Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) - S01E03 - Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag) - English subtitles

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Beverly Hills, 90210 1990Season: 1 Episode: 3 English subtitles Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)  Season: 1 Episode: 3   English subtitles 565 1 jaszor 13.06.2007
Subtitle preview - nowa jakość napisów.|Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.
00:01:33:Listen, Mom, I hear what you're saying,
00:01:36:but it'll give me a chance|to spend some time with nature
00:01:38:and get out of those|smog-infested malls
00:01:40:that you're always ranting about.
00:01:42:Yes, correctly so. Of course, Mother,|the air here isn't really air.
00:01:48:But what could be healthier
00:01:49:than spending Friday night riding horses|through Topanga Canyon?
00:01:53:And riding is such super exercise.
00:01:56:Yeah, I know I've never really been|riding before,
00:01:59:but you're always saying how girls|should be more adventurous.
00:02:02:So, Mom...
00:02:03:Whoa, whoa. Bren, Bren.
00:02:06:You're trotting down|the wrong path here.
00:02:09:You gotta hit Mom|where her soft-spot is.
00:02:11:You know, milk that Mother Nature stuff.
00:02:15:"Mom. Mommy.
00:02:18:"Remember when we used to hike|in the woods around Gull Lake
00:02:21:"when we were kids?
00:02:22:"I miss those times so much,
00:02:25:"and now I can recapture them."
00:02:29:Just make it seem natural, all right?|Not like we rehearsed it or anything.
00:02:32:I won't.
00:02:37:Talk about that, talk about anything,
00:02:39:but whatever you do,|do not talk about money.
00:02:43:Sorry, honey, but $120 is too much|to spend on a twilight horseback ride.
00:02:50:You know, I'm not anybody here.|I have no clothes.
00:02:54:Seems to me what you're wearing|passes the clothing definition test.

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