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Date 05.02.2010 @ 07:30:28

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Subtitle preview
{1204}{1262}When I was lying there in the VA hospital...
{1265}{1336}...with a big hole|blown through the middle of my life...
{1344}{1405}...I started having these dreams of flying.
{1443}{1486}I was free.
{1560}{1590}Sooner or later though,...
{1601}{1640}...you always have to wake up.
{2031}{2095}In Cryo you don't dream at all.
{2096}{2138}It doesn't feel like 6 years.
{2143}{2220}More like a fifth of|tequila and ass-kicking.
{2367}{2431}Tommy was the scientist, not me.
{2432}{2539}He was the one who wanted to get shot|light-years out in space to find the answers.
{2540}{2582}Are we there yet?
{2583}{2611}Yeah, we're there sunshine.
{2647}{2675}We're there.
{2683}{2739}It's about your brother.
{2808}{2869}So, a week before Tommy|was gonna ship out...
{2870}{2931}A guy with a gun ends his journey...
{2932}{2989}...for the paper in his wallet.
{2990}{3088}Being in Cryo for 5 years,|9 months and 22 days.
{3089}{3161}You will be hungry,|you will be weak.
{3162}{3224}If you feel nauseous please use the...
{3225}{3277}Yeah, Tommy was the scientist.
{3278}{3390}Me, I'm just another dumb grunt|going some place he's gonna regret.
{3686}{3753}Up ahead was Pandora.
{3767}{3882}You grew up hearing about it,|but I never figured I'd be going there.
{4105}{4188}Your brother represented|a significant investment.
{4189}{4261}We'd like to talk to you|about taking over his contract.
{4262}{4324}And since your genome is identical to his,
{4325}{4386}you could step into his shoes.

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