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Subtitle preview
00:00:52:She's here.
00:01:05:She's here.
00:03:49:Please have some shaved ice.
00:03:57:No thank you.
00:04:50:Do you have a reservation?
00:04:55:Right. This is Hamada.
00:05:01:You got here fast.
00:05:07:I'm Yuji. And that's Koji.
00:05:15:Come in.
00:05:18:I'll get that later.
00:05:22:Come in.
00:05:39:With a big sign,|I'll get too many customers.
00:05:42:This works fine.
00:06:03:That way's the beach,|and that's the town.
00:06:06:That's about all you'll need to remember
00:06:11:Enjoy your stay.
00:06:15:By the way, there's no|cell phone reception here.
00:06:19:If you need to call anyone,|please use our phone.
00:06:53:We haven't had a spring guest|in three years.
00:07:01:I'm surprised you found us.
00:07:04:The maps I draw aren't so good.|Most people get lost.
00:07:11:Some people wander around|for more than two hours.
00:07:15:Two hours?
00:07:18:I try to make them clear...
00:07:22:Anyway, I can't handle|any more guests, so this is fine.

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