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How to search for subtitles?

There are many useful search options available, that can greatly improve search results. Search function allows quick search option, using only the search bar or advanced search option, using Advanced search settings. All the registered users can save their Advanced filter settings and use them each visit. Non-registered users will have to allow cookies to save the settings. When cookie is gone, so are all the saved settings.

Quick search

Quick search is used to find the subtitles without setting advanced options. Quick search allows selection of search type (TV series, movies or both) and language filtering. Language filtering relies on Advanced Search Settings, which means you need to modify Advanced settings to edit the list of languages.

  1. Search bar
  2. Toggle PC / Mobile search mode

The Search Panel

  1. Advanced filters option allows you to filter subtitles by year, release and flags
  2. Search movies or series option allows you to search our database for all movie entries
  3. Search movies option will filter out only movie entries
  4. Search series option will filter out only series and/or mini series
  5. Disable language filters feature disables the filtering option and shows subtitles in all available languages.
  6. Include movie title aliases checkbox enables or disables searching by movie aliases.

When you start to enter (1) the movie or TV series title, autosuggestion field will start offering suggestions. By clicking one of the search options, for example TV series option (2), list of suggested titles (3) will change according to the choice you've selected. Clicking the Search button will begin the search request.

  1. The search bar
  2. Search series option
  3. Autosuggestion list
  4. Search button

Language filters

Selection of languages is saved automatically after any change. To change the list of languages you'd like to see in your results list, use checkbox in front of desired language. Languages you select here will also appear in the quick search's Search panel.

  1. Disable language filters feature disables the filtering option and shows subtitles in all available languages and deselect all chosen languages, you can use this as "deselect all" option
  2. All chosen languages option selects all the languages user added into the filtering options, you can use this as "select all" option
  3. Language selection button allows user to select the language of subtitles he wants to see on results list
  4. Add languages... button will open advanced search settings menu and allow user to edit the language filter list.

Adding languages

  1. Filter/search languages
  2. Add new languages to your chosen languages

Advanced Search Settings

General Settings Tab

Settings in this tab are NOT saved and have to be set each time you want to use them to search for subtitles.

  1. Year option filters search results to show only movies from specific year
  2. Release option allows you to search for specific release name
  3. Flags Tab opens settings menu that allows you to filter results according to subtitle's flags

Flags Settings Tab

None of the settings in this tab gets saved and have to be set each time you want to use them to search for subtitles.

1-5. Flag setting checkboxes allow you to search for subtitles that were marked with specific flags.

Advanced search queries

Advanced search queries can only be used when you search movies and series combined.

Season / Episode Autofill

By entering Season name, season and episode in the following format, search will automatically set search mode to TV series and fill the season and episode numbers. When episode isn't entered, search results contain all episodes of desired season. Valid search strings are: Stargate S1E1, Fringe S01E01, Dexter S03

Search type is correctly set to "TV Series", season and episode numbers are properly filled.

Season pack Autofill

To search subtitles that contain whole season pack, you can just enter season number and add X next to the episode letter. Valid search string is: House m.d. S1Ex

Search type is correctly switched to "TV Series", season number is entered and episode box remains grey as it's supposed to be when searching for season packs.

Supported formats of auto-fill (1 represents any number):

  • S01E01
  • S1E1
  • S1Ex - all subtitles for season.
  • s1 e1
  • 1x1
  • 01x01
  • 1x01
  • 1xx - all subtitles for season.
  • s00E0x - all season packs (not only for one season).
  • s0Ex - all season packs (not only for one season).
  • 0xx - all season packs (not only for one season).

Release name Autofill

Search system can decode whole release name and tries to set all search attributes automatically. If it can read it successfully, search should offer correctly filled search form with proper results. Example of release name that can be used is: The.Big.Bang.Theory.S05E01.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE