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Date 04.10.2004 @ 05:43:36

OMDb 265686

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Subtitle preview
{258}{330}[ Thunder Rumbling ]
{1544}{1631}[ Thunder Rumbling ]
{1850}{1934}[ Siren Blaring ]
{1974}{2054}[ Tires Screeching,|Doors Opening, Closing ]
{2058}{2114}[ Man ] All right, people, let's go!|Let's go!
{2118}{2174}[ Man #2 ] Let's go, everybody!|We need your help here!
{2178}{2234}Come up here! Get in here, get in here!|She's close!
{2238}{2294}Vitals are down to nothing.
{2298}{2354}Here you go. Come on.|Let me get in here. You got her?
{2358}{2417}- We're clear. We're clear.|- I got it.
{2421}{2517}- All right, lift her up on three.|One, two, three. Up.|- Who's hanging blood?
{2521}{2577}- Can you hear me? Can you hear me?|- Get in there.|Get her prepped. Let's move!
{2581}{2637}Let's go! Let's go!|We need some room!
{2641}{2697}Spread it out, spread it out!|Let's make a hole! Come on!
{2701}{2758}- Get a sterile pack!|- Right down the hallway, please!
{2762}{2834}- Let's go! In here!|- [ Thunder Claps ]
{2837}{2952}[ Thunder Rumbling ]
{2955}{3072}[ Thunder Claps ]
{3075}{3172}[ Thunder Rumbling ]
{3175}{3332}[ Rumbling Continues ]
{3728}{3835}- [ Sighs ] Anna didn't make it, Greg.|- [ Sobs ]
{3838}{3977}- We tried everything.|The trauma was just too much.|- [ Sniffles, Sighs ]
{3980}{4070}[ Sighs ] The baby?
{4147}{4299}The baby, I'm concerned,|might have some abnormalities.
{4302}{4457}Outwardly, we can already tell|that the child has no pigmentation.
{4460}{4589}It's called albinism.|It's strictly genetic.
{4592}{4657}That's, that's--|Well, that's pale skin, right?
{4660}{4811}And pale eyes that are|usually more light sensitive.
{4814}{4934}- I want to see him.|- Greg, you have to remember|that an unborn child...
{4937}{5024}experiences everything|that the mother experiences.

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