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Date 28.11.2003 @ 14:58:56

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Uptown Girls 2003 English subtitles Uptown Girls (2003)    English subtitles 1450 1 02.05.2004
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{449}{504}{y:i}Some fairy tales are true.
{506}{601}{y:i}Most other stories we make up|{y:i}to help us deal with real life.
{602}{658}{y:i}It all depends|{y:i}on your point of view,
{660}{715}{y:i}but here are the facts.
{717}{792}{y:i}There was once a princess|{y:i}who lived in a castle
{794}{869}{y:i}high above the streets|{y:i}of an enchanted kingdom.
{882}{928}{y:i}The king and queen|{y:i}were long gone,
{930}{978}{y:i}but they left her|{y:i}with their treasure
{980}{1053}{y:i}so that she could stay|{y:i}a princess forever.
{1054}{1119}{y:i}On the eve|{y:i}of her 22nd birthday,
{1121}{1181}{y:i}a great celebration|{y:i}was planned.
{1229}{1298}{y:i}Molly's machine.|{y:i}Speak your piece.
{1310}{1401}{y:i}Oh, birthday girl,|{y:i}pick up, pick up, pick up.
{1402}{1468}{y:i}Huey and I|{y:i}are just sitting here waiting.
{1470}{1544}{y:i}- You better be on your way.|{y:i}- Money down she's still asleep.
{1546}{1594}{y:i}Molly, wake up!
{1644}{1712}{y:i}Molly's machine.|{y:i}Speak your piece.
{1714}{1766}{y:i}Hey, Molly, it's Justin here.
{1768}{1845}{y:i}Callin' from the studio|{y:i}to wish you a happy birthday...
{1846}{1929}Give me five more minutes,|baby, and I'll rock your world.
{1931}{1964}{y:i}Love ya!
{3667}{3757}You can't turn the hallway|into a greenhouse, Miss Gunn.
{3758}{3806}Good evening, Mr. McConkey.
{3808}{3861}Please say hello|to your wife for me.
{3863}{3925}Bye. Have a nice night!
{3926}{3998}I've alerted the management|company about this.
{4192}{4225}Oh, my.
{4297}{4376}I put the flowers upstairs for you,|but this is out of hand.
{4378}{4409}Got a girl, Tony?
{4434}{4485}Not one that could fit|into this dental floss.

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