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Website doesn't show or do <problem>, what to do?

You can try to check your antivirus and firewall software, if you use it. Check the ProtectionApplications page for list of problematic programs and fixes.

If your firewall or antivirus software is not on the list, than it might be something else or your software hasn't been described. In both cases, go through this FAQ and/or send us an email to info@….

Where can I request for a subtitle?

To request a subtitle, you can use the "Request" feature. It is located in Subtitles drop down menu. Here is a quick link to the list of requested subtitles.

Do you have a subtitle for my favourite TV show/movie?

Use our search engine to find it. If you don't find any subtitles for your TV show or movie, use our request system to request one.

Could you translate a subtitle?

We are not a translating service. Podnapisi.NET is a website for users to publish and share subtitles with other users.

How can I upload a subtitle?

You can upload a subtitle by clicking the "Upload subtitle" button in the left menu. It is the only button in red.

I want to upload a subtitle for a movie that cannot be found in the search, what to do?

We are using as a movie database. A movie has to be added at OMDb before you can upload it. You can ask an administrator or editor to add the missing movie to OMDb.

Where can I change profile settings?

Currently we have profile editing in two places. The general profile is located at site. You can edit your basic profile there.

The second part is located at Podnapisi.NET. By hovering over your user menu (a combobox with your username and avatar) and then clicking "Settings" you'll enter the profile editor.

I'm being spammed by your notifications! How can I stop it?

You can subscribe to receive notifications for various items in Podnapisi.NET. In your profile settings you can disable notifications via e-mail altogether. In this case, you'll have to have your browser open to receive notifications.

In profile settings you can also easily unsubscribe from all items.

I want to do some professional subtitle translating, could you employ me?

No. We created Podnapisi.NET as a platform for publishing and sharing subtitle translations. We do not do the translations ourselves.

When can we expect introduction of new rating system?

When it's ready to be introduced.

What, what, what? You've stole my subtitle from XYZ website, you bastards?!?

Users are uploading subtitles from various sources to our website.

If you found your subtitle on our site, we encourage you to send an email to info@… and tell us which subtitles are yours and we will transfer ownership to your user account. Also don't forget to mention your username.

I'm trying to upload 2CDs release, how to do that?

Currently our frontend doesn't support multiple file upload. We will be changing with new architecture.

In the meantime, you can upload a zip archive (which is also a preferred way of uploading).

I try to upload a subtitle, but it's saying "Wrong archive format"

Currently you can upload only in zip format and separate text files (it has some issues, look #18).

If you receive this error, compress your subtitle into a ZIP archive and try to upload it again. If you already have a ZIP format, it might be corrupted, and try to re-zip it.

I have a new version subtitle, how can I reject the previous one?

Currently we do not have a possibility to update the subtitle entry (this will change). But in the mean time, upload the new subtitle, and send a private message to a subtitle editor or send an e-mail to info@….

Do not forget to add links to your previous subtitles and to you new subtitle. An editor will reject the old subtitles and put a redirection to a new one.