Freejack (1992) - 한국 부제

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ID 1298564

Uploader grzesiek11

Date 12.09.2011 @ 19:41:33

OMDb 121667

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Language Korean

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<STYLE TYPE=Text/css>
P {margin- left:8pt; margin- right:8pt; margin-bottom:2pt; margin-top:2pt;
text-align:center; font-size:18pt; font-family:Arial, sans-serif;
font-weight:bold; color:white;}
.KRCC {Name:Korean; lang:ko-KR; SAMIType:CC;}
#STDPrn {Name:Standard Print;}
#LargePrn {Name:Large Print; font-size:20pt;}
#SmallPrn {Name:Small Print; font-size:10pt;}
<SYNC Start=22836><P Class=KRCC>제임스 지. 로빈슨
<SYNC Start=25999><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=27841><P Class=KRCC>모건 크렉크
<SYNC Start=30776><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=32879><P Class=KRCC>제임스 지. 로빈슨/로날드 슈셋
<SYNC Start=36246><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=38352><P Class=KRCC>에밀리오 에스테베즈
<SYNC Start=41378><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=43357><P Class=KRCC>믹 재거
<SYNC Start=46622><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=48362><P Class=KRCC>르네 루소

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