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Poster for DCI Banks: Aftermath (2010).


ID 3bA
Тип записи ТВ сериал
Genres crime, drama
Countries UK
Языки en
Duration 60 min
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Poster for episode Revenge.


Elsa Spann is a ballet dancer who had to give up her career after a nervous breakdown. She currently resides in a trailer park with her husband Carl. One night Carl returns home and finds the everything in disarry. Elsa tells him that she was attacked by a man who almost killed her. Instead of going to the police, Carl decides to get his own revenge. He takes Elsa to the car and they go for a drive. On the way she identifies a man and says he attacker her. Carl follows the man and later kills him. When Carl and Elsa are on their way home, however, Elsa sees another man. She, then, claims that he was the man that attacked her. As the police pull up behind them, Carl realizes that his wife has gone crazy and that he has just killed an innocent man.

Poster for episode Premonition.


A famous pianist returns to his home town to find the man who murdered his father only to find out that he himself is the killer.

Poster for episode Triggers in Leash.

Triggers in Leash

Red Hillman challenges a cowboy named Del Delaney to a shootout. When Maggie Flynn tries to stop them, she is ignored. The two men decide to draw when a clock on the mantel strikes the hour. Maggie takes a cross off of the mantle and says she wants to protect it from possible damage from a stray bullett. As the two are about to duel, they notice that the mantel clock has stopped. Maggie claims that it is a sign from God that there should be no duel. The two men are surprised and believe her. They make their peace and go away. Later Maggie reveals the truth. She explains that cross was on the mantel to balance the clock. The clock stopped because she moved the cross.

Poster for episode Don't Come Back Alive.

Don't Come Back Alive

As they approach retirement, Frank Partridge and his wife Mildred realize that they are in need of money. Frank develops a scheme where his wife will disappear for seven years. He will have her declared legally dead and they will then collect on her insurance money. They set their plan in motion and Mildred disappears. A detective, however, belives that Mildred was murdered. He promises to find her body and send Frank to jail. For seven years, the detective relentlessly pursues that case. Finally, two days before the seven year time limit is up Mildred reappears. Being away from Frank has changed her. She doesn't want to be with him anymore and has only showed up for the money. When he hears this, Frank becomes enraged and kills her. Her body is found by the detective and, after seven years, he is finally able to charge Frank with murder.

Poster for episode Into Thin Air.

Into Thin Air

Diane Winthrop comes to the 1899 Paris World's Exposition and checks into a hotel with her mother. Her mother becomes seriously ill. A hotel doctor asks Diane to go out for medicine. When she returns, her mother has vanished into thin air. No one remembers either Diane or her mother. Even the appearance of the hotel room has changed. Diane begins to fear that she is going insane. Fortunately, she is able to solve the mystery. Her mother died of bubonic plauge. Fearing a public panic in tourist filled Paris, everyone in the hotel conspired to make it look as if her mother had never existed.

Poster for episode Salvage.


Dan Varrel is a gangster who promises revenge on Lois Williams. Lois is a nightclub singer who indirectly caused the death of his brother. When he gets out of prison he finds out that Lois is in economic trouble. Dan decides to give her a little help. He gets her a job and helps out in other ways. Dan only does this so that his revenge will be all the sweeter.

Poster for episode Breakdown.


William Callew is a hard hearted and stoic businessman who believes that any display of emotion is a sign of horrible weakness. William gets into a car accident during a drive to New York. He regains consciousness only to find himself completely paralized. Everyone who sees his body presumes that he is dead. His body is taken to the morge where a coroner examines him and concludes that he is dead. In desperation and hopelessness, Callew begins to cry. Someone notices and he is saved.

Poster for episode Our Cook's Treasure.

Our Cook's Treasure

Ralph Montgomery is a real estate agent. He pampers his wife by hiring a cook named Mrs. Sutton. He has second thoughts when he discovers that that the police are looking for a woman who, posing as a cook, has recently killed three people. Having grown suspicious of Mrs. Sutton, Ralph takes a cup of hot chocolate she made for him and has it tested. He is shocked to discover that it contains a dangerous amount of arsenic. He goes home and immediately fires Mrs. Sutton. As she is leaving, Mrs. Sutton tells him that his wife has been cheating on him. Ralph is in for another shock when he discovers that the real cook/murderess has been arrested. Ralph realizes that it must have been his wife that was trying to kill him.

Poster for episode The Long Shot.

The Long Shot

Charlie Raymond is a gambler. He bets on the horses and loses. He owes a lot of money and, hence, needs to get out of New York. He looks in the newspaper and finds an ad. Someone is looking for a fellow Londoner to drive him to San Francisco. Raymond meets with the man who placed the ad. He is named Hendricks. Hendricks gives Raymond the job. They travel across country. Raymond scretely goes throught Hendricks briefcase as they travel. The papers within prove that Hendricks must get to San Francisco in order to claim a sizable inheritance. As they drive through the Nevada desert, Raymond kills Hendricks and leaves his body. Raymond drives on to San Francisco. He now claims to be Hendricks. As he goes to collect he money he walks into a trap set up by the police. There he unwittingly confesses to murder.

Poster for episode The Case of Mr. Pelham.

The Case of Mr. Pelham

Someone is impersonating Albert Pelham. Mr. Pelham thinks that his life is being taken over by the double's life. Pelham decides to take action against the double. He changes his bank signature. Unfortunately, the double manages to duplicate it. Finally, at his apartment Pelham is able to confront his double. The false Pelhman insists that he is the real one. Pelham becomes almost convinced and goes insane.

Poster for episode Guilty Witness.

Guilty Witness

Stanley Krane and his wife Dorothy are own a grocery store owners are are annoyed by the constant fighting of the Verbers, their next door neighbors. One day, Mrs. Verber comes to the store looking for something. The Kranes become suspicious when a detective tells them that he heard Mr. Verber has been murdered. Dorothy beings to look into the case. She finds out that no one has seen Mr. Verber in days. She and her husband accompanied by a detective later finds Mr. Verber's body. Mrs. Verber quickly admits to the murder. She claims that her husband was about to run off with another woman. Mrs. Verber also adds that she killed the wrong person. She says she should have killed her husband's lover, Dorothy Krane.

Poster for episode Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid.

Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid

A ex-convict names Stretch gets a job as a department store Santa. He hopes to rob the store. He meets up with a potential delinquent nicknamed the 10th Avenue kid. He decides to take his role as Santa seriously and he helps the boy change his ways.

Poster for episode The Cheney Vase.

The Cheney Vase

Martha Cheney, an elderly invalid, has only one preoccupation in life. She wants to protect a priceless vase that has been in her family for generations. Lyle Endicott, a dishonest ex-museum curator, wants the vase and uses a forged letter to get close to Miss Cheney and the vase.

Poster for episode A Bullet for Baldwin.

A Bullet for Baldwin

After Benjamin Stepp is fired from his job at an investment firm, he thinks about suicide. Instead he decides to kill his boss. The next day his boss reappears alive. Stepp is offered a promotion and raise. Stepp later learns that the new Baldwin is actually a look-alike who was hired to impersonate his old boss to keep the firm's stock up. The scheme continues until Stepp is fired again. He again thinks about suicide but decides to kill his other boss, the man who masterminded the impersonation scheme, Mr. King.

Poster for episode The Big Switch.

The Big Switch

Sam Donleavy wants to kill his girlfriend and get away with it. He contacts a man who provides alibis for a price. Matters become much more complicated, however, when he meets with a friend from boyhood who is now a detective and who suspects that something is up.

Poster for episode You Got to Have Luck.

You Got to Have Luck

Sam Cobbett escapes from prison and breaks into a farm house. He intimidates a woman into helping him until the heat is off. The woman, however, acts very strange. Later, he realizes much too late that the woman's odd behavior is due to her being deaf. It is her inability to hear that eventually gives him away to the police.

Poster for episode The Older Sister.

The Older Sister

A reporter discovers the truth about the infamous Lizzie Borden murder case.

Poster for episode Shopping for Death.

Shopping for Death

Two retired salesmen propose a theory that most murders occur in hot weather. They see a potential murder victim in the nagging wife of a longshoreman Mrs. Shrike. They tell her to take precautions, but their efforts fail and she is murdered.

Poster for episode The Derelicts.

The Derelicts

Ralph Cowell is desperate when an old creditor calls him to to settle a large IOU. Ralph kills the creditor but discovers that the IOU was stolen by a bum named Goodfellow. Goodfellow also witnessed the murder and he and a friend begin to blackmail Ralph. They move into his apartment and begin to pawn his valuable belongings. Ralph manages to retrieve the IOU. He immediately evicts the bums. Later, the police arrive. They carrying a a bunch of pawn tickets cashed in by the derelicts. Ralph tells the police that the stolen merchandise belongs to him. He realizes too late that Goodfellow also pawned a cigarette case that belonged to his murdered creditor. He realizes that it is only a matter of time before the police figure this out and discover that he is the murderer.

Poster for episode And So Died Riabouchinska.

And So Died Riabouchinska

Fabian is a vaudeville ventriloquist. One night, the body of a murdered man named Ockham is found near the theater where Fabian is performing. Detective Krovitch begins an investigation. He learns that shortly before the murder Ockham tried to see Fabian. Krovitch questions Fabian and his wife and notices that Fabian is more interested in his female marionette Riabouchinska than his wife. Later Krovitch sees Fabian act and begins to question Fabian's mental state. During the performance Fabian and Riabouchinska act like two lovers. Krovitch checks the police files for photos of a missing girls. He finds one that has resemblances Riabouchinska. The detective confronts Fabian who admits he had a relationship with the girl and that Ockham found out about it. Ockham also knew that the marionette was created in her image. Fabian admits to killing him after he demanded money to keep quiet about Fabian's relationship to his puppet. Fabian's confession, however, comes not from his mouth, but that of his doll Riabouchinska.

Poster for episode Safe Conduct.

Safe Conduct

Mary Prescott returns to the West after an interview with an Iron Curtain dictator who gave her a safe conduct pass. On the train ride back she meets a soccer player named Jan Gubak. Jan is going to West Germany to see his sick sister. His sister needs money for an operation. The chance encounter leads to problems when Jan, knowing that Mary's safe conduct pass will prevent her from being searched, asks her to smuggle a valuable watch over the border.

Poster for episode Place of Shadows.

Place of Shadows

Ray Clements goes to a remote monastery and pretends to be a friend of a man named Rocco who was staying in the monastery bed-ridden after being involved in a near fatal car accident. Ray wants to murder Rocco because Rocco had cheated him. Father Vincent stops the murder. Ray, having a change of heart, decides to forgive Rocco. He later learns that Rocco is already dead. He died from injuries he acquired in the car crash.

Poster for episode Back for Christmas.

Back for Christmas

Herbert and Hermione Carpenter plan to leave England for a stay in America. Herbert secretly plans to stay in there, while Hermione wants to be back in England for Chrismas. Before leaving, Herbert kills his wife. He buries her in the basement. Herbert then goes to America. There he recieves a letter from England addressed to his wife. It concerns Hermione's Christmas gift to Herbert: a wine cellar. Unfortunately, the construction requires an excavation of the Carpenter's basement.

Poster for episode The Perfect Murder.

The Perfect Murder

Two brothers named Henri and Paul inherit some money from a recently departed uncle. They learn that they will get even more money when their Aunt Rosalie passes away. Henri and Paul place ground-up glass into the eggs intended for her souffle. Rosalie, however, decides to have fish instead. Paul accidently eats the eggs for breakfast. After Paul's death, Henri realizes that he is now Rosalie's sole heir. Unfortunately, however, he knows that the police will come and that he will go to jail for the attempted murder of his aunt and the accidental murder of his brother.

Poster for episode There Was an Old Woman.

There Was an Old Woman

Monica Laughton is an eccentric old woman who has the strange habit of hanging a funeral wreath on her door when she wants to announce the passing of one of the members of her imaginary family. Frank and Lorna Bramwell decide to rob Monica. They believe she has money stashed away in the house. They pose as distant relatives. Monica gives them a tour of the house and introduces them to her imaginary family. Frank and Lorna search the house, but don't find anything. Frank threatens Monica, but she ignores him and begins to feed her imaginary cat. The next morning Frank and Lorna eat several cupcakes for breakfast. Monica says that she cooked the cupcakes for mice. Frank and Lorna fall over dead because the cupcakes were laced with arsenic. Monica hangs two wreaths on her door and everyone assumes she is just imagining again.

Poster for episode Whodunit.


Arthur Arlington is in heaven talking to an angel about his death. He was murdered and wants to know who killed him. The angel permits him to return to earth to recreate the murder scene and learn the murderer's identity. Arthur comes up with a list of suspects that includes his wife Carol, his wife's lover Wally Benson, his secretary Talbot, and his nephew Vincent. Just before midnight, Arthur gathers all the suspects in the library and openly questions them. Each denies that they are his killer. Unable to resolve this puzzle, Wally suggests that the lights be turned off. In the darkness Arthur is again stabbed. He returns to heaven and talks about the murder with the angel. He deduces that only one person would have trusted Benson not to turn the lights back on. The murderer must have been Carol, Arthur's wife.

Poster for episode Help Wanted.

Help Wanted

Mr. Crabtree needs money for an operation for his wife. He answers a help wanted ad and is hired by Mr. X. Mr. X wants Crabtree to kill someone who has been blackmailing him. Crabtree agrees to do it for one thousand dollars. Mr. X arranges for the target to call Crabtree for the next blackmail payment. The phrase the man will use to identify himself is 'Do you have a contribution from a mutual friend?' Crabtree is to give him an envelope, which actually contains a suicide note, and is to push him out the window. The man appears and Crabtree gives him the envelope. He then has second thoughts about the murder. He angrily approaches the man who then steps back and accidently falls to his death. The police find the note and presume it was a suicide. While waiting to receive his money, Crabtree is visited by another man who asks for a contribution from a mutual friend.

Poster for episode Portrait of Jocelyn.

Portrait of Jocelyn

Four years ago Jocelyn, the first wife of Mark Halliday mysteriously disappeared. Mark has since remarried. One day, he he discovers a painting of a woman that looks exactly like his vanished former wife. He traces the painting to a man named Arthur Clymer who claims that Jocelyn posed for him and that she is still alive. Mark says that he is wrong. He confesses to having murdered his wife. This, however, is exactly what Clymer and Jocelyn's still-grieving brother wanted to hear. They created this scheme to get Mark to confess and send him to prison.

Poster for episode The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby.

The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby

Laurence Appleby is an antigue dealer that owes his business associates thousands of dollars. His wife refuses to let him borror on her insurance policy. He decides to killer her. He consults a book on accidental deaths and finds a perfect method: he kills her by pulling a rug out from under her. Laurence then marries a wealthy widow who agrees to pay his debts. When he spends most of his time in his shop, his new wife becomes angry. Laurence's debts begin to grow and his new wife refuses to pay them. He then plots to pull a rug out from under her. Unfortunately the new Mrs. Appleby has read the same book and has given a letter to her lawyer about her husband's method of murder. She instructs the lawyer to tell the police if anything were to happen to her. The lawyer reads the letter and calls Mrs. Appleby to check if she is all right. As Mrs. Appleby moves to the phone, she accidently trips on a dishevelled rug and falls to her death.

Poster for episode Never Again.

Never Again

Karen Stewart has a serious drinking problem. One day, her boyfriend Jeff urgers her to come to an important cocktail party and she reluctantly agrees. At the party Karen drinks heavily and, to Jeff's embarrassment, she goes to a bar with another man. Jeff tracks her down and urges her to come with him. She waves him aside and promptly passes out. The next morning she wakes up in jail. She is under arrest for the murder of her boyfriend. Apparantly, she slashed his throat in a drunken stupor.

Poster for episode The Gentleman from America.

The Gentleman from America

Howard Latimer makes a bet with two Englishmen that he'll be able to stay alone at night at the Hurstwood Manor, a terrifying haunted house. Latimer is given a candle, a match, a loaded gun, and a book that explains the ghostly history of the manor. An escaped lunatic once broke into the house, beheaded a young girl named Julia, and caused her sister to go insane. While in the house, Latimer sees the ghost and fires upon it without results. Several years later, the two Englishman meet up with Latimer and explain that it was all a hoax. Latimer suddenly tries to strangle one of them. An attendant from the local asylum from which he escape, restrains Latimer. Apparanly Latimer has gone insane. In his insanity, he only wants one thing: to get to his sister Julia.

Poster for episode The Baby Sitter.

The Baby Sitter

Lottie Slocum is questioned by the police about the murder of Mrs. Nash whom she was baby-sitting on the night of the murder. The police leave after they learn she knows nothing. Lottie is invited over to a neighbors Mrs. Armstedder. At Mrs. Armstedder, Lottie blabs that Mrs. Nash was having an affair with a man named DeMario. Lottie, then, says Mr. Nash had an interest in ger. In reality, she is infatuated with the man. Lottie's imagination begins to run wild. She begins to write a love letter to Nash, but never finishes it as Nash appears and strangles her.

Poster for episode The Belfry.

The Belfry

Clint Ringle is in love with Ella Marsh. He builds a house for her believing that she love him in return. Ella tells him that she is engaged to another man. Clint angrily kills her fiance in a jealous rage. Clint hides in the belfry of the school house. During the funeral for Ella's fiance, one of the mourners decides to ring the school's bell in tribute. The swinging bell startles Clint and his sudden screams give him away to those that search for him.

Poster for episode The Hidden Thing.

The Hidden Thing

Dana Edwards's fiancee is killed in a hit-and-run car accident. He struggles to remember the car's license number, but can't. A man named Hurley approaches him. Hurley says that his son also died in a hit and run car accident. He says he can help Dana remember the the license number. At Hurley's prodding Dana eventually remembers the number. Hurley, however, was just a nut who never had a son.

Poster for episode The Legacy.

The Legacy

Irene Cole and her cheating husband go to Palm Beach. There she meets two men: Randolph Burnside and Prince Burhan. The prince falls in love with her and vows to commit suicide if she does not leave her husband. She refuses. He accidently kills himself in a car accident. Irene is very upset. Randolph then learns that the prince was after Irene for her money. He also finds out that he died because his car's breaks were accidently disconnected by a mechanic. Randolph tries to tell Irene but discovers that she is a changed woman. He husband now adores her and attends to her every need. Deciding not to ruin things, he doesn't tell Irene about the Prince.

Poster for episode Mink.


Paula Hudson purchases a mink coat on a tip from her hairdresser. She later finds out it is stolen. The police question her and she says she bought it from a fashion model. When the police question the hairdresser and the model, both deny any knowledge of the fur. Paula later meets with a man to discuss the fur. She discovers that he is the man who stole the mink. He know wants it back. Paula refuses to give it to him. Later, the police tell that they have arrested the thief and his two accomplices: the model and the hairdresser.

Poster for episode Decoy.


Gil Larkin is secretly in love with a married singer named Mona Cameron. Mona tells him that she is being abused by her husband. Gil goes to her husbands office to confront him. He is on the phone. A man with a gun enters behind Gil. Mona's husband identifies him as a man named Ritchie before he is shot dead. Gil is then knocked unconscious. When Gil comes to he sees that the gun has been placed in his hand. He picks up the phone, hears music on the other end. The phone, then, hangs up. Gil is questioned by the police, but is released. He goes to talk to Mona. At her apartment, he puts on a record and hears the same music that ways playing on the phone. He accuses Mona of arranging her hisband's murder. Ritchie sneaks in behing Gil, but before he can do anything the police arrive and arrest the conspirators.

Poster for episode The Creeper.

The Creeper

Ellen and Steve live in a New York neighborhood that is being terrorized by a strangler known only as the Creeper. Ellen wants a new lock for her apartment door in order to be safe. She becomes more paranoid until a locksmith arrives. As the locksmith begins work, Steve calls. He tells Ellen that the Creeper has been using his job as a locksmith to get into the homes of his victims. The news comes a little too late as the Creeper attacks Ellen and begins to strangle her.

Poster for episode Momentum.


After his boss tells him the firm is close to bankruptcy, Dick Paine agrees to work for half pay. Dick is nagged by his wife Beth into standing up for himself. He goes to his boss and demands the money he has not been paid. His boss refuses to give him the money and Dick must resort to murder.

Poster for episode Wet Saturday.

Wet Saturday

Mr. Princey is the father of a girl who has just killer her schoolmaster with a croquet mallet. Princey tries to find a way to protect the family name and prevent his daughter from being charged. Princey located a man who would be a perfect scapegoat, Smollet. Princy take Smollet to the schoolmasters body and draws a gun on him. He gives him two choises: go along with Princey's scheme that makes it look like he committed the murder or be shot on the spot. Smollet chooses the former. Princey makes it look like Smollet committed the crime. He then tells him to keep his mouth shut. Smollet leaves and Princey calls the police. He reports that a murder has just taken place.

Poster for episode Fog Closing In.

Fog Closing In

Mary Summers does not want to stay alone at home when her husband Arthur goes away on business. She asks that her family be allowed to stay with her. Arthur refuses her request. While Arthur is away an escaped mental patient breaks into the house. Surprisingly, the mental patient gets along with Mary. She is not afraid of him. She tells him about a dream she has had where someone follows her up the stairs. When the police arrive, the mental patient makes an escape. After the the police leave, Mary hears someone coming up the stairs just like in her dream. She find's Arthur's pistol as the door opens. At the door is Arthur. He came home early when he heard about the escape at the asylum. Even though she knows its him, Mary shoots him. She then calls her family and tells them she is coming home.

Poster for episode De Mortuis.

De Mortuis

Clarence Rankin's promiscuous wife Irene cheats on him constantly. Sadly, he knows nothing about it. One day, two of Clarence's friends stop by his house. They see him filling a large hole in his basement with cement. Since they don't see Irene, they believe that Clarence has found out about her cheating and killed her. Instead of going to the police, they talk to Clarence. They tell him that, given her cheating, his actions were probably justified. Clarence denies everything and says that his wife is on a trip. His friends leave after saying they will keep quiet. Later, Irene returns. Now knowing the truth, Clarence asks her to come down to the basement.

Poster for episode Kill with Kindness.

Kill with Kindness

Hoping to pull off an insurance scam, Fritz Oldman and his sister Katherine decide to torch his house and fake Fritz's death. In order to pull off the scam, they need a body. They find a prospective corpse in a bum named Jorgy. Their plan is to knock him out and and place Fritz's ring around his finger. They will then set fire to the house. All goes according to plan until they need the ring. Unfortunately Fritz cannot get it off his finger. Since they already set the fire, they decide to wake up Jorgy and escort him out of the blazing house. People who witness the "rescue" praise Fritz for saving the old man from the fire.

Poster for episode None Are So Blind.

None Are So Blind

Seymour Johnson disguises as another person in order to kill his wealthy aunt. When is is questioned by police, he gives himself away because he forgets to take off his disguise.

Poster for episode Toby.


Albert Birch's childhood sweetheart Edwina Freel gets in touch with him and, surprisingly, agrees to marry him. She arrives with her sickly baby named Toby. She tells Albert that the baby is her dead sisters's. Edwina turns out be rather reclusive. She does not permit Albert come anywhere near Toby. Later, two men arrive and take Edwina back to the asylum from which she escaped. As she is being taken away she pleads to Albert to take care of Toby. He goes to Toby's room and finds a cat. On his collar is the name "Toby".

Poster for episode Alibi Me.

Alibi Me

Georgie and Lucky are rival gangsters who know that if one of them is killed, the other would be the police's prime suspect. One day, Lucky insults Georgie and is shot dead. Georgie then goes looking for someone to give him an alibi. After many failures, he finally convinces his landlady. He instructs her to tell the police that he was home all day. When a detective shows up, the landlady gives the alibi. A delivery boy then arrives. He carries a package for Georgie from Lucky. The boy asks for a tip and Georgie refuses. The delivery boy calls Georgie cheap and reveals that he tried to deliver the package five times that day. The detective overhears the boy statement and arrests Georgie.

Poster for episode Conversation Over a Corpse.

Conversation Over a Corpse

Mr. Brenner makes a down payment on a house. The house's owners, Cissie and Johanna Enright say that they don't want to sell. He threatens them with a lwsuit, but is poisoned. He collapses and the sisters discuss what they should do. Joanna wants to finish him off more poison while Cissie prefers a gun. Brenner revives and pitches on sister against the other. He gets the gun from Cissie and shoots Johanna. Soon the police arrive, Brenner clears Cissie of her sister's murder. After the police leave, Cissie finishes him off with poison so the house is all her's.

Poster for episode Crack of Doom.

Crack of Doom

Mason Bridges plays poker with one of his company's wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one single game.

Poster for episode Jonathan.


Jonathan Dalliford's son is resentful of his new wife. When Jonathan dies of poison, he accuses his stepmother. Later, however, it is revealed that Gil tried to poison his stepmother, but ended up killing his father by mistake.

Poster for episode A Better Bargain.

A Better Bargain

Mobster Louis "The King" Koster believes that his wife and sole heir is unfaithful. He hires a hit man to kill her for twenty thousand dollars. The hitman agrees, but he then shoots Koster dead. The hitman was Marian's lover. Since she will inherit everything, the hitman decided to go with the better bargain.

Poster for episode The Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden

Alexander Vinton is a publisher who recieves a murder mystery from a woman named Julia Picker. Alexander is disturbed by the books feeling of authenticity. He visits Julia and comes to beleve that her tale of a murdered husband buried in a rose garden is true. Julia's sister convinces him that it isn't and proceeds to talk him into not to publishing the book. After he leaves, Julia confronts her sister and reveals that it was Cordelia that murdered her husband.

Poster for episode Mr. Blanchard's Secret.

Mr. Blanchard's Secret

Babs Fenton has an overactive imagination. She believes that her new neighbor Charles Blanchard has killed his wife. Later, Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door and introduces herself. That night, however, Babs sees Charles Blanchard carrying something from the house. Babs again becomes convinced that Mrs. Blanchard has been murdered. Again, however, she is proved wrong when Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door. Mrs. Blanchard informs Babs that Charles has taken some belongings and left because of a fight. Mrs. Blanchard then leaves. Babs notices that a lighter is missing and comes up with a theory that Mrs. Blanchard is a kleptomaniac. Later, this theory proves wrong as well when Mrs. Blanchard shows up and announces a reconciliation with her husband. She also returns the lighter, saying that her husband fixed it.

Poster for episode John Brown's Body.

John Brown's Body

John Brown is committed to an institution by his wife Vera and his business partner Harold. Both believe that John's furniture designs are destroying his business. Their plot works, but after John is committed the business begins to lose money. The two decide to get John back. John, however, likes the institution he is staying in and manages to convince the doctors he is insane.

Poster for episode Crackpot.


On their way to a hotel, two newlyweds have car trouble. Mr. Moon stops to help them, but ruins his suit in the process. He becomes enraged and threatens them. They manage to get away. The check into their hotel, but discover that Mr. Moon is staying in the room right next to them.

Poster for episode Nightmare in 4-D.

Nightmare in 4-D

Harry Parker and his wife Norma live in apartment 4-D. Their next door neighbor is an actress named Lainie. One day, she knocks on the Parker's door and asks for help. Lainie needs someone to get rid of the body of Bill Nelson. He was shot through a window in her apartment and now lays their dead. Lainie wants Harry to move the body downstairs to the basement. She fears bad publicity. When Harry wakes up the next day, the thinks it was all a bad dream. When he goes to the basement he finds the police. Later, Harry's wife admits to having an affair with Bill. When the police learn of this, Harry becomes the chief suspect in Bill's murder.

Poster for episode My Brother Richard.

My Brother Richard

Martin Ross is a district attorney running for governor. His brother Richard murders his opponent in the race. Martin and his wife Laura confront Richard, but Richard pulls a gun on them and holds the captive. The next day, Martin gets a call from the sheriff: they are holding a boy for the murder of Martin's opponent. Richard agrees to let Martin interrogate the boy, but he does not let Laura go. Martin forces a false confession out of the boy. Martin takes the confession to his brother. Richard doesn't think its good enough. He wants to wait until the boy is executed. A struggle occurs and Martin is knocked unconscious. Richard tries to escape, but is stopped by the boy's mother. She believes Richard is the district attorney and stabs him.

Poster for episode Manacled.


Ben Rockwell is transporting prisoner named Steve Fontaine by train. Fontaine manacled by an "Oregon Boot". Rockwell has the only key. During the trip, Fontain manages to convince Rockwell to let him go, but Rockwell changes his mind. He and Fontaine struggle and Rockwell is shot and killed. When Fontain finds the key to the boot, he sees that it has been destroyed by the bullet and cannot free him.

Poster for episode Bottle of Wine.

Bottle of Wine

Much to his annoyance, Judge Condon wife Grace has a boyfriend named Wally Donaldson. Condon tries to prove that he is all wrong for her. He invites Wally for a glass of wine which he tells him was purchased on Grace's Spanish Honeymoon. After Wally drinks the wine, Condon tells him its poisoned when, in fact, it is not. Wally panics and kills Condon. When Grace appears Wally tells her about the wine. She reveals that she never had a honeymoon and had never been to Spain.

Poster for episode Malice Domestic.

Malice Domestic

After Carl Borden sees a doctor, he discovers traces of arsenic in his body. Carl begins to suspects his wife Annette. After Annette drinks a cup of coffee and dies. The doctor informs Carl that she too has arsenic in her system. She must have poisoned herself by mistake. Later, Carol goes to San Francisco with his girlfriend. He reveals to her how close he came to dying while preparing for his wife's murder.

Poster for episode Number Twenty-Two.

Number Twenty-Two

Steve Morgan robs a candy store. He punches the owner in the process. He is soon arrested and is surprised by all the attention he is getting for such a minor crime. He is later shocked to discover that the candy store owner died and that he is not being held for petty theft, but for murder.

Poster for episode The End of Indian Summer.

The End of Indian Summer

Joe Rogers goes undercover in order to explose a murderer named Mrs. Gillespie. He believes that she has been killing her husbands for insurance money. He discovers that Mrs. Gillespie has a fiance and plans to marry again. He also discovers that she has taken out a large insurance policy on him. Later, Mrs. Gillespie runs off an another honeymoon. Joe meets another man who happened to be investigating Mrs. Gillespie's fiance. Apparantly, he has had four previous wives, each of whom died under mysterious circumstances.

Poster for episode One for the Road.

One for the Road

Marcia Hendrix finds out that her husband Charles has been cheating on her with a woman named Beryl Abbott. She tries to poison Beryl by putting poison in her sugar bowl. When she goes home she discovers that that her husband has gone to Beryl. Not wanting to kill him, she goes to Beryl and tells her of the poison. Beryl says that Charles has already taken the poison. Marcia leaves to find a doctor. Charles comes in from another room. Not knowing the muder plot but knowing that his wife knows about Beryl, Charles decides to end the affair. Before leaving Beryl asks him to have some coffee for the road. He do so and helps himself to some sugar.

Poster for episode The Cream of the Jest.

The Cream of the Jest

Charles Gresham is an unemployed actor in need of money. He learns that a producer Wayne Campbell is involved in a new play. When Campbell dies not give him a part, Gresham blackmails him. Campbell gives him money and even a part in the play as a blackmailer. In order to get the part, Gresham tells Campbell that he must audition for an important backer named Nick Roper. Gresham goes to Roper and delivers his lines. He is shot dead. Roper was a gangster who had nothing to do with the play and thought Gresham was trying to blackmail him.

Poster for episode I Killed the Count  (1).

I Killed the Count (1)

Count Mattoni is brutally murdered and Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson must wade the through a myraid of suspects.

Poster for episode I Killed the Count  (2).

I Killed the Count (2)

Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson continues in his investigation of the murder of Count Mattoni he contiunes to wade the through suspects. He discovers that each not only appears guilty, but also that many readily admit to having committed the crime.

Poster for episode I Killed the Count  (3).

I Killed the Count (3)

Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson discovers who killed Count Mattoni. Due to a legal loophole, however, the killer cannot be tried.

Poster for episode One More Mile to Go.

One More Mile to Go

Sam Jacoby accidently kills his nagging wife. He deicdes to get rid of the body by dumping it in a lake. He puts the body in the trunk of his car and takes off. A motorcycle policeman repeatedly stops him for a burned out tail light. Eventually, the policeman tells him to follow him to the station where a police mechanic will open the trunk and change the bulb.

Poster for episode Vicious Circle.

Vicious Circle

Manny Cole is a hitman for Mr. Williams. He kills a man for messing up a jewel robbery. When she finds out about the murder, Manny's girlfriend accuses him of murder. She threatens to go to the police. Mr. Williams orders her killed. Manny tries to do this, but she is later accidently killed. Manny is rewarded by Mr. Williams. He becomes his right hand man, until he is killed by another hitman sent to Mr. Williams.

Poster for episode The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater.

The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater

Ernest Findlater dreams about a South Sea island and a girl he meets there named Lalage. Lalage develops a scheme to to help Findlater kill his real life wife. On the night of the planned murder, Findlater discovers that his wife is already dead. She died of natural causes.

Poster for episode The Night the World Ended.

The Night the World Ended

Halloran plays a practical joke on a man named Johnny. He shows him a fake newspaper with a headline reading "World to End Tonight --- 11:45 P.M." Johnny believes the headline and decides to live it up. He gets into trouble and shoots someone. A few minutes before 11:45 he sees the real headline and realizes that he has been tricked. Johnny finds Halloran and shoots him. The reporter dies at 11:45.

Poster for episode The Hands of Mr. Ottermole.

The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

A murderer has been strangling people in the London fog. A reporter manages to continually make it to the crime scene before the police. Later, the annoying reporter discovers that the strangler is a policeman. He finds out too late and is killed by the policeman because "Ideas came into his hands".

Poster for episode A Man Greatly Beloved.

A Man Greatly Beloved

John Anderson is believed to be a famous judge from Boston who is now retied. Townspeople come to trust him greatly. When he dies, everyone in the town feels the loss. Later it is discovered that Anderson's real name is John Louton. He was really a convicted strangler who the real Judge Anderson had sentenced years before.

Poster for episode Martha Mason, Movie Star.

Martha Mason, Movie Star

Mabel McKay believes that she bears a striking resemblance to a movie star named Martha Mason. Mabel murders her husband and buries him in the garden. She tries to cover up the murder, but decides against it when she realizes all the publicity she can get.

Poster for episode The West Warlock Time Capsule.

The West Warlock Time Capsule

George Tiffant is hired to stuff Napoleon, a town's animal mascot. Napoleon is to be put on display in a glass case in the town square next to a time capsule that is to be opened in 100 years. George's brother Waldron visits and is so demanding that George kills him. George places the body in the time capsule.

Poster for episode Father and Son.

Father and Son

In 1912, Sam Saunders is an ungrateful son who constantly demands help from his father Joe, a London pawnshop owner. One day, Gus Harrison asks for Joe for help since he is wanted by the police for a crime he didn't commit. Joe helps Gus, but when Sam finds out he decides to turn him in for the reward money. Mae, Sam's girlfriend, finds out and tells Joe who helps Gus escape. The police fail to get their man, but Sam still demands the reward. The police reluctantly give it to him. As he leaves, he trips. His selfless father immediately runs to his aid.

Poster for episode The Indestructible Mr. Weems.

The Indestructible Mr. Weems

Mr. Weems is a man that is supposedly near to death. Some of his lodge brothers have invested in a cemetary and are in needs of customers. They make a bargain with Weems. They will pay Weems fifty dollars a week for the rest of his, presumably, short life if he agrees to buy the first plot. They hope that others following Mr. Weems's lead will also buy plots. Unfortunately, the men discover that Weems is a bit more resilient than of them thought.

Poster for episode A Little Sleep.

A Little Sleep

Barbie Hallem drives up to her uncle's cabin. She stops at Ed Mungo's cafe. She learns that Ed's brother Bennie is wanted by the police for having murdered his girlfriend. When she gets to the cabin, she finds Bennie hiding there. Bennie tells her, Ed is the murderer. Ed arrivers later, but is killed by Bennie in a struggle. Barbie and Bennie drive off. Barbie confesses that she had gone to the cabin to get away from her boring boyfriend. Bennies says his girlfriend felt the same way about him and that's why he killed her. The then moves to strangle Barbie.

Poster for episode The Dangerous People.

The Dangerous People

Mr. Jones and Mr. Bellefontaine wait for a train at a train station. Both of them have heard that a dangerous lunatic has escaped from a local asylum and each suspects the other of being the lunatic in disguise. They grow more paranoid and worried. A policeman arrives and both try to convince him that the other is the lunatic. The policeman says that the madman has just killed a policeman and has stolen his uniform. Jones and Bellefontaine realize the policeman is really the lunatic in disguise. They subdue him and get the real police.

Poster for episode The Glass Eye.

The Glass Eye

While cleaning out the apartment of he dead sister Julia, Jim Whitely comes across a strange glass eye and tells to his wife the story of how his sister acquired it. Julia had fallen in love with a famous ventriloquist name Max Collodi. She has been to all his performances and has sent letters requesting to meet him. One day, Max agrees to meet her. She comes to his hotel room and finds him sitting in darkness with his small dummy George. As they talk, Julia tries to touch Max. She screams as his body falls to the floor and one of his glass eyes falls rolling on the carpet. George stands and angrily asks her to leave. It was Max who was the dummy and George was the ventriloquist.

Poster for episode The Mail Order Prophet.

The Mail Order Prophet

One day, Ronald Grimes recieves a letter from a Mr. Christianai who says he can predict the future. The letter correctly predicts the outcome of an upcomng election. More letters follow and through gambling, Grimes acquires a large amount of money. A final letter from Christianai asks for a contribution. Grimes gives it quite willingly. Later Grimes finds out that Christiani was a fraud. He was really a con man who sent out thousands of letters half of them predicting one kind of outcome, and the other half predicting another. Grimes was luck: he got the right predictions time after time.

Poster for episode The Perfect Crime.

The Perfect Crime

An arrogant detective Charles Courtney prides himself on never having committed a single mistake in his long and distinguished career. He keeps a shelf of labeled mementos from each of his cases. On the shelf there is an open space and a blank tag for what Courtney calls "The Perfect Crime". One day a defense lawyer stuns Courtney when he confronts him with evidence that the detective helped convict an innocent man who has since been executed. Courtney kills the lawyer, bakes him in a pottery kiln, and places the vase in the open space on his shelf as a memento to his perfect crime.

Poster for episode Heart of Gold.

Heart of Gold

Jackie Blake is released from prison after serving time for a bank robbery. A friend from prison arranges for Jackie to stay with his mother. Jackie does this and is accepted into the convict's family. Gradually, his attitude toward life changes. He gets a job and is quite content. Later, he learns that the family's hospitality was merely a front and that they took him in only to find out where he hid the stolen money from his bank job.

Poster for episode The Silent Witness.

The Silent Witness

Donald Mason is a married professor who wants to end a romance with one of his stidents. He stops by while she is babysitting. He tries to end the relationship, but she threatens to expose him. He kills her and leaves a witness: the screaming baby she was watching. Later, Mason runs into the infant in a carriage on the street. At the sight of him the baby screams and cries. Haunted by the child's screams, Mason gives himself up. Later, however, he discovers that the baby has only been around women his entire life. It screams whenever any man comes near.

Poster for episode Reward to Finder.

Reward to Finder

John Gaminsky finds a wallet containing a lot of money. He sees an ad in the paper asking for its return. His wife tells him to give the wallet back, but John lies to her and tells her already did so. When she sees the ad again, she realizes he kept the cash for himself. She gives him a choice: either ket her shop at an expensive store or she'll call the police. John opts for the former. When she goes on a buying spree, however, he realizes there is not enough to share. His wife comes to the same conclusion.

Poster for episode Enough Rope for Two.

Enough Rope for Two

John Kedzie is released from prison after committing a robbery. Only Joe knows where the money is hidden: at the bottom of a mine shaft out in the desert. Maxie and Madge find Joe when he goes to retrieve the money. He agrees to cut them in. Maxie gets greedy and Joe shoots him. Unfortunately, he also puts a hole in their only canteen. Joe lowers himself down the mineshaft with a rope to retrieve the money. He ties the money to the rope and sends it up. When he tries to climb out, Madge cuts the rope and he falls and breaks his leg. Madge tries get away, but she discovers out that Joe has the keys to the truck.

Poster for episode The Last Request.

The Last Request

Gerald Daniels is granted a last request on the eve of his execution. He asks for a typewriter. He writes a letter to a newspaper that recounts his criminal career. In the letter he explains how he once murdered a waitress who was trying to blackmail him, how the D.A. convicted her ex-husband of the crime, and how the man had been executed. He writes that he, now, is in the same position: he is going to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Before his death, he wants to testify that the D.A. is not only a sloppy prosecuter, but also a murderer.

Poster for episode The Young One.

The Young One

Janice is a beautiful 17 year old who longs to free from the influence of her guardian Aunt May. She also wants to get out of the small town she's in. She asks her boyfriend Stan to marry her so that they can run away. Since he doesn't have a job, he keeps putting of the marriage. Janice do something herself. She meets a man named Tex and lures him home for a drink. When she hears a car outside she starts fighting with Tex. She rips her clothes and knocks over furniture. A policeman who saw Janice with Tex enters the house. He enters the house and discovers Aunt May's body. Janice tells the policeman that Tex killed her. The policeman accepts the girl's story. Then, however, Stan arrives. Having gotten a job he had come by the house to take Janice away. He found Aunt May's body lying in the spot where Janice left it after pushing her down the stairs.

Poster for episode The Diplomatic Corpse.

The Diplomatic Corpse

Evan Wallace and his wife Janet take Janet's wealthy mother on an sightseeing trip to Mexico. Janet's Mother suddenly dies in the back seat of their car. They cover the body and stop at a cafe for a soothing drink. When they return, they discover that the car has been stolen. Since they need to body to claim their inheritance, they hire a detective. The detective eventually finds the body at a funeral home. He says he will ship the body to Los Angeles for a small "fee". The Wallaces agree and pay him. When the get to Los Angeles, a doctor prounces the body dead but he notes that the body is not that of a woman, but an old Mexican Man.

Poster for episode The Deadly.

The Deadly

A plumber is blackmailing several suburban housewives. When he confronts his latest victim, Margot Brenner, he runs into a dead end. She catches onto his scam and uses his own method to bring him to down.

Poster for episode Miss Paisley's Cat.

Miss Paisley's Cat

Miss Paisley adopts a stray cat. She names him Stanley. Stanley sneaks into the room of the violent tempered Mr. Rinditch. He tells Miss Paisley to keep the cat out of his room, but she fails. The cat sneaks into his apartment and Rinditch kills it. When Miss Paisley finds out, she grabs a knife to kill Rinditch, but she has second thoughts. She sits down and falls asleep. In the morning she wakes up wearing different clothes. The knife is also missing. She discovers that Rinditch has been stabbed to death and that a janitor has been charged with the crime. She is convinced she is the murderer but the police don't believe her. The janitor is later convicted and executed. Miss Paisley then discovers Stanley's collar. She remembers the murder. She did kill Rinditch and threw her bloodstained clothes and knife into a river. She now does the same thing with Stanley's collar so that no one can trace the crime to her.

Poster for episode Night of the Execution.

Night of the Execution

D.A. Warren Selvey learns that he's on bad political ground beause of his low conviction rate. He decides to vigorously prosecute a man named Rodman. He wins the murder case and Rodman is sentenced to die. After the sentence, howeber, Selvey meets a man named Barnes who claims to have committed the crimes. Selvey is now being considered a candidate for Congress. Fearing the reprecussions of having convicted an innocent man, Selvey frightens Barnes into silence. The night Rodman is to be executed, Barnes shows up and urges Selvey to call the governor. Selvey refuses and in an ensuing struggle Barnes is killed. Selvey's political ambitions are ruined. Days later Selvey learns that Barnes was a fake. He was a crazy retired judge who would study the evidence of a case and then confess to the crime.

Poster for episode The Percentage.

The Percentage

Eddie Slovak meets an old Army buddy named Pete who once saved his life. He intends to repay his friend. He offers him money for a business, but Peter refuses. Eddie tries to talk to Pete's wife Louise. Louise falls for Eddie and the two become romantically involved. Eddie eventually kills her. Later he explains to Pete that he did him a favor since she was cheating on him. Pete calls the police and Eddie is arrested. Pete goes to see Eddie's girlfriend and explains that their plan worked. Louise is dead and Eddie is out of the way. Now, the two of them can be together.

Poster for episode Together.


At an officer Christmas part Shelley calls Tony and tells him he must get a divorce and marry her. She threatens to tell his wife about her if he doesn't. After the party, Tony comes to Shelley's office. When she threatens him again, he stabs her. He tries to leave the office but discovers that the door is locked. He finds the keys but uses the wrong one and jams the door. He tries other ways, but they all fail. Eventually he hears some carolers outside on the streets below. He writes a note and using the keys to weigh it down, he drops it out a window. The keys prove too heavy and the note sinks into the snow.

Poster for episode Sylvia.


Sylvia is a young woman who is contemplating suicide. Her ex-husband Peter married her for money. When her father discovered this, he forced him to divorce her. Sylvia is in touch with Peter and wants him back. Peter calls her father and tells him that he will to stay out of her life for a price. Sylvia's father tells her about his blackmail scheme. She tells him that she bought a gun to use on Peter if they did not get back together. She goes to her room alone and his followed by her father who fears she might kill herself. When he comes in, she shoots him saying that he never let her live her own life.

Poster for episode The Motive.

The Motive

Tommy Greer is a crime buff who decides to commit a motiveless murder in order to confuse the police. He selects his victim from a phone book at random. He tracks him down and kills him but his "perfect crime" is unravelled by modern crime-fighting techniques.

Poster for episode Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty.

Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty

Millicent Bracegirdle is a sheltered old woman who decides to go to Paris. Her visit does not turn out well when she accidently enters the wrong hotel room and gets locked inside with a notorious murderer.

Poster for episode The Equalizer.

The Equalizer

Eldon Marsh is physically weak man whose wife is stolen by a much larger man named Wayne Phillips. He sets about a revenge that results in a rooftop confrontation with Wayne. The match seems uneven, but Eldon has an equalizer: a gun.

Poster for episode On the Nose.

On the Nose

Fran is a housewife addicted to gambling. Her bookie threatens to tell her husband if she doesn't pay up a loan by five that afternoon. She needs to raise 25 dollars fast. She manages to scrape up five dollars and then tries to shoplift the rest. She is caught by a store detective. As they drive off in his car the detective listens to her story and offers her twenty dollars in exchange for a little romance. She refuses and the car crashes. She flees the scene of the accidnet but accidently leaves her purse and the money. She returns home and is surprised to have her purse returned by the police. It now contains twenty dollars which they found in the car and assumed was hers. She now has enough money to pay off the loan. After her husband calls to say that he must go to Chicago on business, Fran calls her bookie. Instead of paying him the money she tells him to put twenty-five dollars on a horse named Chicago Flyer.

Poster for episode Guest for Breakfast.

Guest for Breakfast

Jordon and Eve Ross are a married couple who are constantly fighting. Their latest argument is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a wanted murderer named Lacey. He holds them captive all night. Lacey ends up being an effective marraige counselor. Through the night he convinces the couple to amend their differences. All of this is despite the fact that Lacey is wanted for murdering his wife and her lover.

Poster for episode The Return of the Hero.

The Return of the Hero

Sgt. Andre is a returning veteran from the French-Algerian war. He heads home to his estate with his crippled friend Marcel. Marcel lost his leg saving Andre's life. Along the way Andre falls for a beautiful girl Teresa even though he is already engaged to be married. Marcel and a good web of lies help Andre out of his problem.

Poster for episode The Right Kind of House.

The Right Kind of House

Mr. Waterbury in interested in buying a high priced hosue. Sadie Grimes, the house's owner, invites Waterbury in for a drink. She says the price is nonnegotiable. The place has strong sentimental value for Sadie: her son was killed there with a mysterious bag that has since never been found. She believes the bag contained money which is hidden somewhere in the house. Waterbury says he will buy the house despite its inflated price. Sadie accuses him of being her son's murderer. Waterbury confesses that he is the murderer, but he slumps over dead. His drink had been poisoned.

Poster for episode Foghorn.


Lucia meets and falls in love with a man named Allen Bliss at a party that is a celebration of her engagement to another man: John St. Rogers. She decides to break the engagement. She later discovers that Allen is already married. The lovers decide to go for a ride in a sailboat to discuss their plans. They are subsequently lost in the fog and are never seen again.

Poster for episode Flight to the East.

Flight to the East

Ted Franklin is a reporter who is assigned to cover the trial of an Arab leader accused of murder. His stories about the Arab leader's guilt win him international acclaim. When his stories begin to stress the Arab's innocence he loses his prestige. When the Arab is found guilty and executed, Frank is fired and humiliated. Later, Franklin's past is revealed: he killed German general and stole a number of war souvenirs. Franklin finds himself in the news again, but this time he is on the receiving end.

Poster for episode Bull in a China Shop.

Bull in a China Shop

A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit.

Poster for episode The Disappearing Trick.

The Disappearing Trick

Walter Richmond is a gullible tennis player with a nose for snooping. He meets a woman named Laura Gild and tries to learn everything about her. His curiosity does not pay off when she and her supposedly dead husband scam him for money.

Poster for episode Lamb to the Slaughter.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Mary Maloney is a devoted wife and an exceptional housekeeper. One day, he husband, the police chief, announces that he wants a divorce because he has met another woman. Mary is quite angy and kills him with a blow from a frozen leg of lamb. She calls the police and provides and alibi for herself with the story that she'd been out to the store when the murder took place. The investigating officer, Lieutenant Noonan is further frustrated when he cannot to find the murder weapon. Knowing of the long and hard hours spent looking into the case, Mary invites Noonan to the other investigators for a bite to eat. They dig into Mary's leg of lamb and Noonan still thinking about the missing murder weapon says "For all we know, it might be right under our very noses."

Poster for episode Fatal Figures.

Fatal Figures

Harold Goames comes across a book of crime statistics and learns that the most select class of criminals in the country is made up of murderers. He immediately decideds to join that class and murders his sister Margaret. His dream of joining the class of murders is does not come true because police mistakenly rule that her sister died of natural causes.

Poster for episode Death Sentence.

Death Sentence

Paula Frayne's husband Norman is a chonic worrier who shows her little attention. When an old friend of Norman's shows up and shows too much interest in Paula, Norman becomes difficult. Paula becomes convinced that Norman no longer loves her and moves out of the house. She was wrong, however. Norman really loves her and threatens murder to prove it.

Poster for episode Festive Season.

Festive Season

Charlie Boerum has been carrying on a long standing feud with his sister Celia because he believes that she killed his wife. When the family lawyer shows up on Christmas Eve to make an attempt to reconcile the two, he discovers that they are still squabbling. He also discovers that they are also planning each other's murder.

Poster for episode Listen, Listen. . . !.

Listen, Listen. . . !

Three women have been strangled. Police arrest a stocking salesman as the killer. Mr. Morgan knows who the real culprit is: he has seen the next murder in a dream. He tries to tell people, but no one listens. His wife ignores him as well which is unfortuante because she's the strangler's next victim.

Poster for episode Post Mortem.

Post Mortem

Steve and Judy Archer are having money problems. When Judy's first husband Harry died of a heart attack, Judy collected on a large insurance police Steve sold him. Judy and Steve were then married and Steve quit his job, but later squandered most of Judy's money. The couple discovers that Harry bought a winning Sweepstakes ticket. Unfortunately, the winning ticket is in his pocket and he is buried six feet under. Judy wants to dig up the corpse, but Steve doesn't. Judy gets help from a reporter who digs up the body and finds the ticket. Later the reporter reveals himself as an insurance detective. He believes Harry was murdered, possibly by Steve. Later while Judy is in the bath, Steve returns and takes the winning ticket. He throws an electric heater in the bathtub. Judy screams and Steve runs, right into the arms of the waiting police. Judy emerges from the bathroom unharmed. The detective removed the fuse so she was not electrocuted. As Steve is led away by the police, Judy takes the winning ticket from him.

Poster for episode The Crocodile Case.

The Crocodile Case

Jack Lyons is interrogated by the police. He accidently reveals himself as a murderer when he identifies a crocodile dressing case and the initial's engraved on it. Since the initials were engraved on it shortly before the murder and fell off during the murder, only the killer and victim could have known about them. Jack is promptly arrested.

Poster for episode A Dip in the Poole.

A Dip in the Poole

William Botibol is a compulsive gambler. While on a cruise he enters a betting pool to guess the number of miles the ship will travel in the course of twenty four miles. William gains some inside information when he learns that the ships is going to slow down to avoid an upcoming storm. Unfortunately the storm passes and the ship continues to speed on its course. He decides to force the ship to slow down by throwing himself overboard. He figures that when word gets out of someone going overboard the ship will slow down to get him. He picks out a witness and jumps overboard. The witness doesn't say a word. She's mentally ill and does not alert anyone to Williams plight.

Poster for episode The Safe Place.

The Safe Place

George Piper is a bank teller and gambler. One day, a gambler named Victor arrives at the bank and makes a large withdrawl. Later, George visits Victor and kills him. He takes Victor's money and hides it in a secret place in his teller's cash drawer at the bank. The police question George, but clear him of any wrongdoing. George's boss, however, fires him. He demands the key to the crash drawer where George hid the money in order to give it to George's replacement.

Poster for episode The Canary Sedan.

The Canary Sedan

Laura Bowlby is a psychic who wants to visit her husband in Hong King. She is picked up by a chauffer in a black sedan. Laura Bowlby says she does not like the color and would prefer a canary yellow one instead. This remark shocks the driver since the car was once canary yellow before a recent paint job. Inside the car, Laura begins to hear a woman's voice. The voice tells Laura about a passionate affair. Laura longs for such passion in her life because her husband James is quite unromantic and cold. After some research, Laura find the grave of the woman who has been talking to her. She looks at the gravestone and is unpleasantly surprised to see the initials of the dead woman and the initials of her own husband, James.

Poster for episode Impromptu Murder.

Impromptu Murder

A woman who once accused Henry Dow of a crime enters the town and he invites her to stay with him and his sister. She tells Henry that she is carrying a large amount of money since she is planning an investment. Henry kills her for the money and dumps her body into the river. Henry then attends a dedication ceremony held on a bridge overlooking the river. When a body floats by, Henry is asked to identify it as the missing Miss Wilkinson. Without really looking at the body, he says it isn't her. A police detective asks Henry's sister to identify the body. Before she can have a look Henry confesses to the murder. Unfortunately for him, the body wasn't Miss Wilkinson's at all. It was someone else.

Poster for episode Little White Frock.

Little White Frock

Colin Brackner is an elderly actor who invites a playwright Adam Longsworth and his wife over to dinner. During dinner Colin talks about a long lost love. The tale deeply effects both Adam and his wife practically reducing them to tears. Colin reveals that the tale is a deception. Recognizing the talent needed to pull off such a deception, Adam invites Colin to be part of his new production.

Poster for episode Poison.


Harry Pope is an alcoholic plantation owner. One day he awakens with a deadly snake in his bed. It lies sleeping under the blanket right on his chest. Afraid to move, he calls for help and Timber Woods arrives and later gets a doctor. Woods attempts to knock the snake out by using chloroform poured under the blankets through a rubber tube. When they pull back the blankets they find no snake. The doctor leaves angrily. Woods laughs at Harry and jumps onto the bed. The snake comes out from behind a pillow and bites him right on the face.

Poster for episode Don't Interrupt.

Don't Interrupt

Mr. and Mrs. Templeton are on a train with their deliquent eight-year-old son named Johnny. Outside it is snowing. A blizzard is raging. An announcement reveals that someone has escaped from a nearby asylum. He is not dangerous, but is in need of help because he is caught in the blizzard. Johnny annoys some passengers on the train. His parents get angry with him and tell him to be quiet. The train breaks down and Johnny notices a man outside scratching at the window. Listening to his parents, he doesn't say a word and leaves the mental patient outside to die in the blizzard.

Poster for episode The Jokester.

The Jokester

Mr. Bradley decides to play a joke at a mortuary. He pretends to be a corpse and scares an attendant named Pop Henderson. Later, Mr. Bradley is knocked unconscious by a victim of another of his practical jokes. He winds up at the morgue. He wakes up and tries to explain to Pop that he is just paralyzed. Pop doesn't believe him and locks him up in his slab.

Poster for episode The Crooked Road.

The Crooked Road

Harry Adams is pulled over by a police officer named Pete Chandler. Pete says Harry was speeding and insists that Harry follow him into town. As they travel, they discover that Harry has a flat tire. A tow truck appears out of nowhere and takes Harry's car into town. When they get into town Pete must pay a large fine for speeding. He must also pay a large bill for car repairs. As Harry drives away he is revealed to be from the State Highway Commission. He has the entire scam recorded on tape.

Poster for episode The Two Million Dollar Defense.

The Two Million Dollar Defense

Lloyd Ashley is paying a lawyer named Mark Robinson two million dollards in order to be defended on a murder charge. Robinson wins the case after setting up an expert on the stand. Later, Ashley kills Robinson after he discovers that Robinson was the one fooling around with his wife. Robinson set up the whole thing in order to get money for defending Ashley.

Poster for episode Design for Loving.

Design for Loving

Charles Brailing wants to leave his wife and fly to Rio. He builds a robot, which he keeps locked in a tool chest in the basement. The robot looks just like him. Charles begins to become uncomfortable with the robot growing close to his wife. He tries to destroy it. Unfortunately the robot gets the better of him and locks him up permanently in the tool chest in the basement.

Poster for episode A Man with a Problem.

A Man with a Problem

Carl climbs onto a ledge at a New York apartment and threatens to jump. Policemen arrive and learn that Carl wants to jump because his wife committed suicide after running off with a man named Steve. One of the policemen comes out onto the ledge to try to pull him back in. Unfortunately, this was part of Carl's plan. The policeman is Steve and Carl promptly pushes him off.

Poster for episode Safety for the Witness.

Safety for the Witness

Cyril T. Jones makes guns for gangsters. After he sees two men kill an important witness in a mob trial, he is threatened. The police question him but he gives no information knowing that the mobsters will kill him if he talks. Later Cyril meets up with the two men and kills them with an elephant gun. He gives himself up, but the police refuse to prosecute him.

Poster for episode Murder Me Twice.

Murder Me Twice

Lucy Pryor is hypnotized at a party by Miles Farnham. In a trance, she claims to be an unhappily married Quaker named Dora Evans. Under hypnosis she promptly picks up a pair of scissors and kills her husband. The police immediately take her into custody. Lucy says she does not remember anything. Later, the police find out that there was a real Dora Evans and that she killed her husband almost a hundred years ago. Lucy is taken to trial. For her defense, she agrees to be hynotized again. She again claims to be named Dora Evans and right in the middle of the courtroom she again kills someone. This time her victim is Farnham, the hypnotist.

Poster for episode Tea Time.

Tea Time

Iris Teleton meets her husband's lover Blanche Herbert. Blanche asks that Iris give her husband a divorce. When Iris refuses, Blanche gives her a letter that proves that she was also cheating on her husband. Iris kills Blanche. Later, Iris meets with her husband Oliver and learns that he gave Blanche the letter. He also hired a detective who was following Iris. The detective can place Iris at the scene of Blanche's murder. Iris's husband agrees to keep quiet, but only if she will give him a divorce.

Poster for episode And the Desert Shall Blossom.

And the Desert Shall Blossom

Two old hermits who live in the Nevada desert are confronted by a sheriff who asks them to come back to town. They say they will return to town if the can't get a dead rosebush to grow. Later a stranger arrives. He demands to be taken to Reno. The stranger starts a fight with one of the hermits and is killed in the ensuing struggle. The sheriff later arrives looking for the murderer. The hermits show him the rose bush which has began to blossom. The sheriff leaves and the hermits reveal that the bush is probably blooming because they buried the body beneath it.

Poster for episode Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore.

Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore

Mrs. Fenimore is an actress who moves into the home of Mrs. Herman. With Mrs Fenimore's help, Mrs. Herman kill her uncle Bill and makes it look like an accident. Mrs. Fenimore later reveals that she married Bill and that she stands to inherit a lot of money.

Poster for episode Six People, No Music.

Six People, No Music

Arthur Motherwell is an undertaker with a strange problem. He has been hired by a family to prepare an extravagant funeral for a wealthy man name Stanton C. Barryvale. Later when he does to embalme Mr. Barryvale, he wakes up and writes down a note insisting that he be given a small funeral: six people, no music. After giving Arthur the note, Barryvale dies for good. Motherwell must decide on which funeral to prepare. He decides on the extravagant one and has the note destroyed.

Poster for episode The Morning After.

The Morning After

Sharon Trotter is having an affair with a married man named Ben Nelson. Sharon's mother tells Ben's wife who then tries to get a divorce. Ben kills her. Needing an alibi he calls Sharon and tells her that she should tell the police that he was with her on the night of the murder. Unfortunately, Sharon's mother answers the phone pretending to be Sharon. She then tells her daughter that Nelson wants her to tell the police that he was not with her on the night of the murder.

Poster for episode A Personal Matter.

A Personal Matter

Bret Johnson and Joe Philips work at an isolated construction site. When Joe hears a news broadcast about the murder of a construction boss, he tells Brett that the murder was justified. Later the two men risk their lives and save a trapped fellow worker. As the prepare to leave, Joe pulls a gun on Brett and accuses him of being a cop here to arrest him for murder. Brett tells him that he is a cop, but that he will testify on his behalf in court because he has shown himself to be a good man in saving their co-worker's life.

Poster for episode Out There - Darkness.

Out There - Darkness

Eddie McMahon in in dire need of money. He asks a rich woman named Miss Fox for a load. She refuses. Later when Miss Fox is walking her dog she is mugged and almost killed. She did not get a good look at her attacker, but she suspects Eddie and tells the police. The police arrest eddie and he is sent to prison. A year later, the real mugger is caught and Eddie is released from prison. Eddie goes to see Miss Fox and she offers him five dollars for the trouble she put him through. He takes it. Later Miss Fox walks her dog and is mugged once again. She is strangled and kill. The mugger is Eddie. He throws the five hundred dollars down next to the body and walks away.

Poster for episode Total Loss.

Total Loss

Jan Manning owns a department store which is deep in debt. She decides to pull off an insurance scam. The store will be torched and she and her boyfriend will collect the insurance money. Later, Jan is told that her store caught fire and that one of her employees had been badly burned. Hearing this she admits to the insurance scam. Unfortunately for her, the fire wasn't arson. It started because of a faulty coffee machine. She accidently implicates herself in insurance fraud and the police begin to interrogate her.

Poster for episode The Last Dark Step.

The Last Dark Step

Brad Taylor wants to marry Janice, but needs to cut off his old girlfriend Leslie. Leslie refuses and Brad kills her. When he returns home, he is shocked to discover the police waiting for him. He asks how they could have known and he discovers that the police are not there because of Leslie's murder, but because of Janice's.

Poster for episode The Morning of the Bride.

The Morning of the Bride

Helen Brewster wants to meet her future mother-in-law. She is engaged to a man named Philip. On the night she is to see Philip's mother, he tells her that his mother is sick and that he has been drafter. After Philip gets back from overseas, Helen again wishes to see Philip's mother. She becomes quite insistent and threatens to leave him. Philip tells her that they should get married right now and then tell his mother. They do so and return to Philip's house. In the morning, Helen sneak's up into the room of Philip's mother. She isn't there. No one is there. She sees a newspaper clipping that reveals that she has been dead for ten years. Philip then enters the room. He talks to an empty rocking chair as if his mother was still alive.

Poster for episode The Diamond Necklace.

The Diamond Necklace

Andrew Thurgood works at Maynard's jewelry store. When a woman steals an expensive necklace right out from under his nose, he think he is in deep trouble. His boss, however, downplays the robbery and insists that the company's insurance will take care of everything. Later, Andrew returns home and sees his daughter. It was his daughter that stole the necklace.

Poster for episode Relative Value.

Relative Value

John Manbridge is in dire need of money. He wealthy Uncle Felix tells him to just relax since he will inherit a lot of money when his Uncle dies. John can't wait. He sneaks into his uncle's officer and kills him. He locates a policeman so that he and the policeman can find the body at the same time. The two men get to Felix's office. They find the body and a note written by Felix. The note reveals that Felix was dying and had just taken poison in order to end his suffering. Overwhelmed, John faints. The policeman revives John with a glass of whisky. John takes a drink, but is poisoned and dies. The glass of whisky was what his uncle had used to take the poison.

Poster for episode The Right Price.

The Right Price

Mort and Jocelyn Barnhardt are a constantly fighting married couple. One evenin a burgler enters their home and makes a startling proposal. He tells Mort that he will rob him and that he wants to spilt the insurance money acquired from the robbery. Mort makes another offer. He wants him to kill his wife. They debate about the price and reach a compromise. The burgler goes upstairs to kill Jocelyn. After a while Mort becomes worried. He goes upstairs to find out what's taking so long. He is subsquently murdered. Jocelyn, it seems, made a higher counteroffer and the burglar decided to kill Mort.

Poster for episode I'll Take Care of You.

I'll Take Care of You

John Forbes is a used car salesman who wants to be rid of his wife Dorothy because of her extravagent lifestyle. When two college students arrive wanting to buy a car, he sees an oppurtunity. He finds a car and runs over his wife later that night. He then takes the car to a mechanic to have it fixed before selling it to the students. After the car is sold, the police show up. They arrest the mechanic for murder. The mechanic wife arrives and tells John that she told the police about the murder. Since she wanted to be rid of her stingy husband, she told the police he did it. She then tells Forbes that he must support her extravagent lifestyle or else she will tell the police about him as well.

Poster for episode The Avon Emeralds.

The Avon Emeralds

Inspector Benson follows Lady Gwendolyn Avon. It is believed that Avon intends to smuggle a valuable emerald necklace out of England in order to sell it. Benson tries to convince her to put the necklace in a vault, but she refuses. The emeralds are latter stolen. Avon has an alibi and heads to France. Benson follows and talks to the French police who are uninterested in the affair. Benson later meets up with Avon and reveals that their plan worked. He stole the necklace and now they can sell it at a hefty profit.

Poster for episode The Kind Waitress.

The Kind Waitress

Thelma Tompkins is a waitress who discovers that she is named in the will of a Mrs. Mannerheim who stays at the hotel where she workds. Thelma and her boyfriend then plot to kill Mannerheim. They discover a lethal drug called Anatine. Thelma slips the drug into Mannerheim's food. She does not grow ill, but more lively. Frustrated, Thelma strangles her. At the inquest, however, she breaks down and confesses. She learns that Mannerheim had a heart conditions and that her doctor had prescribed her Anatine to keep her alive.

Poster for episode Cheap Is Cheap.

Cheap Is Cheap

Alexander Gifford is a misery who wants be rid of his wife. He thinks about divorcing her, but realizes that it will be expensive. He then considers hitmen to kill her, but the cost of hitmen is quite high. He then kills her himself. Later, he is shocked by a funeral bill of a hundred and fifty dollars. He decides to sell his wife's body to science and picks up seventy-five dollars.

Poster for episode The Waxwork.

The Waxwork

Mr. Marriner is an owner of a wax museum. He lets a reporter named Raymond Houston stay the night at his waxworks in order to right a story. At night, the reporter sees the wax figure of a murdering barber named Bourdette. The statue comes to life and tells the reporter to get ready for a shave. In the morning, the reporter's body is discovered. He sits in a barber chair as if ready for a shave. His body is unmarked. Marriner concludes that he must had died of fear brought on my an overactive imagination.

Poster for episode The Impossible Dream.

The Impossible Dream

Oliver Matthews is a has been actor who is worshipped by his adoring secretary. To get away from his secretary, he tells her he is going to Mexico. Instead he meets with Grace Dolan, a woman who has been blackmailing him. Since he can no longer afford the payments, he kills her. He goes home to find his secretary. She knows about the murder, but will not go to the police if he marries her.

Poster for episode Banquo's Chair.

Banquo's Chair

A wealthy woman named Miss Ferguson is murdered and Scotland Yard detective is determined to force the lead suspect John Bedford to confess. He stages an elaborate hoax including an actress named May Thorpe to play the ghost of Miss Ferguson. The hoax goes off as plan, the ghost appears, and Bedford confesses. Later, May Thorpe arrives and apologizes for being late. She also asks if she is too late to give her performance.

Poster for episode A Night With the Boys.

A Night With the Boys

After losing eighty dollars in a poker game, Irv worries about explaining his losses to his wife. He fakes being mugged and reports it to the police. The next day the police tell him that his mugger has been caught. Unwilling to condemn an innocent man, he agrees not to press charges if his money is returned to him. The mugger gives him eighty dollars. Later Irv visits his poker pals. He discovers that one of them was mugged the night before and was robbed of the eighty dollars he won from Irv.

Poster for episode Your Witness.

Your Witness

Arnold Shawn is a lawyer who is defending a man invovled in a hit-and-run accident. Arnold's wife Naomi worries about her marriage. She knows that Arnold is seeing another woman. During the trial, Shawn discredits a witness to the accident named Babcock. Without his glasses, he is blind. Later Naomi kills her husband in a hit-and-run. The discredited Babcock is the only witness.

Poster for episode The Human Interest Story.

The Human Interest Story

Bill Everett interviews a man named Howard Wilcox who claims to be a Martain. Howard claims he has escaped Mars and has assumed the identity of an earthman. Everett later goes to his editor, he tells him that he has killed Everett. Everett was really a Martian and his existence was a danger to the other Martians who are planning to invade the Earth.

Poster for episode The Dusty Drawer.

The Dusty Drawer

Norman Logan was once cheated by a man named william William Tritt. He uses a secret door in a table to extract his revenge.

Poster for episode Curtains for Me.

Curtains for Me

Maureen Hughes suspects that her husband is a murderer. She asks a lawyer Paul Brett what to do and is told that she cannot testify against her husband. Maureen's husband commits suicide and Maureen marries Paul. Later in her sleep Maureen confesses to murder. Brett aware of the law dictates the story into a tape recorder. Maureen finds out that he knows and kills him with poison. She also burns the tape.

Poster for episode Touché.


Bill Fleming's wife cheats on him constantly. A friend named Sandy tells him about a law that prevents a man from being prosecuted for murder if one engages in an honorable duel. Bill challenge's his wife's current boyfriend and kills him. He is not prosecuted for murder but he must deliver a substantial amount of money to the man's next of kin: Sandy.

Poster for episode Invitation to an Accident.

Invitation to an Accident

Albert Magnum is a well known ladies man. He advise a woman named Virginia to stay away from her ex-husband Joseph because he is a jealous man. After Virginia is almost killed, Albert suspects Joseph. To find out the truth, Albert takes Joseph fishing and asks him subtle questions about how to murder's one wife. Albert shifts the conversation to one about how to murder the lover of one's wife. Albert suggests coffee laced with arsenic. He offers Albert some coffee. He drinks it and dies. Joseph suspected mistakenly that Albert was his wife's lover.

Poster for episode Arthur.


Arthur Williams is a chicken farmer who is also a confirmed bachelor. He wants to be rid of his gold-digging girlfriend. He strangles and kills her. The police suspect Arthur, but cannot find the body. Later Arthur offers them a gift for their troubles: chickens. The chickens are quite fat from a special feed that was made up, in part, from his girlfriend's body.

Poster for episode The Crystal Trench.

The Crystal Trench

When Stella Ballister's husband dies in a mountain-climbing accident, he falls into a crevasse and is frozen within a glacier. Stella waits for the glacier to move so that she can see the frozen and perfectly preserved body of her husband. When it finally does so, she is shocked to discover that her husband's corpse is wearing a locket that contains a picture of another woman.

Poster for episode Appointment at Eleven.

Appointment at Eleven

Davy Logan leaves his house against the pleas of his mother. He goes to a bar and meets a woman. He tells her that his father abandoned him when he was young after being caught with another woman. He says he hates his father and grow angry. He grow so angry that he must be restrained and is kicked out of the bar. He goes to another bar. His father use to play piano there. He picks a fight with the current piano player. He again is restrained. He yells that someone is going to die in 'two minutes'. A few minutes later, a news broadcast reveals that Davy's father was executed for murder. Davy breaks down and sobs.

Poster for episode Coyote Moon.

Coyote Moon

John Piltkin pikcs up three hitchhikers who rob him. After he spots them in a diner, he enacts his revenge. He steals a car and picks the hitchhikers up. Concealing his face in shadows, he then pretends the car has stalled and walks off to get help. The hitchhickers are then arrested in the stolen car.

Poster for episode No Pain.

No Pain

Dave Rainey must breathe using an iron lung. He worries that his wife Cindy will leave him for another man or, worse yet, kill him. Cindy becomes interested in a man named Arnold Barrett. She unplugs Dave's iron lung but quickly plugs it back in. She tells him the doctor doesn't want Dave to become dependent on the machine. Later, Arnold kills Cindy. Arnold was a hitman who was hired to protect Dave from Cindy.

Poster for episode Anniversary Gift.

Anniversary Gift

Hermie Jenkins wants to kill his wife Myra. She is an animal lover and so he buys her a poisonous coral snake from a snake collector for her anniversity. Myra opens her gift and at the suggest of his wife, Hermie leaves for a beer. When he return hs finds that his wife is not dead. She complains to him about the agressiveness of the snake. She gives it to Hermie and it bites him. He drops dead. Later the snake collector reveals that he sold Hermie a king snake which looks very much like the coral snake but is harmless. Hermie did not die of poison; he died of a heart attack.

Poster for episode Dry Run.

Dry Run

Art wants to impress his boss Mr. Barbossa. Mr. Barbossa wants him to pay off and kill a man named Moran. Moran, however, is a seasoned gangster. When Art confronts him, he easily takes the gun away from him. He forces Art to give him the money and the tells him that he shouldn't be with Barbossa. He proposes that Art join with him. He offers him money to kill Barbossa. Art accepts. Unfortunately, Moran reveals that he works for Barbossa. It was all a test of loyalty. Since Art failed, he is shot.

Poster for episode The Blessington Method.

The Blessington Method

J.J. Bunts is a member of the Society of Gerontology. The society is focused on solving the problem of old age. Mr. Treadwell hires the society to take care of his aged mother-in-law. The society kills her, but Treadwell is disturbed to find out that he may also share a similar fate one day.

Poster for episode Dead Weight.

Dead Weight

Unknown to his wife, Courtney Masterson has a latenight encounter with his girlfriend at lover's lane. There they are attacked by a robber name Rudy. Courtney manages to overpower his attacker and locks him in the trunk. Fearing blackmail, he kills Rudy after taking his girlfriend home. The tells the police that he acted in self-defense. Later, however, he learns that his wife hired a detective to follow him to lover's lane. The detective knowing everything decides to blackmail Courtney.

Poster for episode Special Delivery.

Special Delivery

Tommy Fortnum is an eleven year old boy who recieves a special delivery package from a house of novelties. It contains mushrooms. Tommy's dad, Hugh begins to worry about the mushroom when people in his neighborhood start disappearing. He believes the Earth is being invaded by Martians and that the mushroom are being used to take people over. Later, Hugh goes down into his basement. He sees the mushroom growing everywhere. His son offers him a mushroom sandwich. His father overcome, decides to have a bite.

Poster for episode Road Hog.

Road Hog

Sam Pine's son is dies when a road hog prevents him from getting his son to the hospital in time. Sam invites the roadhog over to his house. He gives him a drink and tells him its poisoned. The roadhog takes off intedning to drive to the hospital. Sam's other son's drive in slowly in front of him and prevent him from passing. When the road hog tries to pass, he crashes and dies. Later Sam reveals that the drink wasn't poisoned at all.

Poster for episode Specialty of the House.

Specialty of the House

Mr. Laffler wants to be a life member of a gourmet restaurant named Spiro's. When he looks into the off-limits kitchen he becomes a life member and like all life members, he becomes the specialty of the house.

Poster for episode An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

After the Battle of Shiloh a confederate prisoner Peyton Farquhar is taken to Owl Creek Bridge to be hanged for his Souther sympathies. When the trap is sprung his rope breaks and he escapes. He manages to make it home and is almost in the arms of his wife Melissa when his neck snaps suddenly and he dies at the end of the hangman's rope having imagined the entire escape in the seconds before his death.

Poster for episode Graduating Class.

Graduating Class

Laura Siddons has just become a literature teacher at an girl's school. On evening she notices one of her students named Gloria at a racy nightclub. Later on a date with a man named Ben Proudy she sees him leave the with a man. Laura asks Gloria about this and she reveals that she is married to the man but does not want her mother to find out. Laura agrees to keep Gloria's secret. Later, however, she discovers that Gloria's mother has lapsed into a coma. Ben Proudy told Gloria's mother the secret and demanded money from her to keep it secret. Later, Gloria wrongly accuses Laura of being part of the Proudy's plot. He career is ruined.

Poster for episode Man from the South.

Man from the South

An out of his luck gambler is intrigued when a man makes an unusual bet. If the gambler can ignite his lighter ten times in a row, the man will give up his costly convertible. If, however, the lighter fails, the gambler must give up the little finger of his left hand. A girl and another gambler watch as bet starts. After the gambler manages to light his lighter seven times in a row, the bet is called off after the intervention of the a woman who claims to be the man's wife. She claims that the convertible is hers and that her husband has nothing to bet since she has already won everything he owns. As the woman reaches for the car's keys the gambler notices that her left hand has only one finger and a thumb.

Poster for episode The Ikon of Elijah.

The Ikon of Elijah

Carpius obtains a copy of a valuable ikon and wished to switch it with the original. He goes to the monastery where it is kept and tries to steal it. He is discovered by a monk who he then kills. Other monks hear the commotion and capture Carpius. Carpius pleads for forgiveness. The archimandrite tell him that forgiveness is only possible through prayer. Carpius gets down on his knees and prayers. Behind him the monks lock the door. They want him to pray their for the rest of his life.

Poster for episode The Cure.

The Cure

Jeff Jensen searches the Amazon for oil with a middle-aged man and his wife Marie. One night, Jensen is startled to discover Maria holding a knife on him. His servant Luiz stops her before she can do anything. Jeff tells Luiz and his business partner Mike to take her to head shrinker. Maria likes this idea since she hopes to talk Mike into killing Luiz. Later Luiz returns are reveals that he had been forced to kill Mike. He also adds that everything else went smoothly. He proudly displays Marie's shrunken head.

Poster for episode Backward, Turn Backward.

Backward, Turn Backward

Sheriff Andy Willett investigatest he murder of a man named Matt Thompson who was beaten to death with a wrench. He suspects a man named Phil Canby. Phil was involved in an affair with Matt's daughter Sue. Sheriff Willett discovers that a baby's cries were heard on the murder night. Knowing that Phil had been babysitting, he arrests Canby. As he is being taken way, his daughter Betty Canby yells at Sue. She blames him for ruining her father. She also yealls at the sheriff. She begins to cry, almost regressing into infancy. She is mentally ill and was the murderer.

Poster for episode Not the Running Type.

Not the Running Type

Milton Potter steals twenty thousand dollars from the firm where he works. He then turns himself in. He, however, does not return the money. Twelve years later he is released from jail. Suprisingly, he returns the money and goes on a cruise. He had kept the money in banks and wants to live the rest of his life on the interested it earned while he was in jail.

Poster for episode The Day of the Bullet.

The Day of the Bullet

Clete Vine discovers that his boyhood friend turned ganster Iggy has been murderer. He recalls the origin of Iggy's life of crime. Thirty five years ago a young Clete and Iggy saw a thug named Mr. Rose attacking a man. Clete was too scared to say anything while Iggy went to the police. Rose, however, was released. Later Iggy's father is intimidated by Rose and accuses his son of making up the whole story. Alienated, Iggy turned to a life of crime and later died from it.

Poster for episode Hitch Hike.

Hitch Hike

Charles Underhill is driving to San Francisco with his niece Anne. They pick up a hitchhiker. The boy tells them he was once in reform school. Charles grows nervous. When he is pulled over by the police for speeding, he accuses the boy of trying to stab him. The police search the boy and find nothing and writes a ticket for Charles. The boy later reveals that he was sent to reform school for pick-pocketing. He reveals the police officer's ticket book and rips up Charles's speeding ticket.

Poster for episode Across the Threshold.

Across the Threshold

Sofie Winter is a wealthy widow that tries to control the life of ber son Hubert. She misses her husband dearly and often thinks of him as waiting just across the threshold for her. She wants to talk to her husband wondering whether he is lonely and wants her to come to him. Hubert convinces his mother that he knows a medium. The "medium" is actually his girlfriend Irman. Irma tells Sofie that her dead husband is lonely and that he wants her to join them. Sofie agrees to take a fatal dose of medicine, but stalls. Hubert grows upsey and gets himself a drink. He soon dies. His mother poisoned the drink. She wanted her son to join his parents in the afterlife.

Poster for episode Craig's Will.

Craig's Will

Tom's late uncle leave millions of dollars to his dog Casper. The will has one condition: when Casper dies all the money will be Tom's. Tom is persuaded by his girlfriend to kill the dog. He takes Casper to the woods but gets cold feet. He tells Judy that he will not hurt the dog. Later, Judy hires a hitman named Noonan to kill the dog. He tries to drown the dog in a boat. When the boat tips over the dog saves his life. He tells Judy that he is not going to kill the dog. When Tom finds out about Judy's murder plot he grows unhappy with her. Casper the dog, however, does not.

Poster for episode Madame Mystery.

Madame Mystery

Jimmy Dolan works for Goliath Studios. When star actress Betsy Blake drowns, he hopes to turn the publicity surrounding the murder into publicity for her last movie which was produced by Goliath Studios. When Betsy later turns up alive and seriously overweight, he drives her to the beach and drowns her. Later he is arrested. They tell him head kill her mother if it served his purposes. He responds by asking how they knew.

Poster for episode The Little Man Who Was There.

The Little Man Who Was There

A group of miners at a bar are shocked when a little man arrives and challenges two large men named Ben and Jamie to a test of strength. They laugh at him, but when the test happens the two men are paralyzed by the little man's "magical power". The little men then rob the astonished and dearful miners. Later Ben and Jamie show up at the little man's cabin. They thank each other and begin to plan for their next big scam.

Poster for episode Mother, May I Go out to Swim?.

Mother, May I Go out to Swim?

John Cane is a mother's boy. He goes to Vermont and falls in love with Lotte Rank. They decide to get married. Later, John's mother arrives. She obviously dislikes Lotte and John is reluctant to tell her that they want to marry. They plan to kill Clair. They take her up to a cliff, but John has a change of heart. He shoves someone to her death, but it is not her mother: it's Lotte.

Poster for episode The Cuckoo Clock.

The Cuckoo Clock

Ida Blythe wants to stay in her summer cottage despite the fact that there is an escaped lunatic on the loose. A strange woman named Madeleine Hall arrives at her cottage and she and Ida sit down for tea. Madeleine tells Ida a story about her aunt. Apparantly, Madeleine's aunt one cut the head off her pet canary. The story upsets Ida, but Madeleine later reveals that the story was a lie. Someone comes to the door. He tells Ida to be careful of the escaped lunatic because she is dangerous. Ida suspects Madeleine and the too soon get into a scuffle. Madeline is knocked unconscious and Ida calls for help. The man who warned her returns. He enters the house and bolts the door. He is the lunatic. When a cuckoo clock startles him, he braks it. He attacks Ida but motions her to the clock. The head on the cuckoo of the clock has been cut off.

Poster for episode Forty Detectives Later.

Forty Detectives Later

William Tyre is the forty first detective hired by Munro Dean in order to track down his wife's killer. William manages to track down a man named Otto. Munro then offers William money to kill Otto, but William turns it down. He arranges a meeting between Munro and Otto. At the encounter, Otto is killed. Before dying he confesses to the murder but also adds that he was paid by Munro to do so. Munro hired the detectives in order to track down his hit man in order to keep him quite.

Poster for episode The Hero.

The Hero

While traveling on a ship Richard Musgrave meets a man named Keyser that looks like his former partner, a man he once robbed and left for dead. He talks to Keyser, but Keyser denies that he ever met Musgrave. Later, however, he subltely reveals that he was Musgrave's former partner. Keyser jumps overboard in remourse. Keyser jumps after him. He pretends to save him, but drowns him in the ocean. After Keyser is pulled back aboard the ship, he is awarded a medal for attempting to save a man he never met.

Poster for episode Insomnia.


Charles Cavender is having a terrible case of insomnia. He visits a psychologist Doctor Tedaldi for help. He tells the doctor that his his wife died in a fire. He also adds that her brother Fletcher blames him for her death. The doctor suggests that he and his brother-in-law should try to resolve their diffences. He meets Fletcher but they get into an argument. There is a fight and Fletcher is killed. Cavender then returns hom and is finally able to get some rest. He goes to sleep and a fire breaks out. His sleep is so deep that the fire does not wake him up and he dies.

Poster for episode I Can Take Care of Myself.

I Can Take Care of Myself

Bert Haber is a piano player who injects himself into a scuffle between a mobster named Little Dandy and a singer. Dandy is punched in the faces and vows revenge. Later, Bert is approached by a man trying to sell him life insurance at Dandy's recommendation. Bert refuses thinking that he can take car of himself. The next day a detective arrives. He tells Bert that his singer friend was murdered last night. The detective wants Bert to testify against Dandy. Bert agrees, but he wants police protection. The detective takes him to his car. Bert gets in a discovers the insurance man. The men work for Little Dandy, and Bert is promptly killed.

Poster for episode One Grave Too Many.

One Grave Too Many

Joe Helmer sees a man collapse on the street. He checks his pulse and feels nothing. He then sees that his wallet is filled with money. He takes the wallet and runs off. He later examines the wallet and finds a card that alerts him that the man was ill with a disease that makes him appear dead. Guilt ridden, he goes to the police and tells his story. They tell him that the man actually died and was not the real owner of the wallet. He was a pickpocket.

Poster for episode Party Line.

Party Line

Helen Parch shares a telephone party line with her two neighbors: Betty and Emma. One day Helen hears that Heywood Miller is coming back into town. She once shared a party line with him. Heywood's wife died after Helen refused to get off the phone so he could call the hospital. Helen is terrified that Heywood is coming to kill her. When she hears noise coming from her basement she tries to call the police. Unfortunately, Betty and Emma are on the line and refuse to believe that she is in danger. They stay on the phone while Heywood appears upstairs to kill Helen.

Poster for episode Cell 227.

Cell 227

Herbert Morrison is on death row facing execution. He hates a man named Pops Lafferty who continually tries to cheer up inmates on death row. The day of Morrison's execution, he attacks Pops and kills him. Later, however, he discovers that a witness had come forward and cleared him of the murder that put him on death row. Unfortunately, Morrison also learns that he faces the gas chamber for killing Pops.

Poster for episode The Schwartz-Metterklume Method.

The Schwartz-Metterklume Method

Mrs. Wellington picks up her new governess Miss Hope at a train station. Miss Hope critizes the Wellingtons with regard to their taste. She takes care of the children by using the The Schwartz-Metterklume Method whereby the children are allowed to run completely wild. Eventually, Mrs. Wellington fires her governess. Later, she discovers that Miss Hope is actually the wealthy and eccentric Lady Charlotte. She was not the governess, but when she was mistaken for one she decided to go along to see what would happen.

Poster for episode Letter of Credit.

Letter of Credit

A man named Henry Lowden calls William Spengler and asks for information for a book. Spengler is a president of a bank and Lowden wants information on an unsolved crime. Lowden is interested in a man named Mathias who was shot after attempting an escape from prison. Spengler tells Lowden that Mathias stole a half million dollars from the bank which has not been recovered. Later, Lowden's investigation reveals that Spengler was in fact the robber. Spengler offers to cut him in. Lowden refuses and calls the police. He was not a writer; rather, he was the prison guard who shot Mathias, an innocent man framed by Spengler.

Poster for episode Escape to Sonoita.

Escape to Sonoita

Bill and Andy Davis drive a tanker truck through the Arizona desert. When their car overheats, they see another car get into an accident. They go to help out, but discover a kidnapping victim and her kidnappers: Marshall and Lemon. The kidnappers pull guns on Bill and Andy and then take their truck. Bill, Andy, and the kidnapping victim are left in the desert. Andy knows there is a nearby town. At night they travel and are rescued. Later, there is a search for the kidnappers. They find Lemon's body. He had been shot in a fight over the waterbag. Later, the tanker truck is located. Marshall lies dead outside it. Next to him in an empty waterbag. Later, it is revealed that the tanker truck stolen by the kidnappers was hauling water: two thousand gallons of it.

Poster for episode Hooked.


Ray Marschand is on a fishing trip at a camp with his wife Gladys. Ray falls for and becomes involved with the young daughter Nila of the owner of the camp. Ray plans to kill his wife so he can be with Nila. Since Gladys can't swin he will accompany her on the next fishing boat and push her off. All goes according to plan, except when the boat comes back it is Gladys who survives. She then reveals that she wants to marry Nila's dad. She'll do so, of course, after a proper morning period.

Poster for episode Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat.

Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat

Mrs. Bixby is having an affair with the Colonel. When he decides to stop seeing her, he gives her a gift: an expensive mink coat. Mrs. Bixby, however, does not want her husband to know where she got the coat. She pawns it and tells the pawnbroker not to write a description of the item on the pawn ticket. She then tells her husband that she found the ticket. She tells him to turn it in and see what it is. She stops by her husband's officer expecting him to give her back the mink coat. Instead, he gives her a cheap mink neckpiece. As she leaves, she sees her husband's secretary dressed in the Colonel's mink coat.

Poster for episode The Doubtful Doctor.

The Doubtful Doctor

Ralph Jones tells his psychiatrist of a disturbing episode. He came home from work one day an had a fight with his wife. He then wished that he was single again and was transported back to his bachelor days. Ralph's problem, however, is that when he tried to live his life again everything went wrong. He became depressed and gave all his money to a boy for some baseball cards. He then jumped in the river. Ralph then claims to have awakened back in the present day. The psychiatrist doubts his story until Ralph tells him what he found in his pocket after he woke up in the present day: a pack of baseball cards soaked with water.

Poster for episode Very Moral Theft.

Very Moral Theft

Harry Wade works at a lumberyard and owes his customers money. His girlfriend Helen provides him with a loan to pay off his debts. She tells him that she is remortgaging her house, but in actuality is embezzling the money from her office. Harry agrees tro pay her back in 48 hours. When Harry fails to pay up, she grows worried and tells him how she got the money. Harry leaves and comes back with the money. He tells her that he got the money from a customer, but in reality he got it from a loan shark. Later, however, Harry disappears. Helen discovers that Harry was killed when he could not pay the loan sharks back in time.

Poster for episode The Contest for Aaron Gold.

The Contest for Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold stays at a summer camp and is being taught ceramics by Bernie Samuelson. Aaron makes a clay figure of a knight for Bernie class. The figure, however, lacks a right arm. Bernie encourages the boy to finish up before his parent's visit. Aaron brushes off the encouragement and leaves the figure without an arm. Later, the camp director worrying how the camp would look if Aaron appeared to learn nothing in his stay orders Bernie to finish the figure himself. He does so and greatly upsets Aaron. When Aaron's father arrives on parents day, Bernie is shocked to discover that he is missing his right arm.

Poster for episode The Five Forty-eight.

The Five Forty-eight

James Blake leaves his officer and is stalked by a woman named Iris Dent. She follows him onto a train and pulls a gun on him. Apparantly, Iris is James's former secretary. She is also is former lover. She was fired when James began to worry that his wife might find out. Iris is back for revenge. She follows him off the train and forces him to kneel in the dirt. She does not kill James, she only wanted to humiliate him.

Poster for episode Pen Pal.

Pen Pal

Margaret Lowen discovers from a detective that her niece is corresponding with a convict named Rod Collins who has just escaped from prison. She agrees to tell the police if the convict comes to her home. Later, Rod arrives. He tells Margaret that he has fallen in love with her niece. Margaret tells the police who arrive in time to arrest him. After Rod is escorted awat, Margaret sits down to write a letter to him. She was the one that was corresponding to him in prison. She wrote the letters in her niece's name.

Poster for episode Outlaw in Town.

Outlaw in Town

Pepe Lorca enters a saloon in an old west time. One of the bar patrons notices that Lorca resembles a man on a wanted poster offering a large reward. Soon all the bar patrons are bidding with him for the right to collect the reward. Soon a raffle is held. A woman named Shasta wins, but she has no intention of turning Lorca in. The next day both her and Lorca are gone. A U.S. Marshal arrives and reveals that Pepe was the brother of a wanted man who has since died. The raffle held the day before was just a scam to collect money.

Poster for episode Oh, Youth and Beauty.

Oh, Youth and Beauty

Cash Bentley is a former hurdling champ who has grown much too old to compete. When he goes to a dance he is taunted into putting on an exhibition which his wife Louise opposes. Later, Cahs forces his wife to help him run another course. He gives her a revolver to use as a starting pistol. As he starts the race, Louise pulls the trigger. He starts out but is hit by the bullet in midhurdle and dies.

Poster for episode The Money.

The Money

A bookie named Larry Chetnik is hired by an exporter named Bregornick who was once a friend of his father. Larry embezzles money from his new employer, but has a change of heart when Cash Bregornick talks to him about Larry's father. Larry goes to his girlfriend's and tells her that he now has Bregornick's trust and that they can bilk even more out of him later.

Poster for episode Sybilla.


Sybilla Meade reads her husbands diary and discover that he plots to kill her. In reality, it is only her husbands fantasy. She tells him that she has read his diary and has sent a copy to her lawyer with instructions to make it public if anything happens to her. Her husband is terrified and begins to protect her. She later grows ill and dies. Her husband then learns that she never sent a copy of his diary to her lawyer. She only told him that so he wouldn't kill her.

Poster for episode The Man With Two Faces.

The Man With Two Faces

Alice Wagner is taken to the police station after she is robbed. She looks through a mug book in an attempt to identify the man. Instead of findinger her mother, however, she finds a picture of a man who looks very similar to her son-in-law Leo. When she returns home she asks her daughter Mabel about her husband. Mabel becomes angry and threatens to move out. Later, Alice tells the police about the mug shot and her son-in-law. They say its probably just a coincidence. That nigh, however, the police come to Alice's house and arrest both Leo and Mabel. They tell Alice that if she had went through the female mug book whe would have seen the picture of her daughter.

Poster for episode The Baby Blue Expression.

The Baby Blue Expression

Philip Weaver and Poopsie Barrett plot to murder Poopsie's husband James while he is on a trip to Toronto. Philip mails her a letter instructing her to write a love letter to her husband and arrange a cocktail party that afternoon for an alibi. Unfortunately Poopsie mails Philip's incriminating letter to her husband by mistake. She goes to te post office to try to stop the letter, but it has already been sent. She comes back to her apartment where a desk clerk informs her that her letter to her husband had been returned earlier due to insufficient postage. Poopsie, however, has nothing to be happy about when the clerk reveals that he attached the required postage and sent the letter off again.

Poster for episode The Man Who Found the Money.

The Man Who Found the Money

William Benson finds a money clip containing $92,000. He takes the money to a bank and alerts the police. Captain Bone is able to identify the clip but he claims that it contained $102,000. The Captain accuses Benson of robbery until the owner of the clip Curtis Newsome says that Benson is telling the truth. Newsome invites Benson to stay at his inn as a reward. When Benson arrives at the inn, however, he is attacked. Newsome holds up a phone so that Benson can hear his wife screaming. He, then, demands his $10,000 dollars back.

Poster for episode The Changing Heart.

The Changing Heart

Dane Ross goes to a shop owned by Ulrich Klemm in order to get his watch repaired. Ulrich is a master clockmaker who fled Europe during World War II. At the shop, Dane falls in love with Ulrich's daughter Lisa. Klemm, however, insists that they not see each other. Dane reluctantly agrees to stop seeing her and leaves. Later, he hears that she has grown dangerous ill. Dane returns to the shop and discovers that Ulrich has passed away and that Lisa is confined to a wheelchair. Still loving her, he embraces her and is startled to hear a strange ticking coming from her chest. The old clockmaker saved his daughter by giving her a clockwork heart.

Poster for episode Summer Shade.

Summer Shade

Ben and Phyllis Kendall move to Salem, Massachusetts with their 9-year old daughter Kate. Ben and Phyllis become deeply worried when their daughter starts playing with an imaginary friend named Letty. Kate's parents get help from a local minister when Kate shows up one day with a magic charm to ward off evil spirits. The Minister tells them that a girl named Letty died in 1692. Ben a Phyllis become worried that their daughter is possessed, but a relieved when Kate befriends a girl in the neighborhood named Judy. When the two girls are alone, however, Judy begins to speak in colonial English. Kate tells her to stop and warns her that she might be exorcised.

Poster for episode A Crime for Mothers.

A Crime for Mothers

Lottie Mead is an alcoholic mother who demands that custody of her daughter be returned to her. She has not seen her daughter in years. When her daughter's guardians Ralph and Jane Birdwell refuse to cooperate, she demands money in order to leave them alone. The Birdwells do not give her the money so she plots with a detective named Ames to kidnap the girl for ransom. Ames takes Lottie to a schoolyeard a points out her daughter. Later, Lottie kidnaps the girl. Unfortunately, she kidnaps the wrong girl. Faced with a real kidnapping charge, Ames agrees to help her if she returns the girl unharmed and if she promises to stop annoying the Birdwells. Ames is, in fact, a friend of the couple and the kidnapped girl is really his own daughter.

Poster for episode The Last Escape.

The Last Escape

Joe Ferlini is an escape artist who decides to perform a dangerous escape in order to be famous. His wife Wanda who is seeing another man, however, has other plans. Joe plans to be handcuffed, locked in a truck, and lowered into a river. Wanda, however, replaces Joe's key to the handcuffs with a fake key. Joe drowns. At the funeral, a policeman insists that the coffin be open. When it is opened, everyone is shocked to discover that it is empty. Wanda goes insane and is locked up in an asylum. Later Joe's manager reveals that he and Joe arranged to have his body removed if he were to die while performing the river escape. Joe wanted to be known as the greatest escape artist of all time.

Poster for episode The Greatest Monster of Them All.

The Greatest Monster of Them All

Ernst von Croft is an has-been actor once billed as "The Greatest Monster of Them All". He gets a part in a low-budget vampire movie. He is proud of his performance, but is shocked when he sees the film and discovers that his voice has been redubbed. Fred Logan, the films writer, visits Ernst and offers his condolences. Later on a soundstage, however, he finds the bodies of the films producer Hal Ballew and the film's director Morty Lenton. The necks of each have been punctioned as if they were bitten by a vampire. On a catwalk high above the soundstage Ernst appears wearing his vampire cape. He falls from the catwalk and plunges to his death on the soundstage floor.

Poster for episode The Landlady.

The Landlady

Billy Weaver gets a room at an unusual boarding house. The landlady claims that there are other tenants in the building, but Billy never sees anyone. Later, the landlady invites him over for tea. He comments about a stuffed bird and the landlady tells him that she stuffs all her pets after the die. Billy later realizes that his drink has been poisoned and that he is about to join the landlady collection.

Poster for episode The Throwback.

The Throwback

Elliot Gray's girlfriend Enid admits to having an affair with a maned named Cyril. He insists that she break off with the other man and she agrees. Later, Cyril challenges Elliot to a duel. Elliot refuses given Cyril's age. He agrees, however, when Cyril offers a proxy. The proxy beats Elliot severely. Elliot returns home, but is greeted by the police. They take him back to Cyril's home where Enid is found tending to the old man's wounds. Cyril claims that Elliot beat him up. Enid is horrified that Elliot would do such a thing. She dumps him and agrees to stay with Cyril.

Poster for episode The Kiss Off.

The Kiss Off

Ernie Walters is released from prison after serving time for a crime he did not commit. After his release he robs a tax office. He is later arrested, but is let go. Although the police have enough evidence to prosecute him, they realize that he will not be sent to jail because he has already been there for a crime he did not commit.

Poster for episode The Horse Player.

The Horse Player

Father Amian is the pastor of a small church. One day, he gets a sizable contribution from a horse race gambler named Sheridan. Sheridan, apparantly, has been praying to win and has been winning. Sheridan then gives the priest a tip on a horse. The priest gives him five hundred dollars of the church's savings to bet on the horse. Later, however, Farther Amian's conscience gets to him. He prays that the horse loses and it does. Later, Sheridan arrives. He tells the priest that he bet his money on the horse to win and it almost did, but suddenly quit. Sheridan also reveals that he was not willing to risk the church's money on a win. Instead he bet on the horse to show. Since it did, Sheridan gives Father Amian the church's winnings: $2,100.

Poster for episode Incident in a Small Jail.

Incident in a Small Jail

A traveling salesman Leon Gorwald arrives in a small town and is promptly arrest for jaywalking and placed into jail. The sheriff arrives with the suspected murderer of a young girl. He tosses the suspected murderer into the cell next to Leon. The mood of the towns people begins to grow ugly and a lynch mob assembles. The sheriff decides to move the alleged killer for his safety, but is knock unconscious. The suspect switches clothes with Gorwald and forces him into a cell. The mob rushes the jail but Gorwald is saved in the nick of time. The charges against him are dropped and he leaves town. He later stops for a pretty hitchhiker who accepts his offer of a ride without knowing that he is the actual killer.

Poster for episode A Woman's Help.

A Woman's Help

Arnold Bourdon has a domineering wife named Elizabeth. When Elizabeth takes ill, she hires a lovely nurse named Joan. Arnold grows close to Joan, but she refuses to continue the affair as long as Arnold his married. The two plot to give Elizabeth a fatal does of medication. Unfortunately, Elizabeth sees Joan kissing Arnold and fires her. Later Elizabeth hires another nurse. This one an old woman in her sixties. Arnold asks the new nurse about Liz's medicine. The new nurse tells him that she will give her more medicine that the doctor recommended. Arnold knowing that the dose will prove fatal thanks the nurse and in his thanks reveals that she is his mother.

Poster for episode Museum Piece.

Museum Piece

Clay Hollister is a museum curator and collector of Indian relics. On day, during a tour Clay notices a man named Newton Clovis who is fascinated by a skeleton in Clay's collection. Newton wants to analyze the bones. He does so and reveals that the bones are those of a long-missing district attorney. Newton is really a dective and demands the skeleton for further investigation. Clay refuses and kills him. Later, he adds the bones of yet another man to his collection.

Poster for episode Coming, Mama.

Coming, Mama

Lucy Baldwin wishes to marry her boy friend Arthur. Unfortunately, her domineering mother believe that Arthur is only out for money opposes the marriage. When Lucy's mother falls ill, Lucy sees her chance. She slips her a fatal dose of sleeping tonc and she dies. Lucy and Arthur are married and Arthur takes Lucy to visit his mother. Unfortunately, Arthur's mother is just as domineering as Lucy's. Since Arthur's mother is ill, Lucy suggests a dose of sleeping tonic to take care of the problem.

Poster for episode Deathmate.


Ben Conant is a con artist that his having an affair with Lisa Talbot who is married to a wealthy man named Peter. One day a detective confronts Ben and tells him that he was hired to keep an eye on him. Ben believes that Peter sent the detective and he and Lisa plan a murder. Lisa tells him that since her husband has once had a heart attack it would be easy to kill him and stage another. Ben confronts Peter who denies hiring the detective. Ben knocks Peter out and puts him in the bathtub. He fills the bath hoping that the police will believe him when he tells him that Peter had a heart attack in the bathtub and drowned. The detective arrives and sees Peter's body. He doesn't believe Ben's story because Peter has had no history of heart attacks. The detective also reveals that he was, in fact, hired by Lisa. Lisa, it seem, conned the man who was trying to con her. She now will inherit everything and Ben will go to jail.

Poster for episode Gratitude.


Meyer Fine is a gangster with an intense fear of death known only to his servent John Ingo. Meyer discovers taht several gangsters are planning to kill him. The narrowly miss in one attempt. Meyer wishes that he had the courage to commit suicide, but he doesn't. His faithful servant John, however, wanting only the best for Meyer tearfully agrees to kill him.

Poster for episode A Pearl Necklace.

A Pearl Necklace

Charlotte Jameson agrees to marry her millionaire boss Howard. Charlotte already has a boyfriend named Mark, but agrees to the marriage after Howard explains he has only a year to live. A year later, Howard is still alive. Charlotte calls Mark, but he urges her to stay with Howard since he won't live forever. Ten years pass and Howard is still alive. Mark see Charlotte and hope to resume their former relationship. Unfortunately she is not interested, but she does take a liking to Mark's seven year old son and agrees to pay for his education. After twenty five years of marriage, Howard finally dies. Mark visits Charlotte and discovers that Charlotte is no longer interested in him. She is going to get married, but to Mark's son who is now twenty-two.

Poster for episode You Can't Trust a Man.

You Can't Trust a Man

Crystal Coe's husband Tony returns after serving time in prison for a crime that she committed. He wants to resume his relationship with her. She, however, has a different idea. As they are driving to her beach house, she alerts the police at a gas station. Later, as Crystal continues on her trip a police car pulls up behind her. She stops the car and shoots Tony. She tells the police that she has never met Tony. Because of his prison record, they believe her. Unfortunately, Tony patented an invention while in prison. He owned a substantial amount of money and the police launch an investigation to determine his next of kin.

Poster for episode The Gloating Place.

The Gloating Place

Susan Harper fakes an assault near a pond and blames it on a masked attacker in order to gain notoriety. The newspapers fall for her story and give her the celebrity status she craves. After the news dies down, she starts cheming to regain the spotlight. She lures a young girl to the spot where the alleged first attack occurred a strangles her. The newspapers report the murder and recall the incident with Susan and she once again is in the spotlight. Susan returns to the pond to gloat over her cleverness and celebrity, a genuine masked killer appears and strangles her.

Poster for episode Self Defense.

Self Defense

Gerald Clarke is held up at gunpoint by a boy who has just robbed a liquor store. The boy runs and Clarke follows. Using a gun provided by the store's owner, he shoots the boy four times in the back. Later the police arrive and discover that the boy's gun was not loaded. They rule the killing an act of self-defense and release Gerald. Later Gerald goes home and is confronted by the boy's mother. She holds a gun on him and asks why he killed her son. Clarke explains that he was frightened. The woman turns and begins to leave. As she goes, Clarke grabs the gun and shoots her. He screams "I told you not to pull that gun on me" to the woman's dead corpse.

Poster for episode A Secret Life.

A Secret Life

James Howgill wants a divorce from his wife. Whe she refuses to give him one, he hires a private eye to follow her in hope of finding evidence of adultery.

Poster for episode Servant Problem.

Servant Problem

Kerwin Drake is throwing an important party. When his cook get ill, he has his secretary prepare some hors d'oeuvres which are enthusiastically praised by his guests. At the party, Kerwin's estranged wife Molly arrives. Not wanting to be embarrassed by her, Kerwin tells everyone it is the cook. After the party, Kerwin shows her the door. Later, Kerwin goes to Molly's apartment and kills her. He is shocked, however, when he discovers that one of his dinner guests, Mrs. Standish, has witnessed the murder. Mrs. Standish was there to hire Molly as her cook.

Poster for episode Coming Home.

Coming Home

Harry Beggs is released from prison after twenty years for armed robbery. He has saved up sixteen hundred dollars and goes to his home town. He stops by a bar to phone his wife, but gets cold feet. Later a young girl at the bar sees Harry's money, gets him drunk, and robs him. After being robbed, Harry decides to visit his wife. He goes to her and they are reconciled. Later, the young girl from the bar arrives. The girl, who robbed Harry, is also his now-grown daughter.

Poster for episode Final Arrangements.

Final Arrangements

Leonard Compson hates living with his overweight and overbearing wife Elsie. He goes to a funeral home and orders a casket. The next day he calls the funeral home and tells them to bring to casket to his house to pick up a body. Leonard then buys some rat poison and goes home. When he gets there his wife berates him. He drinks the poison and dies. The men from the funeral home then arrive to take away his body.

Poster for episode Make My Death Bed.

Make My Death Bed

Elise Taylor has an affair with a man named Bishop Darby. Darby's wife, Jackie gives Elise a bottle of saccharin and tells her to make sure that Darby stays on hius diet. The saccharin, however, is poisoned. Later, however, Darby is killed when another man catches him with his wife. When Jackie hears the news she confesses to the murder believing that her poisoned saccharin did the job. Later, Elise has a cup of coffee with the tainted saccharin and dies.

Poster for episode Ambition.


Rudy Cox is a district attorney who learns that the cover of his mob informant Lou Heinz has been blown. He learns that the mob plans to kill him. The mayor tells Cox to leave the case since he was once friends with a mobster named Mac Davis. Davis also tells Cox to leave the case. Later Heinz calls Cox and asks fro a guard. Cox promises one, but later learns that Heinz has been murdered. Davis and his chief hitman have alibis. Cox decides to lie in order to protect his politcal aspirations. He says that he has neither seen nor heard from Davis in the last six months.

Poster for episode The Hat Box.

The Hat Box

Professor Jarvis is a teacher of anatomy who discovers that one of his students Perry Hatch is cheating on an exam. Perry pleads for forgiveness, but Jarvis threatens to tell Perry's father. Later, Perry visits Jarvis to try to get him to change his mind. At Jarvis's house, Perry sees the professor disposing an old hat box. Knowing that Jarvis's wife has not been seen in a while, he begins to suspect foul play. He examines the hat box and discovers Mrs. Jarvis's favorite hat which she certainly would have taken if she had gone on a trip. Perry informs a police inspector named Roman who interviews Jarvis. Jarvis claims that he and his wife are seperated and denies that there has been any wrongdoing. Roman accepts Jarvis's story and returns his wife's hat. Jarvis takes the hat to his study. He places the hat on a skeleton hanging there and says "Goodnight, Margaret".

Poster for episode Bang, You're Dead.

Bang, You're Dead

Six-year old Jackie Chester is delighted when his Uncle Rick arrives from Africa with a surprise gift. Unable to wait until rick unpacks, Jackie goes through his Uncle's bags and finds a loaded gun. Jackie thinks it is a toy, the gift his uncle promised. He goes outside to play with it. Jackie's parents and Uncle Rick discover that Jackie is on the loose with a loaded gun and set out frantically to find him. After aiming and not firing the gun at verious people, Jackie goes home and asks the maid to play with him. When she says she's too busy, Jackie aims the gun and fires it at her. Uncle Rick and the parents arrive just in time to deflect the shot.

Poster for episode Maria.


Leo Torbey works at a carnival and awakes one day after a night of drinking to discover that he has bought a strange monkey for his sideshow. The monkey is actually a dwarf named Maria who draws protraits of people while disguised as a monkey. Maria falls in love with Leo which causes problems with Leo's wife Carol. When Leo is away, El Magnifico tries to seduce Carol. Maria draws a picture depicting Carol and El Magnifico in an embrace. Seeing the picture, Leo accuses Carol of cheating on him. She leaves after an angry denial. Finally having Leo all to herself, Maria confesses her love for Leo. Angrily Leo spurns her affections and sells her to another carny named Benny. Leo writes to his wife begging her to return. Unfortunately Leo is killed by an angry Benny who was driven to a murderous rage after he saw a drawing of Maria that showed Leo and Benny's wife in a romantic embrace.

Poster for episode Cop for a Day.

Cop for a Day

Phil and Davey are two stick-up men whoget into trouble when Davey shoots a bank messenger during a hold up. There is a witness to the crime and when the messenger dies Phil realizes that they now face a murder charge. He is determined to eliminate the witness. He devises a plan, but refuses to tell Davey about it. Phil disguises himself as a policeman and manages to bluff his way past the guards at the witnesses apartment. He kills the witness and makes a successful escape. Later, when he returns to his hideout he is shot by Davey who mistakes him for a real cop that is coming to arrest him.

Poster for episode Keep Me Company.

Keep Me Company

When her husband Marco tells her that he is working late again with his brother, Julia Reddy is angry. Later when she hears a noise she calls the police. The police think its a false alarm, but she gets an idea. She calls a detective and asks him to search the house. When the detective arrives. She tries to seduce him. Marco arrives, but when he sees the pair he doesn't get jealous. He tries to run away. The detective apprehends Marco and Julie discovers that Marco and his brother have been robbing warehouses at night. Her unwitting trick on her husband has gotten him arrested.

Poster for episode Beta Delta Gamma.

Beta Delta Gamma

Mark and Alan are frat boys. During a party at a beachfront frat house, Mark challenges Alan to a drinking contest. Alan drinks a full pitcher of beer, but Mark refuses to do the same. Alan becomes angry, but he and Mark eventually pass out. Alan's frat brothers decide to play a joke on him by injecting Mark with a substance to make him appear dead. They place a bloody weapon in Alan's hand, hoping that when he wakes up he'll think he killed Mark. The pranks goes off according to plan until Alan decides to cover up the "murder". He buries Mark's body on the beach. When the prank is revealed to him, he desperately returns to the beach. Unfortunately the high tide has washed away all traces of Mark's grave.

Poster for episode You Can't be A Little Girl All Your Life.

You Can't be A Little Girl All Your Life

While her husband is away, Julie Barton is attacked in her home by an intruder. She doesn't get a good look at him, but manages to fight him off. In the process of fighting she rips one of the intruder's leather gloves. Julie is terrified. When she goes to identify the intruder in a police line up she wears a pair of dark sunglasses. She identifies one of the men and her husband Tom attacks him. Unfortunately Tom breaks his own leg. Later, as Tom is preparing to go to the doctor's, Julie notices a ripped leather glove in his possession. Tom reveals that pressure from work has caused him to have a breakdown. He admits that he snapped and was the man that attacked her. Julie goes to the police and tells them they got the wrong man.

Poster for episode The Old Pro.

The Old Pro

Loretta Burns is under the mistaken impression that her husband Frank is really a former engineer. Frank is actually a retired hit man. When a man threatens to tell Loretta about Frank's past, Frank kills him and his partner. Hearing the news Frank's ex-boss insists that Frank return to work. He tell Frank that if he doesn't his wife may end up getting rubbed out.

Poster for episode I Spy.

I Spy

A private detective named Frute is hired by a man named Captian Morgan in order to spy on his wife. Morgan is convinced that his wife is cheating on him. As Frute starts following Mrs. Morgan, he begins to fall for her. The two begin an affair though Mrs. Morgan does not know he was hired to spy on her. Later, Captian Morgan demands evidence of his wife's infidelity. Frute gives him detailed descriptions of his own meetings with Mrs. Morgan. Angrily, Morgan files for divorce and thus clears the way for a relationship between Frute and Mrs. Morgan.

Poster for episode Services Rendered.

Services Rendered

While passing a construction site a young man is hit on the head an gets amnesia. He can't remember who he is or where he was going. The only clues he finds in his wallet: a thousand dollar bill and the name of Dr. Ralph Mannix. He visits Mannix, but the doctor doesn't recognize him. The doctor suggests that something familar may trigger his memories to return. He sees a picture of the doctor's wife and wonders whether he has a wife of his own. Later his memory returns. He realizes that the thousand dollars was from the doctor's wife. He's a hitman and she hired him to kill her husband. He visits the doctor again and fulfills his contract.

Poster for episode The Right Kind of Medicine.

The Right Kind of Medicine

Charlie Pugh is a burgler who one day kills a policeman in a shootout. Unfortunately, there is a witness and Charlie himself is injured. Charlie visits Dr. Vogel who prescribes pain killers. When he goes to the drug store he hears his own description on the drug store's radio. The pharmacist, Mr. Fletcher, doesn't realize Charlie is the murder and gives him the painkillers. Later Charlie returns to his apartment, but doesn't take the pain killers. He wants to stay alert in case he has to make a run for it. He decides to skip town and heads for the bus station. As he's leaving for the bus station, he sees Vernon, a clerk at the drugstore. Thinking that Vernon knows that he is a criminal, he kills him and leaves. Mr. Fletcher is called to identify Vernon's body. When he arrives, he reveals that he sent Vernon to Charlie's because he made a mistake in his prescription. Instead of giving him painkillers, he gave him a bottle of poison.

Poster for episode A Jury of Her Peers.

A Jury of Her Peers

Millie Wright is arrested for the murder of her husband. She is later released for lack of evidence. Millie's neighbor Sarah Hale and the sheriff's wife Mary Peters decide to do some investigating on their own. They find evidence that Millie is the murderer, but they also discovered that Millie's husband was a violent brute who probably deserved what he got. Instead of turning in the evidence, the two decide to say nothing.

Poster for episode The Silk Petticoat.

The Silk Petticoat

Elisa Minden begins to have second thoughts about marrying Sir Humphrey J. Orford. She has these second thoughts because he took her to his wife's grave and talked about torture as a way of purifying those guilty of infidelity. After she is married, Elisa's worst fears come true when she discovers that Humphrey's first wife is not dead. She is really locked in his study and has been kept there for years. She is now insane and cannot call for help because Humphrey had her tongue out for adultery.

Poster for episode Bad Actor.

Bad Actor

Bart Conway is a struggling actor with a bad temper and a drinking problem. He finds himself competing with a fellow actor Jerry Lane for the part of a strangler in an upcoming mystery. He invites Jerry over to his apartment for a little rehersing. Bart gets a little too into character and chokes Jerry to death. To cover up his crime he chops up the body and dissolves most of it in acid. The police stop by to question him about Jerry's disappearance, but they find nothing amiss. They begin to leave. As they leave one of the police notices Bart's ice bucket which contains Jerry's undissolved head.

Poster for episode The Door Without a Key.

The Door Without a Key

Captain Shaw works the night shift at a police station when he is approached by an old man who is suffering from amnesia. A lost boy then appears. Shaw tries to send the man to a hospital and the boy to hom. Both, however, refuse to go. Eventually more people arrive. Each lost in some way or another. Eventually Shaw manages to clear out everyone, but the boy and the old man. The boy reveals that his father left him at the police station so that he would be sent to a home. When he hears this, the old man's memory returns. He is wealthy and has lost his family. He lives all alone in an enormous mansion. Shaw urges the old man to adopt the boy that that both of them can have a family.

Poster for episode The Case of M.J.H..

The Case of M.J.H.

Psychiatrist Dr. Cooper employs Maude Sheridan who falls for a crook named Jimmy French. French convinces her to allow him to look at Dr. Cooper's private files. He wants to blackmail one of his patients. French picks the file of M.J. Harrison. He discovers that Harrison had an affair with a woman named Diana. French approaches Harrison and demands money. Harrison agrees, but kills French instead. Dr. Cooper tells Maude the bad news about French. He then reveals that Harrison never had an affair. It was all the product of his disturbed mind. He believed the delusion so strong, however, he was willing to kill to protect it.

Poster for episode The Faith of Aaron Menefee.

The Faith of Aaron Menefee

Reverend Otis Jones is a faith healer who stops at a service station to get his car repaired. The station's owner Aaron Menefee is an honest man who impresses the reverend so much that he agrees to cure his ulcer. Aaron becomes attracted to Rev. Jones's daughter Emily. He quicks his job and joins the reverend's revivial show. Aaron wants to marry Emily, but the reverend does not give his permission. The reverend does not believe Aaron's faith in him is strong enough for him to marry his daughter. Later the revival returns to Aaron's town. Aaron discovers that the town doctor is being held by two hoodlums, one of whom is injured. Aaron believes that this is a test of faith. He calls for Reverend Jones to cure the injured man. The hoodlums warn that Jones will be killed if his faith healing does not work. The end result in never shown, but Aaron wins either way. Either the faith healing works and Aaron's faith is demonstrated, or the faith healing fails and Jones is killed. In either case, it seems that Aaron will be free to marry Emily.

Poster for episode The Woman Who Wanted to Live.

The Woman Who Wanted to Live

After killing a gas station attendent in a robbery attempt, a wounded Ray Bardon stops a girl named Lisa and demands to be driven to safety. Lisa realizing that her life is in danger agrees. As she drives, Ray falls asleep. Suddenly the car gets a flat tire. Instead of making an escape, Lisa changes the tire. Later the two stop at a hotel. Ray wonders about the girl's loyalty and asks why she didn't run and go to the police. As he talks, Lisa manages to get his gun. She reveals that the gas station attendant was her fiancee and that she didn't leave because she was waiting for an opportunity to kill Ray.

Poster for episode Strange Miracle.

Strange Miracle

Pedro Sicueros fakes paralysis after a train wreck in order to collect a huge insurance settlement. After collecting the money he doesn't want to stay in the wheelchair. He meets a young girl named Maria who is really paralyzed. He discovers that she has been going to a nearby holy shrine for years hoping for a cure. Pedro gets an idea. He visits the shrine and begins to pray. On the fifth day of his prayer he stands and pretends to be healed. After he stands, his legs collapse. He discovers that he is now paralyzed for real. At the same time, some distance away, Maria is cured.

Poster for episode The Test.

The Test

Vernon Wedge is an attorney who is approached by the father of Benjy Marino. Benjy is accused of stabbing another boy with a knife. Vernon decides to take the case, but his case for the defense seems hopeless until he discovers a special test that can determine if a knife blade ever had blood on it. He tries to conduct the test in court, but the prosecution resists. Even without the test, however, Vernon manages to get Benjy off. Later, Vernon decides to conduct the test in order to determine whether Benjy was really innocent. Before he can conduct the test Benjy's father arrives and cuts himself with the murder weapon. By doing so, he prevents Vernon from ever knowing the truth about the case.

Poster for episode Burglar Proof.

Burglar Proof

Harrison Fell is an ad executive that needs to come up with an ad campaign to sell the 801 Burglar-Proof safe. Harrison invites the press and a notorious safe-cracker Sammy Morrisey to a gala ball. He challenges Sammy to open the safe in less than three hours. If Sammy can do it, he can keep an envelope containing $50,000 dollars that is being kept within the safe. If he can't, then he gets some consolation prize. Initially Sammy is reluctant. He has given up on safe-cracking and is trying out a new profession. Eventually, he agrees. At the party, Harrison puts the envelope in the safe and locks it. Sammy is given three hours, but he fails to open the safe. He is given the consolation prize. Harrison is pleased since his advertising plan is a success. Later, however, he opens the safe and discovers that the envelope contains worthless paper and no money. Sammy pulled a switch. His new profession is as a pick-pocket.

Poster for episode The Big Score.

The Big Score

Dora baby-sits for a wealthy F. Hubert Fellowes. She plans to rob him with her boyfriend Mike and his buddy Gino. The three carry out the robbery, but as they are about to leave Fellowes returns and tries to stop them. He is shot and killed. The three make off with $32,000. A hitman named Murphy tracks them down and kills them. Fellowes was a big-time gangster and the mob sent out a hitman for revenge.

Poster for episode Profit Sharing Plan.

Profit Sharing Plan

On Miles Cheever's last day of work, he is given a retirement party. When he comes home, his wife tells him that he deserved more for fifteen years. Mile's agrees and that night goes to ofice and robs the safe. Intending to leave his wife, he heads to the airport where he is met by his girlfriend. A stewardess, however, tells Mile's to put his suitcase in a rear storage compartment. Though the suitcase contains the money from the office, Miles reluctantly agrees. Later as he waits on the plane, he learns that a bomb threat has been called in. Since the police are searching the bags, he worries that he will be caught. What he doesn't realize is that his wife called in the bomb threat. She knew he was having an affair and called the threat in so he'd get caught.

Poster for episode Apex.


Claude is cheating on his wife Clara with Clara's best friend Margo. Since Clara has been having problems with Claude, Clara asks Margo for advice. She wonders whether she should maker Claude the president of the company she knows. Clara tells Claude that is wife is going to divorce him. Since he will be left broke after a divorce, Margo suggests that Claude kill his wife. Claude tries to, but has second thoughts. Later she tells Margo that he will hire someone to do it. Margo decides to kill Clara herself. She offers Clara poisoned laced tea. Clarea drinks it and dies. A man named Weeks arrives and Margo pretends to be Clara in an effort to get rid of him. The man says he is here to collect an envelope with two thousand dollars in it. She gets the envelope and then kills Margo thinking she was Clara. Weeks was the hitman hired by Claude to kill his wife. The two thousand dollars was his payment.

Poster for episode The Last Remains.

The Last Remains

Marvin Foley is trying to arrange a burial for his late partner. He approaches a mortician, Amos Duff, and asks for advice. Since Amos's business is in need of money, he recommends the costly Class A service. Marvin, however, rejects the idea preferring a cremation without the Class A treatment. Later Amos discovers signs of foul play in the death of Marvin's partner. He approaches Marvin who agrees to buy a Class A funeral if Amos keeps his mouth shut. After the cremation, Marvin refuses to pay and tells Amos that nothing can be done since all the evidence was just destroyed. Amos, however, has kept one crucial piece of evidence: the fire-proof hunting buller Marvin used to commit murder.

Poster for episode Ten O'Clock Tiger.

Ten O'Clock Tiger

Boxing manager Arthur Duffy is offered a powerful drug by a shady character named Boots Murphy. Boots tells him it is a drug used on race horses to turn losers into winners. Arthur decides to use the drug on one of his washed up fighters named Soldier Fresno. After Soldier is injected with the drug, he starts to win. Arthur and Boots begin to rake in the money. Soon Soldier gets a bout with the champion. Before the fight, however, Boots tells Arthur that he only has two more doses of the drug. Determined to win the fight, Arthur injects Soldier with both doses. Unfortunately the overdose causes Soldier to believe that he is already in the ring. He springs up and starts fighting. He beats Arthur to death.

Poster for episode Act of Faith.

Act of Faith

Alan Chatterton, an unsuccessful writer, sends successful author Ralston Temple a letter along with three sample chapters from his novel in progress. Alice, Temple's secretary, convinces her boss that the chapters are good and that he should meet the writer and perhaps give him money to finish his book. Temple agrees to meet Chatterton, but finds him an obnoxious boor. Nevertheless he gives him a six month loan. Six months later, Temple continues to fund Chatterton even though the book is not completed. Chatterton shows up again and asks for a thousand dollars so he can get married. Temple gives into the request, but later finds Chatterton partying in an expensive restaurant. Temple confronts Chatterton and rips up their contract. He then goes on vacation. Later, Alice tells Temple that Chatterton has finished his book. It is a best-seller and is going to be made into a movie. Temple shows up at a store where Chatterton is autographing his book. To Temple's surprise, Chatterton gives him an autographed copy of his book plus all the money he owed him with interest.

Poster for episode The Kerry Blue.

The Kerry Blue

Ned Malley loves Annie his old dog, a Kerry Blue. Ned's wife Thelma grows jealous. Though she likes the dog, she thinks her husband's love for it is unhealthy. One day, Annie dies. Ned accuses his wife of murder. He slips an overdose of sleeping pills into her hot chocolate. As she slips into unconsciousness, Ned hears familiar barking. He goes to investigate, but trips on fatally injures himself. A neighbor calls the police who come and revive Thelma. As her dead husband is being taken away she wonders whether she should have bought him a new Kerry Blue.

Poster for episode The Matched Pearl.

The Matched Pearl

A jewler sells a $5000 black pearl left with him by Captain McCabe. He then cheats McCabe out of some of the money owed to him. Hubert Wilkens, the pearl's buyer, asks the jewler for a second matched pearl. The jewler returns to McCabe. McCabe can provide one, but since he has been cheated he demands more money. Figuring that he can charge Wilkens a much larger amount, the jewler agrees. Unfortunately the jewler disocvers that he has been conned. McCabe and Wilkens were working together. The jewler bought the same pearl twice.

Poster for episode What Frightened You, Fred?.

What Frightened You, Fred?

Fred Riordan is a recent parole who gets into a bar fight and is thrown back into prison. The prison warden, who is also running for governor, and the prison doctor believe Fred is simply afraid to cope with the outside world. They try to find out why. Fred tells them that when he got out of prison he went to his old neighborhood and realized that no one wanted him around. He tells them that he was contacted by a mobster named Tony Wando who wanted him to kill an associate of his. Fred tells them that he pretended to go along with it, but arranged to go back to prison to get out pf the deal. Warden Bragen feels sorry for Fred and arranges for him to get a comfortable desk job in the warden's office after a month of laundry detail and good behavior. This is perfect for Fred because it is Warden Bragen that he was in fact contracted to hit.

Poster for episode Most Likely to Succeed.

Most Likely to Succeed

In college, Dave Sumner was voted most likely to succeed. Nowadays, however, he has had a run of bad luck. He takes a job from Stanley Towers, a shady businessman. Stanley's business is being investigated by the goverment. At a meeting with the IRS, however, Stanley is shocked to discover that Dave is really an undercover Treasury Depeartment agent. He only pretended to be down on his luck so he could get the goods on Stanley's shady business dealings.

Poster for episode Victim Four.

Victim Four

While on their honeymoon, Joe and Madeline Drake get into an accident that leaves him with a bad leg and her with painful headaches. Later, Joe discovers that Madeline's old boyfriend Ralph Morrow sent her an expensive wedding present. When Ralph shows up at their house, Joe become paranoid. He is worried that Ralph is responsible for a number of butcher knife murders that have been occuring in their neighborhood. Joe goes to search for his wife, as does Ralph. Meanwhile, Madeline is walking home. She hears someone behind her. She ducks into an alley, but is followed. Joe arrives on the scene only to discover Madeline standing over Ralph's bloody corpse. She confesses to her husband that she though someone was following her and killed to protect herself. She then admits that it has happened three times before when her headaches struck.

Poster for episode The Golden Opportunity.

The Golden Opportunity

Paul Devore is an unhappily married department store manager. When he catches Lois Callen shoplifting he hatches an idea. He tells Lois that he will not turn her in, if she agrees to be part of a plan of his. Paul wants a divorce, but his wife refuses to give him one because she doesn't want him to take half of everything they own. When his wife is out of the house, he invites Lois over. Lois arrives and discovers the house burglarized. The burglary, however, is really Paul's doing. He hopes that his wife Kate will divorce him now that her treasured possessions are all gone. Paul asks Lois to tie him up. She does so and leaves. Later Kate arrives and tells Paul how lucky he is that the burglars didn't kill him. Instead of freeing her husband, however, she takes this opportunity to kill him.

Poster for episode The Twelve Hour Caper.

The Twelve Hour Caper

Herbert J. Wiggam works at an investment firm for Sylvester Tupper. Tupper treats him employees like slaves. Knowing that a $565,000 bond is about to arrive Herbert and two other disgruntled employees decide to steal it. The plan to hide the bonds in the garbage can until the police leave. The plan goes awry, however, when one of the policemen knocks over the garbage can. The plot is not foiled, however. A old cleaning lady arrives just in time to scoop up the papers and takes them out with the trash. Later, Herbert arrives at the airport. He is headed for South America. He arrives with the cleaning lady who is, in fact, his mother.

Poster for episode The Children of Alda Nouva.

The Children of Alda Nouva

Frankie Fane is an American gangster hiding from United States law enforcement in Italy. He is wanted by U.S. officials because he use to sell drugs to schoolchildren. At the suggestion of an American tourist named Ainsley Crowder, Frankie visits an old Etruscan village named Alda Nouva. While on a tour, the children of the village rob him. They then toss him into a deep pit to slowly die. America officials manage to trace Frankie to the village. When they discover that he has vanished, they decide to give up the search, thinking that justice has not been served.

Poster for episode First Class Honeymoon.

First Class Honeymoon

Edward Gibson, a recent divorcee, must make alimony payments of $2000 every month. One day an artist arrives at his house and offers to sell him a portrait of his ex-wife for $2500. Edward throws him out, but keeps the painting. Later Carl Seabrook arrives and tells Edward that he will marry his ex-wife if Edward gives him $5000. If Gloria is married, Edward will not have to pay alimony. Edward accepts the offer and pays Carl $3000 up front. Later that day, Edward heads over to his ex-wife's house. He wants to give her the painting as a wedding gift. At his ex-wife's, he discovers her dead of a heart attack. He later discovers that his ex-wife died earlier that morning and that Carl was with her at the time. After his ex-wife died Carl approached him with his offer. Cheated out of $3000, Edward angrily calls Carl only to discover that he has left town going on a first class honeymoon with a stunning new wife.

Poster for episode The Big Kick.

The Big Kick

Mitch and Judy are out-of-work beatniks in need of money. At a party held by one of Mitch's friends Bruce, Judy meets an older man named Kenneth. Kenneth is not a beatnik, but he likes to attend their parties. He asks Judy on a date. Mitch encourages Judy to date Kenneth because he seems to have money. Kenneth gives Judy a diamond bracelet which Mitch takes and tries to sell to a jeweler. The jeweler has Mitch arrested. It seems that the bracelet Kenneth gave to Judy was in fact stolen. With Mitch in prison, Kenneth who is actually a beatnik-hater stabs Judy to death in her apartment.

Poster for episode Where Beauty Lies.

Where Beauty Lies

Caroline Hardy is the housekeeper to and lover of an actor named Paul Ross. Paul Ross sneaks off with another woman. Caroline grows jealous and wants revenge. She arranges an explosion and Paul is horribly scarred. He has plastic surgery. Caroline tells him that the operation did not restore his looks. She refuses to let anyone see him and agrees to stay with him for the rest of her life. In reality, the plastic surgery was a success and Paul is as handsome as he ever was.

Poster for episode The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Hugo is a retarded boy without a home. He is taken in by a kind carnival magician Sadini. Sadini's deceiful wife, Irene, performs in her husband's act as the woman whose body is, supposedly, sawed in half. Irene manipulates Hugo into killing her husband. She says she wants to start a new act with Hugo and convinces him that he can perform the sawing the woman in half trick because the magic is in the wand. Hugo killes Sadini for her, but then she backs out on her promise. Hugo knocks out Irene in a struggle. He then decides to attempt the trick and ends up sawing Irene in half for real.