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[715][765]A L I E N S
[3007][3053]Bio readouts are all in the green.|Looks like she's alive.
[3078][3108]Well, there goes|our salvage, guys.
[3372][3403]How are we today?|Ohh.. Terrible.
[3404][3433]Well, better than|yesterday, at least.
[3434][3461]Where am I?|You're safe.
[3462][3486]You're at Gateway Station.|Been here a couple of days.
[3487][3521]You were pretty groggy at first,|but now you're okay.
[3522][3547]Oh, looks like|you've got a visitor.
[3566][3589]Jonesy. Come here.
[3601][3622]Hey, come here.
[3623][3647]How are you,|you stupid cat?
[3648][3687]How are you?|Where have you been?
[3688][3726]Guess you two|have met, huh?|I'm Burke. Carter Burke.
[3727][3773]I work for the company,|but don't let that fool you.|I'm really an okay guy.
[3785][3805]I'm glad to see you're|feeling a little better.
[3805][3841]They tell me that all|the weakness and disorientation|should pass soon.
[3842][3901]That's just natural side effects|of such an unusually long hypersleep,|or something like that.
[3902][3923]What do you mean?
[3924][3948]How long|was I out there?
[3949][3970]Inhalation Therapy, report to-
[3971][3993]Has no one discussed|this with you yet?
[3994][4014]No.|But, I mean...
[4015][4055]I don't... recognize|this place.
[4056][4076]No, I know. Uh-
[4077][4114]Okay. It's just that,|uh, this might be|a shock to you.
[4115][4141]It's long-|How long?
[4172][4211]57 years.|What?

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