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Season 1

Episode 13


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30 Rock 2006Season: 1 Episode: 13 English subtitles 30 Rock (2006)  Season: 1 Episode: 13  

English subtitles 664 1 jaszor 06.02.2008
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{1}{33}Subs by Traff and Raceman|
{35}{111}No, Jack, I'm not blaming you|but everybody got food poisoning.
{115}{170}Food poisoning?|That isn't possible.
{174}{250}That seafood was a gift from my friend,|the owner of the Cleveland Browns.
{254}{380}They're very expensive freshwater clams|from the Cuyahoga River.
{384}{422}My whole staff has been blorching
{426}{470}for three days, so if there's any way
{474}{504}that we could show a rerun--
{508}{574}I wish I could help you, Lemon,|but I've already sold the ad time to the army.
{578}{673}Now, do the best you can,|I need a live show from you in two days.
{677}{702}Uh, no, no, no, no.
{706}{745}That's not for you.|Bianca's coming.
{749}{806}Crazy Bianca is coming here?
{810}{892}You make me wanna vomit.
{929}{952}Because she wants something.
{956}{1040}She only contacts me when she wants something,|and she's bringing her lawyer.
{1044}{1139}Which means she's gonna try to bleed something else|out of me in our divorce proceedings.
{1143}{1180}You're not all the way divorced?
{1184}{1233}Well, we've been legally separated since 1989.
{1237}{1260}It's been a nightmare, Lemon.
{1264}{1337}I mean, one minute you're newlyweds|making love on the floor of the Concorde,
{1341}{1445}and the next your lawyers are fighting|over who gets to keep the box your dog defecates in.
{1449}{1486}You taught your dog to poop in a box?
{1490}{1525}Bianca did, but I want that box.
{1557}{1633}It's gonna take all day and into the night|to deal with that crazy woman.
{1637}{1705}Fighting, conniving,|clawing at each other.
{1709}{1750}Are you angry or excited right now?

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