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Poster for Knight Rider (2008).


Wprowadź typ Serial
Genres mystery, thriller
Countries USA
Języki en
Duration 43 min
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Poster for episode Knight Rider.

Knight Rider

Poster for episode A Knight In Shining Armor.

A Knight In Shining Armor

Mike goes after a woman from his past who abducts a man whose DNA contains an unbreakable code.

Poster for episode Journey to the End of the Knight.

Journey to the End of the Knight

Mike seeks the help of a former military buddy in a mission to infiltrate a drag race smuggling ring.

Poster for episode Knight of the Iguana.

Knight of the Iguana

Mike and Zoe (Smith Cho) pose as a couple to infiltrate a terrorist group in Baja, suspected in stealing a powerful rocket designed by Knight Research.

Poster for episode A Hard Day's Knight.

A Hard Day's Knight

Mike is injected with a neural poison and has lass than three hours to live unless he assassinates a billionaire tech mogul in order to procure the antidote.

Poster for episode Knight of the Hunter.

Knight of the Hunter

Mike infiltrates a right-wing militia group to uncover a plot to blow up a dam and a British secret agent posing as one of them.

Poster for episode Knight of the Living Dead.

Knight of the Living Dead

A murderous hacker infiltrates the Knight headquarters and activates a self-destruct program hidden inside KITT. Meanwhile, Mike and Sarah have 30 minutes to relay KITT's software to the back-up system while the others rush to find a killer among them. (This episode reveals schematics of a re-imagined KARR as a returning nemesis).

Poster for episode I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight.

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight

Mike and KITT are assigned on a mission to catch a criminal couple who has been blowing up buildings. The mission gets only harder for Mike when they steal classified information from the SSC and start the upload to the internet on a cell phone. They hold Agent Rivai hostage.

Poster for episode Knight of the Zodiac.

Knight of the Zodiac

Mike goes undercover in Las Vegas to bust a money laundering operation. Billy (Paul Campbell) joins them on the mission only to spark a romantic adventure of his own. Meanwhile, Dr. Graiman locks horns with an old rival and former flame who comes to assess how "green" the KITT cave is.

Poster for episode Knight Fever.

Knight Fever

Mike must stop the spread of a computer virus that threatens a total global meltdown. The job gets much harder when KITT is infected. Meanwhile, Mike's jealousy begins to show when Sarah reconnects with an old flame (guest star Jeffrey Pierce, "The Nine"), who may be the key to solving the latest mission.

Poster for episode Don't Stop the Knight.

Don't Stop the Knight

Mike tries to save a kidnapped foreign ambassador (guest star Vanessa Williams) from a terrorist who likes to play games. While Agent Ravai tries to outsmart the terrorist, Sarah and Dr. Graiman try to fix a malfunctioning robot.

Poster for episode Day turns to Knight.

Day turns to Knight

Continuing the story from the previous episode, Mike and KITT transport a terrorist's nuclear bomb, but to keep it from detonating they must maintain a speed over 100 MPH while they work to disable it. Agent Ravai finds clues to where the terrorist is hiding while Sarah receives grave news about her father.

Poster for episode Knight to King's Pawn.

Knight to King's Pawn

While Sarah grieves over the death of her father Dr. Graiman, the government shuts down the SSC and KITT is taken by the NSA for components needed to reactivate the experimental military vehicle known as KARR.

Poster for episode I Love the Knight Life.

I Love the Knight Life

Mike and KITT try to procure a stolen high-tech serum that enhances physical abilities.

Poster for episode I Love the Knight Life.

I Love the Knight Life

Poster for episode Fight Knight.

Fight Knight

Poster for episode Knight and the City.

Knight and the City

Poster for episode I Love the Knight Life.

I Love the Knight Life