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Date 14.08.2013 @ 17:08:39

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{2537}{2579}Myself Rahul..!
{2583}{2625}i'm 40 years old now..!
{2629}{2745}And normally every gets a twist|in his life one day..
{2773}{2827}An twist came in my life too.
{2831}{2875}A big one twist.
{2879}{2957}Which changed my life.
{3077}{3171}Actually, lets start with begining..
{3196}{3271}Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET
{3338}{3386}Since childhood in this house..
{3390}{3472}used live with my parents|and grand parents.
{3476}{3553}when l reached to 8 years,|the parents died.
{3557}{3628}my grand parents grew me up.
{3632}{3706}when l was a child,|so obviously l was cute.
{3710}{3813}people used to say while|pulling my cheeks..
{3817}{3898}and thats sweetness was the|business of my grandpa..
{3902}{3952}y.y sweets merchant.
{3957}{4066}there was more branches|in mumbai than greenry..
{4257}{4327}the grandpa always poked his|nose in my love life.
{4331}{4454}Sometime l gets his call,|or sometimes he appears like a toad.
{4458}{4504}couldn't get the chance for romance.
{4508}{4610}So the marriage questions is|total wront..
{4671}{4723}what a sachin is playing.
{4727}{4802}i believe that my grandpa was|die hard fan of sachin.
{4806}{4888}but he himseld didn't apply the|die word in his life..
{4892}{4960}the just passed but he didn't passed..
{4964}{5015}my whole relative got settled abroad.
{5019}{5073}and then year 2013..
{5077}{5140}my grandpa's 100th birthday
{5144}{5201}whole relatives got together again

posted: about one year ago

gr8 subs man pls try and upload subs 4 ye jawani hey deewani if possible pls pls
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