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{2860}{2933}{Y:i}There are as many paths to God...
{2938}{2999}{Y:i}as there are souls on Earth.
{5428}{5459}What a storm!
{5565}{5620}I've lost my bag, I'll go and look for it.
{5626}{5674}Don't bother, Ishtar,
{5679}{5742}even the dunes have moved.
{5747}{5816}Anyway, I have what I need.
{5823}{5860}Let's go.
{5883}{5940}I don't want to go there anymore.
{5946}{5981}Come on.
{5988}{6040}I want to go back.
{6073}{6118}We'll go back.
{6259}{6299}Let's go.
{6851}{6926}Bab'Aziz, won't you go to the gathering after all?
{7007}{7053}I will, my little angel. I will.
{7395}{7445}Will you go all alone?
{7572}{7626}I'll find my way.
{7796}{7844}But you'll get lost!
{7890}{7930}He who has faith...
{7935}{8002}will never get lost, my little angel.
{8055}{8152}He who is at peace won't lose his way.
{8207}{8261}But where is this gathering?
{8272}{8329}I don't know, my angel.
{8379}{8436}Do the others know?
{8441}{8506}No, they don't know either.
{8565}{8608}How can you go to a gathering
{8613}{8652}without knowing where it is?
{8658}{8711}It suffices to walk, just walk.

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