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Subtitle preview
{3858}{3916}Mrs. Peterson !
{3918}{3974}Ramon, hey !|How's it goin' ?
{3976}{4032}How you doin' ?
{4035}{4083}There it is,|right there on the desk.
{4085}{4164}- Where's she headed ?|- She's snowbound, Ramon.
{4258}{4327}- See you went with the pink.|- Yeah, yeah.
{4329}{4380}It's kind of|a pink day today.
{4383}{4451}I'm gonna have another pickup|for you on Thursday.
{4453}{4505}- All right. We'll see you then.|- All right. Thanks, Ramon.
{4508}{4568}Bless my soul|What's wrong with me
{4571}{4647}I'm itchin' like a man|on a fuzzy tree
{4649}{4719}My friends say I'm actin'|wild as a bug
{4721}{4767}I'm in love
{5350}{5413}- Peterson ! Peterson !
{5446}{5496}- Peterson.
{5558}{5622}- Mr. Cowboy, da ?|- Da.
{5730}{5803}Mmm, it's pretty.
{5805}{5879}Mmm.|It's from my wife.
{7524}{7579}- rules over us without mercy,
{7581}{7671}not caring if we're healthy or ill,|hungry or drunk,
{7673}{7760}Russian, American,|beings from Mars.
{7763}{7832}It's like a fire. It could either|destroy us or keep us warm.
{7834}{7898}That's why every FedEx office|has a clock.
{7900}{7968}Because we live or we die|by the clock.
{7970}{8016}We never turn our back|on it.
{8018}{8067}And we never, ever|allow ourselves...
{8069}{8148}the sin of losing track|of time !
{8150}{8199}Locally, it's 1:56.
{8202}{8294}That means we've got|three hours and four minutes...

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