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Poster for Grantchester (2014) S03E03.

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Titolo Grantchester (2014)
Scrivi TV Series
Serie 3
Episodio 3
Tipo di episodio Comune
Episode title N/A

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Creato 10/mag/2017 11:22:28
Collaboratore Anonimo
Lingua Italiano

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Grantchester - 03x03 - Episode 3.ORGANiC.Italian.C.orig.Addic7ed.com
grantchester - 03x03 - episode 3_organic_italian_c_orig_addic7ed_com
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1 00:00:18.568 00:00:20.168
  1. Quindi, cosa ti ha detto?
2 00:00:20.601 00:00:22.289
  1. "Che vantaggio c’è per un uomo
3 00:00:22.290 00:00:25.590
  1. se guadagna tut


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Number of units 3
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Number of lines per unit 1.0
Number of characters 70
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