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ID 4081

Uploader Tarzan

Date 25.07.2003 @ 22:15:09

OMDb 316180

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Language English

Format MicroDVD

Num. of CDs 1

FPS 23,976

Size 25.4 KiB

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Subtitle preview
{124}{230}{Y:i}Spoof. Dope. Crank.|Creep. Bomb. Spank.
{234}{328}{Y:i}Shit. Bang. Zip. Tweak. Chard.
{332}{373}{Y:i}Call it what you will.
{377}{421}{Y:i}It's all methamphetamine.
{447}{500}{Y:i}That's what I'm here for.
{757}{801}No, I got it.|I got it, I got it.
{805}{838}I got it. Thank you.
{842}{911}You're very helpful, okay?|Yeah, yeah, and cute.
{915}{972}- Who is it?|- It's Ross.
{976}{1045}- Are you by yourself?|- Yeah, I'm by myself.
{1049}{1074}You sure?
{1128}{1169}Yeah, I'm sure. I'm by myself.
{1173}{1220}Yeah, that's it.|Just stay right there.
{1301}{1346}Get in here. Hurry up.
{1462}{1529}- How much do you need?|- What you gave me last time was cool.
{1533}{1574}- How much you want?|- Whatever you got.
{1578}{1602}You know what?
{1636}{1724}I lost my shit. I have to find it,|so if you don't mind relaxing a little bit?
{1728}{1790}- No, I can come back.|- No, no. It's okay.
{1794}{1829}- You sure?|- Yeah.
{1833}{1909}It's great to see you. Why don't|you sit down and talk to...
{1913}{1946}To Nikki. Talk to Nikki.
{1956}{2038}Nikki, this is Ross.|Ross, this is Nikki.
{2068}{2093}Nice to meet you.
{2098}{2145}You know Frisbee over there.
{2181}{2234}- Hey, man.|- What's up?
{2258}{2378}And you just stay, relax, just sit down|and let me find my shit, okay?
{2561}{2631}...what you looking at?|- I just need a little bit.

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