JAG - S01E03 - Shadow - Ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι

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00:00:17,500 --> 00:00:22,000
"11:50, Κάπου κάτω απ'
το τρίγωνο των Βερμούδων".

00:00:23,352 --> 00:00:29,350
Επαφή επιφανείας. Διόπτευση 040.
Ταχύτητα 20 κόμβοι. Απόσταση 5,5 χλμ.

00:00:29,377 --> 00:00:32,463
Κατηγοριοποίηση επαφής ως Σιέρρα 7.

00:00:32,660 --> 00:00:36,268
- Πηδάλιο, δεξιά 275 μοίρες.
- Δεξιά 275. Μάλιστα.

00:00:36,270 --> 00:00:40,438
- Το πηδάλιο έρχεται δεξιά στις 275.
- Μπίνγκο.

00:00:40,598 --> 00:00:43,762
Η υπογραφή σόναρ ταιριάζει
στο στόχο της δοκιμής, κύριε.


posted: about five years ago

This subtitle made by a team how does not want to share it. I am one of credits. My nickname is mcchris81 and that srt file is stolen. Please remove it.

Σας παρακαλώ αφαιρέστε τον υπότιτλο αυτό. Είναι κλεμμένος από την ομάδα μου. Είμαι ο mcchris81 και δεν επιθυμώ το διαμοιρασμό του αρχείου.
posted: about five years ago

When you upload a subtitle for free download on the internet, it can't be stolen. Only if your name would be deleted, it could be considered as stolen. There is no reason to delete this subtitle or any other.

We respect your hard work and effort. If you would like, we can give you the authorship for your subtitles, but we can not delete them.
[ This message was edited by marinch on 06-10-2010 00:12:39 ]
posted: about five years ago

Hello from Greece. My nickname is Interceptor and I am one of the creators of the subs for JAG in Greek language together with Mcchris81. Please respect our wish to upload our subtitles in a site of our choise. The person who uploaded our subs here had no permition at all and he is not related in any way to us. Please remove the subtitles cause this kind of behaviour from such individuals as kvrle makes us want to stop translating. Thank you for your understanding.
posted: about five years ago

Global moderator
Sorry, mcchris81 and Interceptor, but you both don't understand the difference between translator and uploader. I'm just uploader and your nick still remains at the end of this subtitle. So, your authorship is not stolen. As a matter of fact, this subtitle will be transferred under your nick as soon as your registration be valid.

PS I've already sent PM with explanation to mcchris81


It's better to burn out, than to fade away!
posted: about five years ago

Hi kvrle. I didnt know the way your site works and I thought that you were just a user here. I talked to mcchris81 and he showed me your pm. Thank you for your quick response.
posted: about five years ago

My dear Greek friends, I really don’t want to upset you in any way. I can clearly understand your wish and I would react immediately, if someone would delete you signature at the end of the subtitle or would steal your work. Many of us had that experience and it isn’t pretty.
Well, many other sites would delete your name, add their advertise and wouldn’t even answer that sort of comments. We, on the other hand, let you even advertise for other sites, if you choose so in your subtitles, not to mention how we take care of every translator.

We distinguish between uploader and author, so krvle don’t claim it would be his work. He and some other of us supply the site with fresh subtitles that are free available. You surely can imagine, that we can not ask every single one, if he agrees.
As soon as our system updates, you will get the authorship for these. That’s all what I can do. If you still disagree, consider writing to our admins.

P. S.
I see kvrle did already the explanation.
[ This message was edited by marinch on 06-10-2010 20:30:26 ]
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