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Subtitle preview
00:02:33:What was that?
00:03:26:Yes? Southern Sea Salvage,|Ogata speaking.
00:03:37:Right, I understand.|As soon as possible.
00:03:45:Emiko, I'm sorry...
00:03:47:What is it? An accident?
00:03:51:The Coast Guard received a distress|call. I'll have to cancel our date tonight.
00:04:02:I'm sorry I can't go with you,|but you can still see it if you hurry.
00:04:07:It's a shame, but it's yourjob.
00:04:10:Well, you'd better hurry.
00:04:21:Southern Sea Steamship Company vessel, the|Eiko-maru, a 7500 ton freighter was reported lost...
00:04:28:...on August 13 at 19:05 hours. Its last position,|latitude 24 degrees north, longitude 141.02 east.
00:04:34:Contact was lost for unknown reasons. All|units in sector 3 and 4 standby for action.
00:04:44:Thank you for calling me.
00:04:47:Thanks again.|What could have happened?
00:04:52:We have no idea. It seems like|there was a sudden explosion.
00:04:56:Communications suddenly halted|shortly after we received their S-O-S.
00:05:01:Well, the Bingo-maru is approaching the|area now. We'll learn more soon enough.
00:05:13:They are here.
00:05:40:Certainly. The Eiko-maru and the Bingo-maru are both|owned by the Southern Sea Steamship Company.
00:05:46:Yes. They don't know how.
00:05:49:Can't you tell us if any|survivors were found?
00:05:52:Please wait a little longer. We have a helicopter|and two ships searching the area now.
00:05:58:We won't be sure of anything|until we get their report.
00:06:03:Excuse me, why not send more ships?|Two ships are not enough for this!
00:06:08:No, we're not limiting the|search party to two ships.
00:06:12:We'll make every effort to conduct a thorough|search. Until then, please be patient.
00:06:24:Help us, please!

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