Oz (1997) - S01E03 - God's Chillin' - English subtitles

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Season 1

Episode 3

Title God's Chillin'


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Oz 1997Season: 1 Episode: 3 English subtitles Oz (1997)  Season: 1 Episode: 3  

English subtitles 1107 1 plaz 24.08.2008
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{179}{330}First Season - Episode #3
{391}{542}God's Chillin
{584}{735}Original Airdate: July 21, 1997
{2882}{2989}In the beginning, God was nothingness.
{3020}{3073}So he started making stuff.
{3086}{3198}He made the dirt, he made the sky,|he made the water, he made things that swim,
{3199}{3313}things that slither, things with legs.|I mean, God turned himself into a big shot.
{3314}{3443}Then, in a couple of days, or a couple of million years,|he breathed life into man.
{3477}{3562}And he's been sucking the life out of us ever since.
{3576}{3639}I am the resurrection and the life.
{3669}{3719}He that believeth in me,
{3732}{3836}though he were dead, yet shall he live.
{4436}{4520}People, we've got three murders in two weeks.
{4577}{4664}I got the Commissioner yelling in my ear
{4665}{4723}and the press shoved up my ass.
{4783}{4861}The Governor's threatening to send in the feds.
{4912}{5002}And my daughter wants to move into an apartment|with her boyfriend.
{5003}{5055}Somebody help me out here.
{5299}{5407}Post burned Ortolani so obviously the wiseguys wasted Post.
{5439}{5523}The next move is Jefferson Keane's.|And he's gonna make it.
{5524}{5609}No, not necessarily.|I've noticed a change in the guy.
{5610}{5651}A slight change.
{5652}{5713}Maybe it's 'cause he got married.
{5714}{5800}Or maybe he's just tired of the gangster way of life.
{5926}{6039}We hit this guy hard right now,|all his street instincts are gonna pop back up.
{6051}{6146}This is one case where we can't meet violence with violence.
{6516}{6578}When are we gonna kill those wops?
{6591}{6718}You know Glynn is gonna lock this place down any minute.|You sure the wops killed Johnny?
{6870}{6943}Just give me the word, those wops are dead.

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