Poster for A come Andromeda (1972) E04.

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Title A come Andromeda (1972)
סוג מיני סדרה
פרק 4
סוג פרק רגיל
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נוצר 10 בספט 2018, 17:03:51
תורם SpinyNorman
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By beastless.


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שם הקובץ
A Come Andromeda - Puntata 4
a come andromeda - puntata 4
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# התחלה סיום Metadata שורות
1 00:00:1.000 00:00:8.000
  1. The radiotelescope at Bouldershaw Fell in England receives a mysterious signal coming from a point in the constellation of Andromeda.
2 00:00:9.000 00:00:16.000
  1. Fleming, a brilliant but rebellious scientist, comes to the stupefying conclusion that someone, millions of light years away,
3 00:00:16.200 00:00:22.000
  1. has sent a message in which are contained the plans to build an electronic computer of an unknown type.
4 00:00:22.500 00:00:25.500
  1. It is decided to implement it, even without an understanding of its scope.
5 00:00:26.500 00:00:32.000
  1. Working with the scientists is Judy Adamson who is revealed to be an agent of English counterintelligence.
6 00:00:32.500 00:00:37.000
  1. Her mission is to discover how Bridger, Fleming's friend and collaborator,
7 00:00:37.200 00:00:42.000
  1. provides documents and secret data to an international espionage organisation, Intel.
8 00:00:43.000 00:00:50.000
  1. The first victim of this audacious game is the technician Harries, another secret agent, who is found murdered.
9 00:00:51.000 00:00:55.000
  1. Judy herself narrowly escapes an attempt on her life.
10 00:00:56.000 00:01:0.000
  1. The entire team is transferred to the missile base at Thorness,
11 00:01:0.200 00:01:6.000
  1. where, with the modern means at the disposal of the military, they realize the construction of the supercomputer.
12 00:01:7.000 00:01:11.000
  1. The new electronic brain immediately demonstrates its exceptional quality,
13 00:01:11.200 00:01:21.000
  1. producing a series of chemical formulae, which permit Dr Dawnay, a biologist who has joined the team, to synthesise living cells.
14 00:01:22.500 00:01:25.000
  1. It's the creation of life.
15 00:01:25.000 00:01:31.000
  1. Fleming, horrified and convinced that the machine is nothing but the appendix of a superior intelligence


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