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Date 06.08.2008 @ 22:18:30

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Subtitle preview
{3718}{3781}Let's see what you got.
{3783}{3855}I need more runners. I can't|write the business fast enough.
{3857}{3913}You gotta see Granger.
{4062}{4161}8720. Yeah. Yeah.|Hold it a minute.
{4162}{4257}Beat it, Mottola! Mr. Granger?|Chicago's on the line.
{4348}{4422}Granger? This is Combs. Why haven't we|heard from you? Everybody else is in.
{4424}{4486}We had few problems|with the law this morning.
{4488}{4548}The mayor promised|to get tough on the rackets...
{4550}{4615} he shut everybody down for|a couple of hours to make it look good.
{4617}{4661}Nothing serious.|It just put us a little behind.
{4662}{4725}Been making your payoffs?|Hell, yes!
{4726}{4772}He does this every year.|There's nothing to worry about.
{4774}{4878}Finish your count and get it up here.|I don't want to be here all night.
{4880}{4930}The man's going|to be real happy.
{4932}{4969}We cleared|over ten grand this week.
{4970}{5006}We cleared 22 here.
{5008}{5083}What the hell!|You got the whole Chicago South Side.
{5085}{5149}How do you expect my eight lousy spots|to compete with that?
{5150}{5245}They did 14 grand in Evanston,|16.5 in Gary, and 20 in Cicero.
{5246}{5309}Looks like you're|bringing up the rear.
{5310}{5380}I just got the count.|I'll put the take on the 4:15.
{5382}{5432}We'll be waiting.
{5582}{5669}Take this up to Chicago|on the 4:15.
{5671}{5749}They'll be waiting for it|at the clearinghouse.
{5751}{5865}And don't stop for any entertainment.|Get a cab over on 7th.
{5867}{5928}Cut it out!

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