Hoodwinked (2005) - Македонски преводи

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Date 11.05.2009 @ 17:13:52

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00:00:29,160 --> 00:00:33,790
Ако сакате даја откриете вистината,
морате да прочитате помеѓу страниците.

00:00:44,720 --> 00:00:50,078
Бабо, јас сум... Црвенкапа.

00:00:54,040 --> 00:00:57,157
Дали се е во ред?
- Да, секако.. дојди душо.

00:00:57,600 --> 00:01:04,472
Што.. кој си ти? - Јас сум твојата баба.
- Лицето ти личи чудно, бабо.

00:01:04,800 --> 00:01:08,952
Болна бев.. - Устата не ти се мрда
кога збориш.

00:01:09,200 --> 00:01:14,399
Пластична хирургија. Малку ја
обработија баба ти. Дојди да те видам.


posted: about six years ago

STOP copy-pasting macedonian subtitles from divx-titlovi.com
Do it from your self to see how its hard to translate them, not steal from there, somebody is translating, you are non-stop stealing. Shame on you. Divx-titlovi is the best. Do not try to be like that site, you will never be, because you will never have a good translators like divx-titlovi has. Every day i watch you and someone like you who steal subtitles from divx-titlovi.com.

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posted: about six years ago

How can it be stealing, if it is for free? No author has been ever deleted and if you recognize any of the subtitles as yours, you will get the author rights.
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