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ID 1812333

Date 26.07.2012 @ 21:43:22

OMDb 437253

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Language English

Format MicroDVD

Num. of CDs 1

FPS 25

Size 20.04 KiB

File count 1

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Dom zly 2009 English subtitles Dom zly (2009)    
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English subtitles 576 1 Pele144 24.04.2011
Dom zly 2009 English subtitles Dom zly (2009)   

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Subtitle preview
{26}{101}Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET
{3152}{3231}February 1 982
{3413}{3451}The Dark House
{3482}{3543}My name is Edward Srodon.
{3548}{3593}I was born in Rzeszow,
{3598}{3628}in 1 938,
{3633}{3669}on June second.
{3689}{3730}I am forty four.
{3913}{4004}For nine years I was working|at State Farm in Mosty, Stettin voivodship.
{4009}{4064}Good speciaIization.
{4069}{4141}Graduate of a vocationaI high-schooI.
{4320}{4412}I can say that I was happy.
{4520}{4620}Grazyna, my wife,|I met at my friend's wedding.
{4678}{4749}I proposed after two months.
{5048}{5128}Good marriage,|but no chiIdren.
{5144}{5231}Wife's strong retrofIexio...|so the doctor said.
{5261}{5344}Cause with the girls you never,|you never know,
{5349}{5422}if it's going great,|or you should pack to go...
{6129}{6198}You know what? Rakoski was|poaching fish with eIectricity,
{6203}{6257}and water got into his rubber boots.
{6303}{6357}And he ended up in intensive care...
{7049}{7110}Do you hear me?|Grazyna!
{7466}{7518}Come here, quick!
{7523}{7563}She feII down.
{7568}{7630}Mother of God!|What happened?
{7635}{7704}Save her!|Fuck, do something!

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