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Subtitle preview
{293}{510}Some events of this movie are based on fiction.|It's not possible to completely show complexity of|a man's life, which everybody perceives differently.
{1485}{1602}Public Enemy No. 1
{1605}{1706}Porte de Clignancourt, Paris|November 2nd, 1979.
{1824}{1868}Go away!
{1871}{1945}- Sir, Inspector, only one question...|- There's nothing that will help him.
{1948}{2002}- How many of you were there?|- Maybe 30, not more.
{2005}{2134}How long have you been following|them for? - You know all details...
{2143}{2197}- I'll inform you about everything.|- Couldn't you make the mistake?
{2200}{2229}No, I absolutely disagree.
{2232}{2330}- Did the operation go without any complications?|- Yes. Two teams worked on it,
{2333}{2398}detectives and guys|from command center.
{2401}{2465}One last question...
{2627}{2727}Open the doors. We've seen him to|carry the weapons. He had two grenades.
{2730}{2862}We fired a warning shots. He didn't|want to give it up. We had no other choice.
{2865}{2949}We would lose him if he managed|to get to the circle.
{2971}{3059}Jojo! Bring the stretchers!
{3593}{3656}We already seen everything|important. Let's go.
{3664}{3716}Hold on.
{4442}{4614}Year 1973...
{4777}{4847}...of march.
{5186}{5286}...of Mesrine, Jacques.
{5289}{5391}Hey, you clown. What do you think|would break first, handcuffs or radiator?
{5394}{5477}My last name is Merine|not Mesrine!
{5480}{5558}Like the name "Miromesnil", it is with "s"|but you don't pronounce it.
{5561}{5645}That's enough Mesrine!|Let's talk about your friend,
{5648}{5750}- Grangier Ardouin.|- I don't know him.
{5774}{5817}Seriously, I don't know him.

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