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Date 09.06.2012 @ 13:37:15

OMDb 67208

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{470}{573}LES CLOWNS
{2964}{3017}-What's that?|- The Circus
{3022}{3103}If don't be good, I'll tell those|gypsies to take you away with them.
{3862}{3928}Equestrian Circus
{4962}{5026}Together now.. All together!
{5050}{5125}Loved and appreciated by everyone!
{5130}{5277}The circus! We are here to|present you the greatest of spectacles!
{5284}{5405}We have the completely civilized savage!
{5410}{5490}We have crazy dwarfs....|the craziest in the world!
{5496}{5575}We have the world's toughest woman... A gladiatora!
{5580}{5668}No man can beat her!
{5674}{5746}All the great circuses want her,
{5752}{5790}but she's not for sale!
{5828}{5896}Come on in ladies and gentlemen
{5902}{5992}This wonderful spectacle is about to begin.
{6098}{6134}Never before seen....
{6140}{6207}...a cannon weighing over 2 tons...
{6212}{6289} going to fall onto the back of Robor!
{6382}{6435}A dangerous exercise!
{6440}{6580}You watch how hard it is for these two men...
{6586}{6640}... to lift the end of the cannon.
{6646}{6703}Slowly, slowly, careful now!
{6708}{6800}The strength of 10 men and 5 horses...
{6806}{6865}are not enough to lift it!
{6870}{6956}I ask the audience for absolute silence.
{7028}{7085}We hope that there really is a God!
{7230}{7270}I'll do it too!
{7290}{7366}Think you'll make it?|Are you ready?
{7372}{7396}Get set!

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