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Date 02.05.2004 @ 17:23:46

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Say It Isn't So 2001 English subtitles Say It Isn't So (2001)     English subtitles 326 1 zeeero 17.03.2006
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{1050}{1141}Looking at this picture,|I know you might be thinkin':
{1143}{1221}"Sure looks like a lonely place to be,|way up there".
{1223}{1292}If indeed you were, I'd have to disagree.
{1293}{1414}Truth is, when you stop to ponder it,|there's really no such thing as a lonely place,
{1416}{1497}just lonely people. That's what I believe.
{1618}{1756}You can be lonely any place:|up on a rooftop, at a big family shindig,
{1758}{1853}in a football stadium,|with 60, 000 other humans all around,
{1855}{1950}or even in a small town,|like Shelbyville, Indiana.
{1974}{2042}Now, I'm not sayin'|there's anything wrong with it.
{2044}{2158}In fact, loneliness is what ensures|the propagation of our species.
{2160}{2224}I think that's why most people get married.
{2226}{2311}Because they're lonely,|horny or out of money.
{2313}{2392}But mostly cos they're just damn lonely.
{2416}{2485}Of course, that is one hell|of a milk-toast reason
{2487}{2586}to link up with one person|for the rest of your existence.
{2738}{2852}But people do it every day.|They give in to their loneliness.
{2854}{2942}And the next thing they know,|they're trapped.
{3013}{3122}Perhaps I'm being too picky.|I talked to this counsellor once.
{3124}{3190}He told me that the fact|I was raised in an orphanage
{3192}{3310}has rendered me afraid of abandonment,|and therefore fearful of commitment.
{3312}{3395}Now, you can tell by my tone,|I don't think much of his opinion.
{3397}{3529}I'm ready to commit, just as soon as I find|that one woman I can't live without.
{3531}{3646}That one woman that gives|me goose bumps all over.
{3648}{3770}I simply refuse to settle for anything less,|like most people seem to do.
{3772}{3833}Like my boss, Larry.
{3868}{3918}Be a sport, will ya?
{3920}{4035}I missed Ruthie's birthday dinner last night|and she's makin' my life hell in a handbasket.
{4037}{4143}I know she'll go easier on me if you're there.|Come on now, Gilly. Do me this.
{4145}{4246}- Bring her a puppy, Larry. She'll love that.|- What the hell is this?
{4247}{4306}It's a Russian Pomeranian, Larry.

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