Friends - S03E22 - The One With The Screamer - English subtitles

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Friends 1994Season: 3 Episode: 22 English subtitles Friends (1994)  Season: 3 Episode: 22   

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Friends 1994Season: 3 Episode: 22 English subtitles Friends (1994)  Season: 3 Episode: 22    

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{81}{116}Are you still on hold?
{122}{180}I was supposed to call my dad back|two hours ago.
{186}{222}Oh, yeah. He clicked on.
{228}{307}Call him as soon as you get a chance.|He's at Flimbees.
{313}{334}What's Flimbees?
{340}{449}That's the word I use when|I can't remember the real thing.
{451}{506}Okay, hang up! That's it. Come on!
{512}{563}No. That's what they want me to do.
{569}{631}My warranty expires tomorrow.|If I don't get through...
{637}{701}...they won't fix my crappy,|broken phone for free!
{707}{758}We cannot let them win!|It's us versus them!
{886}{962}I gotta double-check for tickets|tonight. Who got what?
{968}{992}I have one.
{998}{1058}I need two. I'm bringing Pete.
{1064}{1130}My boyfriend.
{1143}{1198}I have a boyfriend now.
{1204}{1268}Two it is. How about you?
{1274}{1333}Yeah, I also need two.
{1339}{1383}Really? Who's number two?
{1389}{1533}Whose Number Two? One of the more|difficult games sewer workers play.
{1544}{1598}No, it's just this person.
{1604}{1646}Like a date-type person?
{1652}{1717}Yeah, kind of.|It's this woman from work.
{1723}{1818}I hope that won't be too weird.|Will it, Rach?
{1824}{1902}Not at all. I was actually|gonna bring someone myself.
{1908}{1994}But you said one ticket.
{2036}{2102}I meant me plus one.
{2108}{2207}Okay. Did you guys mean you plus one?
{2224}{2268}All right. I'll see you tonight.

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