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Poster for subtitles' movie Alcatraz (2012) S01E09.

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Title Alcatraz (2012)
Type TV Series
Season 1
Episode 9
Episode type Ordinary
Episode title The Ames Brothers

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Created Mar 15, 2012, 8:05:39 AM
Contributor r3p0
Language Dutch
Format SubRip
FPS 23.976

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Quality over Quantity ®eleases<br />
<br />
Alcatraz<br />
S01E09 - The Ames Brothers<br />
<br />
Vertaling: Xtreme &amp; Smokey<br />
<br />
—————————————————-<br />
OPGELET!<br />
Door dat S01E08 niet op de voorziene datum aired<br />
was, vanwege Tornado stormen in de .us, werd de<br />
volgorde tussen 8 en 9 + 10 wat door mekaar gegooid.<br />
Wij houden ons aan de scene weergaven<br />
S01E08 - Clarence Montgomery <br />
S01E09 - The Ames Brothers <br />
S01E10 - Sonny Burnett <br />
—————————————————-<br />
<br />
<br />
Enjoy,<br />
<br />
Q o Q - T e a m




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r3p0 Translator 100.0%

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