House of Saddam (2008) - Complete season 1 - 한국 부제

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Date 29.04.2010 @ 15:27:48

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Language Korean

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Season 1

Episode This entry contains subtitles for a complete season.


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<SYNC Start=80><P Class=EGCC>
'이라크에 계신 많은 분들은 오늘 저녁<br>
번역된 제 말을 들을수 있을것입니다'
<SYNC Start=2951><P Class=EGCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=3144><P Class=EGCC>
'여러분에게 전할 말이 있습니다'
<SYNC Start=4974><P Class=EGCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=5680><P Class=EGCC>
'독재는 곧 끝날것입니다'
<SYNC Start=8044><P Class=EGCC>&nbsp;
<SYNC Start=8214><P Class=EGCC>
'자유의 날이 머지 않았습니다'
<SYNC Start=10685><P Class=EGCC>&nbsp;

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