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Mocny czlowiek 1929 English subtitles Mocny czlowiek (1929)    English subtitles 9 1 jdinic3 08.06.2012
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00:00:01:Digitally remastered
00:00:42:A Strong Man
00:02:23:In Warsaw.
00:03:25:A modest journalist|Henryk Bielecki
00:03:50:So ... he admits that no longer love me!
00:05:23:A career writer|"Nothing New in the West"
00:05:38:500,000 copies sold!
00:05:47:A career writer|"Nothing New in the West." Fame.
00:06:05:Dreaming of fame and money, was|even willing to commit a crime.
00:06:44:His friend, the writer Jerzy Górski|was about to die.
00:06:50:He will steal your manuscripts!
00:07:52:Be honest, my friend, and tell me ...|what do you think of my novel?
00:08:03:... I have to admit, what you have|writing is pretty mediocre.
00:09:15:Thank you. He had to know.
00:09:45:I will not live much longer.
00:10:02:... żMorfina?
00:10:08:Yes, give me some!
00:10:26:Be careful, or you will die|of overdose.
00:11:46:No one is guilty of my death.|Górski.
00:11:53:Górski Lucja tried to comfort.
00:12:09:I left.
00:12:45:What's the matter with you?
00:14:32:No one is guilty of my death.|Górski.
00:14:35:A Strong Man.|Drama by Jerzy Górski
00:17:03:Bielecki was looking forward to|the manuscript of "A Strong Man".
00:18:54:I've seen Górski home.
00:19:27:Lucja, I've done for|us, for you!
00:19:35:We give you fame, fortune ...|be happy!
00:20:40:żPublicará my novel|"A Strong Man"?

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