, in collaboration with another agent, the technician Harries,
6 00:00:41.200 00:00:48.000
  1. how Bridger could be in contact with Intel, an unscrupulous international espionage organisation.
7 00:00:50.000 00:00:55.000
  1. Harries, discovered by Intel's killers, is killed.
8 00:00:56.000 00:01:1.000
  1. The English government decides to transfer the team of scientists to Thorness,
9 00:01:1.200 00:01:7.000
  1. a remote headland on the Atlantic coast, where there is a missile centre.
10 00:01:8.000 00:01:14.000
  1. On the basis of the data provided by the message, Fleming, Bridger and Reinhart
11 00:01:14.200 00:01:20.000
  1. work on the construction of the supercomputer, designed by an intelligence both superior and unknown.
12 00:01:23.000 00:01:32.000
  1. Judy, while observing Bridger returning from one of his strange trips to the island facing Thorness, avoids an attempt on her life.
13 00:01:33.000 00:01:38.000
  1. The commander of the military base, Colonel Geers, who is unaware of Judy's true identity,
14 00:01:38.200 00:01:42.000
  1. intensifies security measures and investigates Bridger's excursions.
15 00:01:43.000 00:01:52.000
  1. Fleming confides his worries to Judy, that the intelligence that has sent the message might not solely intend to donate a more advanced instrument.


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