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Subtitle preview
{1719}{1784}You did a wonderful job. Wonderful.
{1832}{1881}You did it. You did it!
{1962}{2089}To continue, you've listened to a long and|complex case, murder in the first degree.
{2091}{2212}Premeditated murder is the most serious|charge tried in our criminal courts.
{2214}{2327}You've listened to the testimony, had the|law interpreted as it applies in this case.
{2329}{2442}lt's now your duty to sit down and try|and separate the facts from the fancy.
{2444}{2546}One man is dead.|Another man's life is at stake.
{2548}{2645}lf there's a reasonable doubt in your|minds as to the guilt of the accused -
{2647}{2762}a reasonable doubt - then you must|bring me a verdict of not guilty.
{2765}{2862}lf there's no reasonable doubt,|then you must, in good conscience,
{2864}{2934}find the accused guilty.
{2936}{3028}However you decide,|your verdict must be unanimous.
{3031}{3113}ln the event that|you find the accused guilty,
{3116}{3194}the bench will not entertain|a recommendation for mercy.
{3197}{3275}The death sentence is mandatory|in this case.
{3284}{3386}You are faced with a grave responsibility.|Thank you, gentlemen.
{3417}{3495}The alternate jurors are excused.
{3604}{3663}The jury will now retire.
{7030}{7098}- Wanna piece of gum?|- No, thanks.
{7106}{7167}This thing isn't movin'.
{7234}{7322}- l'll give you a hand.|- That's it.
{7436}{7516}You know somethin'? l called|the Weather Bureau this morning.
{7519}{7591}This is gonna be|the hottest day of the year.
{7593}{7657}You'd think they'd air-condition this place.
{7659}{7737}- What is your name, sir?|- Oh, it's... that one. Yeah.
{7739}{7839}Thank you very much.|OK, gentlemen. Everybody's here.
{7841}{7964}Now, if there's anything you want,|l'll be right outside the door. Just knock.
{8267}{8333}Good morning.|l never knew they locked the door.
{8335}{8407}Sure they lock the door.|What'd you think?
{8410}{8484}l don't know. lt just never occurred to me.

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