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Poster for The Borgias (2011).


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Tipos de entrada Séries de TV
Genres drama, crime
Countries Canada, Ireland, Hungary
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Duration 55 min
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Poster for episode The Poisoned Chalice.

The Poisoned Chalice

Rodrigo Borgia bullies and bribes his way into an election as the new Pope Alexander VI then wastes no time consolidating power by elevating his sons into high office and his daughter into a politically motivated marriage.

Poster for episode The Assassin.

The Assassin


Poster for episode The Moor.

The Moor


Poster for episode Lucrezia's Wedding.

Lucrezia's Wedding


Poster for episode The Borgias in Love.

The Borgias in Love


Poster for episode The French King.

The French King


Poster for episode Death on a Pale Horse.

Death on a Pale Horse


Poster for episode The Art of War.

The Art of War


Poster for episode Nessuno (Nobody).

Nessuno (Nobody)


Poster for episode The Borgia Bull.

The Borgia Bull


Poster for episode Paolo.



Poster for episode The Beautiful Deception.

The Beautiful Deception


Poster for episode Stray Dogs.

Stray Dogs


Poster for episode The Choice.

The Choice


Poster for episode Day of Ashes.

Day of Ashes


Poster for episode The Siege at Forli.

The Siege at Forli


Poster for episode Truth and Lies.

Truth and Lies


Poster for episode World of Wonders.

World of Wonders


Poster for episode The Confession.

The Confession


Poster for episode The Face of Death.

The Face of Death

With Pope Alexander poisoned but still alive, Cesare takes charge of the situation. It takes him little time to learn that Della Rovere was behind the assassination attempt but his mother suggests he think of what they will do if Alexander die. He seeks Cardinal Sforza's assistance in learning who aspires to being Pope. Della Rovere is arrested but manages to escape. He also learns that there is a second plot, this one concocted by Caterina Sforza and her new henchman. She means to kill all of the Borgias. After Alexander recovers he doesn't understand why, on the ...

Poster for episode The Purge.

The Purge

Having failed to eliminate the Borgias, Caterina Sforza moves on to a new plan - uniting several warring families into a confederacy of hatred directed to removing the Borgia Pope. Pope Alexander knows who his enemies are - Cardinals from the same families that Caterina Sforza is approaching - and he decides to purge the Vatican's nest of vipers - the College of Cardinals. Cardinal De Luca, fearing he will find himself on the torturer's rack, accuses the heads of those same great families of plotting against the Pope. One among them however has a plan to get rid of ...

Poster for episode Siblings.


The purge of the College of Cardinals continues, it's latest victim being Cardinal Versucci. He accuses the Pope of lining his own pockets and proceeds to set the Vatican treasury on fire.Cesare travels to Naples to negotiate Lucrezia's marriage contract and also to see if they might be of help against Caterina Sforza. He finds people starving and is not impressed with his allies. The King of Naples claims to have an army of 10,000 but Cesare is not so easily duped. The contract is successfully negotiated but the King refuses to accept Lucrezia's child. The new French...

Poster for episode The Banquet of Chestnuts.

The Banquet of Chestnuts

The Pope consecrates new Cardinals including Giula Farnese's brother. He's put in charge of the Vatican's financial records and finds that the treasury has been emptied. The Pope orders that former Cardinal Versucci, who is traveling the countryside, be found and taught the error of his way. Giula proposes a way to assure the future loyalty of the consistory. Alfonso admits to his cousin King Ferdinand that he and Lucrezia did not spend their wedding night together. When he does get into her bed, she proposes a different kind of relationship. Ferdinand raises the ...

Poster for episode The Wolf and the Lamb.

The Wolf and the Lamb

Lucrezia will soon have to leave for Naples with her new husband and is upset at having to leave her child behind. She soon develops a plan to rid herself of her principal opponent but Micheletto proposes patience. He finds a solution to her dilemma. At Forli castle, Caterina Sforza formally proposes a union of the five powerful families against Pope Alexander. In Avignon, Cesare meets King Louis XII of France who his marriage annulled. Also in Avignon is Machiavelli who advises Cesare that the King can be bought. Cesare wants an army most of all but he is also also ...

Poster for episode Relics.


With the King of Naples dead, Lucrezia sends for her son. The year 1500 is approaching and Pope Alexander has declared it to be a year of jubilation. Expecting large numbers of pilgrims in Rome, he wants the Church to provide the spectacle they will expect. He wants the cardinals to come up with money-making ideas. He also puts pressure on Rome's Jews to contribute to the holy crusade against the Turks. Yhey have a different contribution in mind. The plague has returned and Caterina Sforza looks to use it as a weapon against the Pope. Cesare returns with his own army ...

Poster for episode Lucrezia's Gambit.

Lucrezia's Gambit

Cesare and his French army have taken control of a defenseless Milan but he is upset that the Duke, Ludovico Sforza, is nowhere is nowhere to be found. The King of France arrives displeased that someone else still has a claim to the city. The Pope orders Cesare to bring the Duke of Milan to him in chains. Arrangements are soon made not only deal with Ludovico but with his charge, Caterina Sforza's son Venito. Micheletto visits the absent Leonardo da Vinci's studio and finds a new lover who is more than he appears. In Rome, the Pope learns that Giulia Farnese has a new...

Poster for episode Tears of Blood.

Tears of Blood

Micheletto discovers that his new lover is spying on him. Caterina Sforza grieves over the loss of her dead son and plots her revenge. She puts the Shroud of Constantinople on display and arranges for a fake miracle to draw the crowds. When she learns from her spy that Cesare will be checking into this new holy site, she plans to kill him. The Pope has decided to officiate at the investiture of King Alfonso of Naples. In return the King asks that he name an ambassador from the Vatican and specifically requests that he name Lucrezia. He agrees and she is quite pleased ...

Poster for episode The Gunpowder Plot.

The Gunpowder Plot

Both Pope Alexander and Cesare realize that Lucrezia is now being held hostage in Naple and that King has allied himself with Caterina Sforza. As such, any attack on Caterina's Forli castle will result in Lucretia's death. Cesare leaves to rescue her. He does so without Micheletto who has eliminated his lover but has now disappeared. In Naples meanwhile, the court celebrates the festival of Bacchus and Lucrezia has made plans for her escape by spiking the wine with a sleeping potion. Once safely in Rome, Alfonso begins to suspect that Lucrezia and Cesare's feelings ...

Poster for episode The Prince.

The Prince

Cesare calls on Machiavelli to learn what Florence might do if he were to take Forli. He says Florence will do nothing. He teaches Cesare that the perfect crime is one in which there is no suspect - as in the case of Juan Borgia. Such a man, he says, would make a great prince. Pope Alexander muses about the possibility of making the papacy hereditary. He will need a kingdom however to make that happened. Cesare marches his army from Rome to Forli but Caterina Sforza is caught unprepared when Cesare's French army arrives from Milan. Cesare races to Forli and finds that...