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Agora (2009) - 한국 부제

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Date 31.03.2011 @ 03:41:11

OMDb 433575

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<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
P { font-size:12pt; text-align:center; font-family:arial, sans-serif;
font-weight:normal; color:white; }
.KRCC { Name:Korean; lang:kr- KR; SAMIType:CC; }
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Translated by 'CLoiSTeR' (
<SYNC Start=36504><P Class=KRCC>
<font color=#FFCD28>4세기 후반<br>
쇠락기에 접어든</font>
<SYNC Start=39848><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=39904><P Class=KRCC>
<font color=#FFCD28>로마제국의 속주<br>
이집트 알렉산드리아에는</font>
<SYNC Start=43072><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=43172><P Class=KRCC>
<font color=#FFCD28>고대 7대 불가사의로 꼽히는<br>
전설적인 등대와</font>
<SYNC Start=46678><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

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