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Date 18.06.2011 @ 08:26:40

OMDb 436596

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Language English

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Subtitle preview
{214}{262}Everyone has an angel.
{285}{357}A guardian who watches over us.
{381}{445}We can't know what form they'll take.
{464}{513}One day, old man.
{537}{616}Next day, little girl.
{652}{720}But don't let appearances fool you.
{726}{799}They can be as fierce as any dragon.
{829}{901}Yet they're not here|to fight our battles...
{918}{979}...but to whisper from our heart...
{983}{1040}...reminding that it's us.
{1050}{1169}It's every one of us who holds|the power over the worlds we create.
{7136}{7265}SUCKER PUNCH
{7319}{7390}We can deny our angels exist...
{7394}{7462}...convince ourselves|they can't be real.
{7476}{7537}But they show up anyway.
{7542}{7591}At strange places.
{7595}{7653}And at strange times.
{7664}{7749}They can speak through any character|we can imagine.
{7754}{7816}They'll shout through demons|if they have to...
{7832}{7873}...daring us...
{7878}{7932}...challenging us to fight.
{9267}{9357}Female. Age 20.
{10245}{10296}-You're the father?|-Stepfather.
{10322}{10388}That's right. We talked on the phone.
{10511}{10572}Okay, come with me.
{10576}{10629}We're gonna take her into the theater.
{10643}{10697}Dr. Gorski's gonna want to|take a look at her.

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