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ID 4564

Uploader Tarzan

Date 28.12.2003 @ 21:54:20

OMDb 419305

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Language English

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Center Stage 2000 English subtitles Center Stage (2000)    

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{852}{887}And one.
{948}{988}Heel forward.
{1116}{1172}That's right. Shoulders down.
{1248}{1285}And brush.
{1548}{1620}-Do you know how many they take?|-Usually no more than 1 2.
{1620}{1701}-Twelve? Out of this class?|-Out of the whole planet.
{1752}{1805}In the middle. Number 1 5.
{1872}{1928}Not enough turnout. Bad feet.
{2004}{2047}But look at her.
{2184}{2240}-Excuse me!|-You're excused.
{2556}{2580}Here we go.
{2580}{2640}Am I a bad mother|if I hope she doesn't get it?
{2640}{2712}Don't ask me.|I was against this from the start.
{2712}{2748}-Mom !|-Jody!
{2748}{2789}Mom, I got in.
{2820}{2878}-I made it.|-Wonderful, honey.
{2916}{2985}Can you believe it? I'm going to New York.
{3024}{3065}What happened?
{3072}{3108}-They didn't take you?|-No.
{3108}{3154}No? Those bastards.
{3156}{3222}Not, "No, they didn't". No, they did.
{3228}{3324}Do you know who went there?|Everyone who matters in American ballet.
{3324}{3384}The school feeds right into the company.
{3384}{3468}But there's no guarantee|you'll make the company, right?
{3468}{3539}And you could still dance in college, honey.
{3540}{3601}lndiana has a great dance program.
{3612}{3672}This is the best thing|that's ever happened to me.
{3672}{3756}I don't think it would kill you|to at least pretend to be happy.
{3756}{3864}It's a scholarship. Everybody gets one.|It's the only way they can get people to go.

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