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ID 1812382

Uploader Edomojeg

Date 26.07.2012 @ 22:14:39

OMDb 356163

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  Title Language English subtitles English subtitles Uploader Date
Vent d'est 1993 English subtitles Vent d'est (1993)    English subtitles 170 2 Damien 12.02.2010
Subtitle preview
{100}{300}Ripped with SubRip 1.14 and Verified by CdinT|(
{301}{420}I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{647}{768}The accused is aware|of the seriousness of his crime.
{774}{826}By stealing from our stores
{832}{903}he has stolen from his comrades.
{909}{1035}I request the highest form|of punishment.
{1109}{1182}He recognises the facts.|He has shown regret
{1188}{1253}and has apologised.
{1259}{1299}The war is almost over.
{1305}{1398}I ask the court martial|to show mercy.
{1620}{1686}Hang him!
{2848}{2920}This true story began|on 2 May 1945
{2926}{2974}in neutral Liechtenstein,
{2980}{3098}a few days|before the end of WW2.
{4562}{4626}Don't shoot!
{4632}{4681}It's a Russian general!
{4687}{4753}Drive on!
{5384}{5485}WIND FROM THE EAST
{5870}{5930}Troops are coming in|at Schellenberg.
{5936}{5994}At the frontier post.
{6000}{6071}5 minutes ago.
{6074}{6150}I'm not sure, maybe a regiment.
{6156}{6235}They're Russians in German uniforms.
{6241}{6303}No, it's not the Red Army.
{6309}{6396}It's Russians dressed as Germans.
{7274}{7342}What is it, Father?
{7555}{7610}A state secret?

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