The Simpsons (1989) - S03E22 - The Otto Show - English subtitles

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ID 91806

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Date 07.02.2005 @ 15:10:30

OMDb 411415

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Language English

Format MicroDVD

Num. of CDs 1

FPS 23,976

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Season 3

Episode 22

Title The Otto Show


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The Simpsons 1989Season: 3 Episode: 22 English subtitles The Simpsons (1989)  Season: 3 Episode: 22  

English subtitles 486 1 kocijan 18.03.2009
Subtitle preview
{33}{132}/[ Chorus ]|/##Ahh, the Simpsons ##
{389}{436}/[ Bell Ringing ]
{552}{626}/[ Whistle Blowing ]
{685}{731}[ Beeping ]
{868}{914}## [Jazzy Solo ]
{1395}{1436}[ Beeping ]
{1438}{1485}[ Tires Screeching ]
{1521}{1568}D'oh!|[ Screams ]
{1632}{1705}[ Growling ]
{1952}{1988}Hey, Homer, let's book!
{1990}{2053}I want to whip eggs|at the warm-up act.
{2055}{2124}Wow, my concert-going jacket|still fits.
{2126}{2217}And this is where|I used to hide my beer.
{2219}{2235}[ Gasps ]
{2237}{2282}Billy Beer!
{2308}{2333}[ Gulping ]
{2335}{2412}My little guy's|first rock concert.
{2414}{2485}I hope the Spinal Taps|don't play too loud.
{2487}{2571}Oh, I went to thousands|of heavy metal concerts...
{2573}{2610}and it never hurt me.
{2612}{2710}[ Loud, High-pitched Ringing|Drowning Out Marge's Voice ]
{2796}{2819}I hear you.
{2820}{2847}Come on, boy.
{2849}{2887}There goes|Davy Crockett...
{2888}{2935}in his bald-skin cap.
{2936}{2961}[ Laughing ]
{2963}{3013}[ Growling ]
{3015}{3061}[ D.J. #1 ]|In other Spinal Tap news...
{3063}{3131}Mayor Quimby honored|the aging super group...
{3132}{3175}in a ceremony at city hall.

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